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brunette gyno speculum exam

26 Jan 2015


Carman least expected to meet this perverted old doctor as she was entering the gyno clinic for her annual. She didn’t find it enjoyable that the doc helped her off with her bra and panties and overall feeling of his fingers touching her body was unpleasant. Still she obeyed his orders and let him inspect her pink with his huge gyno speculum.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/carmen_vagina_doctor/gal1/004.jpg


fat teen gyno exam

01 Jun 2014


Blonde nurse is a tight uniform checks the plump brunette’s vitals and then inspects her tight pink slit

cute teen blonde medical checkup

23 May 2014

This patient came in with one thing on her mind, that is – get through with the exam as fast as she could and finally go home or wherever she headed. The doctor took her time though and slowly examined her boobs feeling for lumps that could be dangerous signs of breast cancer then turned her attention to her shaved pussy and eventually performed anal exam.


tiny tits exam

02 Apr 2014

Flat-chested teen was one of the patients of the tushy gyno clinic. The mature nurse asked her to take all her clothes off while she filled out the form. Then she checked the small boobs and wrote down the vitals. The teen blonde was requested to pull her thighs wide apart and the nurse started pelvic exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/138y/contents/bimages/3.jpg

chubby teen medical examination videos

13 Oct 2013

The very understanding gyno nurse instructed the shy teen to take off her clothes and change into medical gawn.

She thoroughly examined her nice fat titties and made sure they were healthy and there was no cancer.

The most fun part of it all – the pelvis examination with some gloved fingering and applying some lube for gyno specula to slide easily inside

gyno patient

06 Oct 2013

I didn’t think you had grown women panicking like that in a doctor’s office but I was new to this end of the  business.”Please!  No!” she said.  She sounded like she was pleading.


She didn’t get up to leave the office or anything–she just sat there.”Come on–you can do it,” Nancy said, taking one of her arms and trying to pull her to standing.”It won’t take long,” added Susanne, pulling on her other arm.



teen medical exam

19 Sep 2013

Joann reached down into my crotch and parted my asscheeks with two fingers from her left hand and inserted the greased thermometer into my asshole with her right. She went on to take my pulse and blood pressure leaving my cunt quite exposed for the whole process. She rested her hand on my cunt when she extracted the thermometer. She said she had to finish her rounds, and that she would return later.



teen pelvic exam videos

20 Jul 2013

Sammy got her full ride to college in Orlando. All she has left to do before moving to campus is a medical checkup. She shows up at the hospital and the mature doctor helps her though the medical exam.

The hardest part is as always the gyno exam. But she managed to relax as the gyno speculum slid slowly into her pussy.

redhead nurse medical fetish

18 Jun 2013

Here is what I found in the archives of Doctor Tushy

The cute teen is Linda. You can see she is drop dead gorgeous with her nice tits and stunning ass.

There is a full video of her medical exam including breast check and vaginal exam and even rectal thermometer.

alt teen gyno exam

11 Jun 2013


Goth lifestyle girls have problems with their health too and they are not afraid to come to the gyno clinic. This cutie is willing to stretch her asshole for her boyfriend.

slim teen medical exam videos

27 May 2013

The experienced nurse takes care of the teen’s medical checkup. She asks her questions about her sex life while the girl undresses.

When the teen is laid on her back with her long legs wide apart the nurse inspects her cunt with her fingers.

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mature nurse gyno exam

07 Apr 2013

The teen patient was wishing this would be over as soon as possible. She was forced into the clinic for an exam by her parents who wanted to be sure she is healthy after her not-so-faithful boyfriend left her for some ebony hottie.

The mature brunette nurse asked her some routine questions as to how many sexual partners she had had, since when she had been having sexual intercourse and what not. After that she asked the teen to undress and prepare for the medical exam.

After checking her weight and flexibility, blood pressure and heartbeat rate, the nurse asked her to lie on her back on the gyno chair and put her legs in the stirrups. She then proceeded to put on gloves and carefully inspected the insides of the teen’s vagina.

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teen medical exam

17 Sep 2012

Cute teen Madison needs a medical checkup before she is admitted in college. She has been devoting all her time to studying to get to college so she never had time for boys and she is still a virgin. When the busty redhead nurse hears that she almost chuckles but she was able to fake a cough because she didn’t want to confuse Madison, who is already embarrassed like fuck.


redhead nurse gyno videos

04 Sep 2012

A playful nurse does her job with pleasure. As she undresses her petite teen patient she explains the routine of the gyno exam. After some breast examination she gets to her favorite part – the rectal exam.

She lubes her finger and checks the teen’s asshole then inserts a rectal thermometer and waits for it to measure the temperature in the girl’s rectum.

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teen brunette gyno exam

23 Aug 2012


sweet teen Linda needs a medical checkup before she can start working as a waitress. She is pleased to see the amiable redhead nurse.


she takes off her clothes and strings and gets readyhttp://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/40/contents/IMG_1001.JPG

redhead nurse puts on gloves and gets to workhttp://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/40/contents/IMG_1020.JPG

teen redhead at gyno clinic

12 Aug 2012
the nurse explained this cute redhead  teen what the medical checkup includes and proceeded with the routine while the teen was so embarrassed she couldn’t part her legs for the nurse to get access to her pink pussy.

Teen forced gyno exam

05 Nov 2009

Forced gyno exams excite you?

We have one for you today that will most probably add to your fun tonight. Here we go with the gyno exam pictures

Naughty teen Laura didn’t want to go to gyno exam. She dreaded her father would talk to the doctor after the physical exam and the doc will tell him she is virgin no more. She knew that will be no good news for her daddy 🙂

But her father designed to use any means to make her undergo a physical, so he invited gyno doctor to their house. She was too obstinate so they had to use force to get  a blanket off her 🙂

gyno-exams-005.jpeg gyno-exams-009.jpeggyno-exams-015.jpeg

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