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petite brunette medical fetish

20 Sep 2014


Mature nurse greeted this first timer with all her warmth. She instructed her to undress while she was asking her the routine questions. Then after explaining her all the steps included in the medical examination she went on with the physical.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/144x/contents/bimages/3.jpg




sexy medical uniform videos

08 May 2014

A nurse in a tight fitting uniform that barely covers her nice round butt is examining a beautiful blonde with a topknot. The shaved vagina of the patient gets wet as the nurse’s fingers slide in.

rectal thermometer insertion

22 Oct 2013

She had me roll on my side. She pulled at my top asscheek and slipped a greased thermometer into my  asshole. I wiggled a bit as she slipped it in. I asked her if she had ever had her cunt shaved. She laughed and told me that back in nursing school, they all received a shaving from other nurses as part of their training and they got a chance to shave others (girls and guys). Joann asked me when did I get my pussy shaved.

rectal thermometer videos

12 Jul 2013

The patient was a very good looking and elegant woman. The doctor asked her about her problem and the answer was that she and her husband had been trying to have a child for a while but she still cannot get pregnant. The doctor explained that the best time to get pregnant is when the rectal temperature is highest. And she offered to measure it right now just to show the woman how it works. She asked her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. She slowly inserted the rectal thermometer up that tight asshole.

blonde physical exam

23 Jun 2013

As soon as blonde Caren entered the room she was asked to put on a medical gown – you know the one with bare back. The brunette doctor checked her weight, her vitals (blood pressure, heart rate etc.) She examined each of her nicely shaped tits.


Pelvic exam followed. The doctor spread her labia and visually examined her vagina, then inserted gyno speculum and used a cotton bud to take pap smear. Then the patient was put in doggy style position and the nurse fingered her arsehole before inserting rectal thermometer.

gyno exam humitiation

16 Oct 2012

the teen girl is humiliated while going through the medical examination military style

She is told to bend over completely naked, then get doggy style on the couch and her pussy is examined

after that a rectal thermometer is inserted up her asshole as she whines

redhead nurse gyno videos

04 Sep 2012

A playful nurse does her job with pleasure. As she undresses her petite teen patient she explains the routine of the gyno exam. After some breast examination she gets to her favorite part – the rectal exam.

She lubes her finger and checks the teen’s asshole then inserts a rectal thermometer and waits for it to measure the temperature in the girl’s rectum.

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asian doctor medical fetish video

24 May 2012

Doctor Phan is Vietnamese who lives in the US. She has a respectable job as a gyno doctor. She is a professional and thoroughly fulfills the routine.
First, fill in the form

then goes weight check with the bareass patient

then boob exam – feeling the patient’s breasts for infiltrations

and finally rectal exam. First she lubes her gloved finger and inserts it into the patient’s asshole. She fingers it. Then Dr Phan takes out her rectal thermometer, lubes the tip of it and gently inserts it for a couple of minutes to check the temperature

rectal temperature taken

16 Oct 2011

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as the nurse walked over to the sink, removed the thermometer with the red tip from its holder and rinsed it off under some running water.  She then pulled a tube of lubricant out of a drawer and squeezed some out onto the silver, pear-shaped tip of the rectal thermometer.  With the thermometer ready in her right hand she walked over and using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand, separated my butt cheeks by spreading her thumb and finger wider apart.  Once the entrance to my rectum was stretched open, she slowly inserted the thermometer about three inches into my rectum, removed her thumb and finger and let my cheeks close in around the thermometer.  I remember looking into a mirror, which was hanging on the wall across the room and seeing the red tip of the thermometer sticking out of my butt.  The sensation of the cold, wet, lubricated thermometer being slid up into my warm anal passage sent shivers up my spine.  The nurse then adjusted her position so that she was standing over me with her left hand was resting on the small of my back and her right hand resting firmly on my butt with the thermometer being held in place like a cigarette between her middle and forefinger, a position she held for a full three minutes.  During that time, I lost the sensation of the cold thermometer as it warmed up inside of me, but the feeling of something there still remained as I tightened and loosened my butt up around the thermometer.

Rectal gyno exam movies

11 Oct 2010

She took the tube of KY in her hand and approached my butt. “Spread your
legs for me a little bit,” she said as I felt her hand between my
thighs. Then I felt her hand trace a path up my thighs to my cheeks,
where she spread her fingers apart and this exposed my asshole. I felt
the tube of KY against my cheeks and then I felt the cool lubricant
being squeezed out onto my asshole. I felt her finger spreading the KY
around my asshole. “Now, exhale,” she said, and as I did, I felt her
finger slide slowly into my asshole, twisting from side to side as she
inserted it the full length. “See, with plenty of lubrication, you don’t
feel a thing,” she said, as she applied steady pressure to her finger.
Well, don’t feel a thing’ was an understatement – she probably should
have said, don’t feel any discomfort.’
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I was feeling GREAT with her finger in my ass and she was moving it
around a little bit, in and out, side to side. I felt my dick getting
hard beneath me. Then, Nurse Kathy curled her fingertip and the feeling
was intensified. “That’s your prostate,” she said, as she pushed on it.
“It’s the essence of a man’s sexual being, and I thought I might as well
let you know that,” she continued as she rubbed her fingertip on my
prostate. My asshole involuntarily clenched tightly against her finger.
“See? You can’t help it,” she said, and then she slowly removed her
finger from my asshole. Now my dick has achieved a full hard-on
underneath me and it’s everything I can do to keep from undulating on
the exam table.
medical_video_08.jpg medical_video_10.jpg
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She left me lying on the examination table as she walked over to the
counter and picked up the thermometer, applying KY to its length.
“Lubricate the anus and the rectum, as well as the thermometer, and it’s
smooth sailing,” she said as she again approached my ass. I felt my
cheeks being spread and she placed the tip of the thermometer against my
asshole. I clenched my muscles slightly and then I felt the tip pass my
asshole and she steadily inserted the thermometer. “Wait for that anal
spasm when the thermometer touches the anus, then insert it – no
problem, right?,” she said, as she stood behind me and rubbed my cheeks
as the thermometer registered.

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