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11 Mar 2015

I am introducing my new obsession – Doctor’s adventures – the first ever site to feature Brazzers models in hardcore medical fetish action. A must have for all the dirty surfers like me

cute teen blonde medical checkup

23 May 2014

This patient came in with one thing on her mind, that is – get through with the exam as fast as she could and finally go home or wherever she headed. The doctor took her time though and slowly examined her boobs feeling for lumps that could be dangerous signs of breast cancer then turned her attention to her shaved pussy and eventually performed anal exam.


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21 Feb 2014

That is one impressive arse that walked into the exam room one spring morning. The mature doctor marvelled at this masterpiece while the patient undressed


blonde nurse complete physical

11 Oct 2013

“Well… I was supposed to be here by 6 PM, but my boss kept me on this project that I was ordered to get  done tonight… So I called the hospital and they said it was O.K., but to come right over when I was finished, as long as I could get here before midnight. The admitting nurse explained that I had to come here for a  pre-admittance physical?”


“Yes. That’s correct. You’ll need a comprehensive physical exam Judy,” I said as I again looked at her papers  while seated at my desk.



black teen gyno exam

07 May 2012

Cute ebony Jessie signed up for a physical exam which she needed for her college assignment. The nurse first interviewed her, asking her the questions like if she has regular sexual life (who would doubt this – check her gorgeous body!). She checks her pulse then and listens to her lungs

The nurse check her throat

Then comes the bare ass weight check

the nurse pays attention to the ebony teen’s perky small titties

and to top it all the nurse lubes a gyno speculum while Jessie makes herself comfortable on the gyno chair and then inserts it in her pink vagina

Rectal gyno exam movies

11 Oct 2010

She took the tube of KY in her hand and approached my butt. “Spread your
legs for me a little bit,” she said as I felt her hand between my
thighs. Then I felt her hand trace a path up my thighs to my cheeks,
where she spread her fingers apart and this exposed my asshole. I felt
the tube of KY against my cheeks and then I felt the cool lubricant
being squeezed out onto my asshole. I felt her finger spreading the KY
around my asshole. “Now, exhale,” she said, and as I did, I felt her
finger slide slowly into my asshole, twisting from side to side as she
inserted it the full length. “See, with plenty of lubrication, you don’t
feel a thing,” she said, as she applied steady pressure to her finger.
Well, don’t feel a thing’ was an understatement – she probably should
have said, don’t feel any discomfort.’
medical_video_03.jpg medical_video_04.jpg

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I was feeling GREAT with her finger in my ass and she was moving it
around a little bit, in and out, side to side. I felt my dick getting
hard beneath me. Then, Nurse Kathy curled her fingertip and the feeling
was intensified. “That’s your prostate,” she said, as she pushed on it.
“It’s the essence of a man’s sexual being, and I thought I might as well
let you know that,” she continued as she rubbed her fingertip on my
prostate. My asshole involuntarily clenched tightly against her finger.
“See? You can’t help it,” she said, and then she slowly removed her
finger from my asshole. Now my dick has achieved a full hard-on
underneath me and it’s everything I can do to keep from undulating on
the exam table.
medical_video_08.jpg medical_video_10.jpg
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She left me lying on the examination table as she walked over to the
counter and picked up the thermometer, applying KY to its length.
“Lubricate the anus and the rectum, as well as the thermometer, and it’s
smooth sailing,” she said as she again approached my ass. I felt my
cheeks being spread and she placed the tip of the thermometer against my
asshole. I clenched my muscles slightly and then I felt the tip pass my
asshole and she steadily inserted the thermometer. “Wait for that anal
spasm when the thermometer touches the anus, then insert it – no
problem, right?,” she said, as she stood behind me and rubbed my cheeks
as the thermometer registered.

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