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08 May 2014

A nurse in a tight fitting uniform that barely covers her nice round butt is examining a beautiful blonde with a topknot. The shaved vagina of the patient gets wet as the nurse’s fingers slide in.

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27 Sep 2013

He smiled at me (like doctors always do) and sat down, casually looking through my records and then said, “Okay, let’s get this over with as fast as we can because I know you want out of here.” And I smiled in agreement whole heartedly and then smiled a bit more at his smile that was genuine, seeing that he did understand how women felt about exams.


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16 Sep 2013


I lay her back on the examing bed and said, “Let me take a look. It may be you have other problems I  need to look at.” I slid her black lacy panties down over her succulent thighs and calves.”Now, you practice the breast massage I taught you while I examine your pelvic regions. Please pull your legs up and spread  them.”  She did as she was told without a second’s hesitation. I had a completely unobstructed view of the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen in my life.

“Ah, I see. I see. Yes, I’m sure of it now. I see,” I said with my head between her raised knees. I carefully moved her labia aside with my fingers and enjoyed watching her slit open wide to my view.

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13 Sep 2013


The doctor squeezed a dollop of K-Y jelly onto two fingers and started probing her genitals for what seemed like eons. She began to perspire, her eyes fixed on the ceiling tiles, her nipples beginning to stir with a mind of their own under the thin coton gown. She looked down at last, wondering if she’ll ever finish, and realized with a start that the pretty nurse is fondling the doctor’s crotch through her trousers!

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30 Aug 2013

It seemed like a long time before the doctor first touched her, and she wondered what she was doing down there. Two fingers pulled apart her lower vaginal lips,


then immediately another finger pushed into vaginal hole. It was warm and slightly greased up with jelly, but it still hurt her going in. She sunk his digit all the way into her, then twisted it around. And as before, she felt the tip moving deep inside her.


While the jelly seemed to catch on fire, heating up her vaginal wall. Sandra jumped unexpectedly when the palm of her hand mistakenly brushed up against her sensitive clitoris. She had let go of her outer lips and was resting her hand over the mound of her pussy.


She rested her palm over her crotch, her palm pressing into her clitoris, making her squirm. She was in no mood to feel sexual, but her vagina had a mind of its own. She knew her vagina was getting wet, though was sure she wouldn’t be able to tell with the lubricate she used.

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20 Jul 2013

Sammy got her full ride to college in Orlando. All she has left to do before moving to campus is a medical checkup. She shows up at the hospital and the mature doctor helps her though the medical exam.

The hardest part is as always the gyno exam. But she managed to relax as the gyno speculum slid slowly into her pussy.

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14 Apr 2013

When the nurse asked the to-be-cheerleader to undress and get on the gyno chair the blonde patient sees no problem in stripping in front of the nurse. When she lied on her back with her legs spread wide in stirrups she started feeling embarrassed at the long looks the nurse was giving her shaved vagina while putting on the gloves.

The nurse fingered the pink cunt of hers for just a little too long and too tenderly. The blonde seemed to no mind the subtle caress of the nurses fingers against her clit.

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09 Jan 2012

She came in and started to explain what she was going to do and I remember thinking to myself, just do it. She got some gloves out and some jell, the thing that puzzled me was she was she pulled out three gloves out quite deliberately she put on two and left the other on the side.

“Lovely,” she said and lifted the blanket right off me, she then tells me she is going to insert two fingers into my vagina and she will then ask my to work my muscles for her. She parts my labia with her left hand and gently puts her two fingers of her right hand into my vagina.

She eventually takes her fingers out and takes off one glove and puts on the one she left out at the start, she puts jell on one finger and then asks me to roll over onto my left side and pull my knees up to my chest.