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Gyno examination story

31 Dec 2010

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special examinations

and here is the story:
My name is Jenny. I’m a 18 year old schoolgirl, and I want to tell you
about my visit to the doctor yesterday. I had to have my first pap smear
and I was a bit frightened, to tell you the truth. My mother had told me
how it would hurt a bit, but that it was necessary to make sure I didn’t
have cancer. I didn’t want to go, but she finally made me.

The doctor was very nice. He understood I was embarrassed and he sent my
mother out of the room, so there were only the two of us in the surgery.
That was a nice thought, wasn’t it? It was bad enough to take all of my
clothes off in front of the doctor, let alone having my mother looking
on as well.

The doctor picked up a camera and said he needed to take some pictures
of me taking off my clothes for the medical record. As I stripped, he
clicked away, watching me closely. I didn’t know they kept such detailed
records of patients. I was impressed how thorough the doctor was.

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Big clit story

10 Sep 2009

Here is a medical fetish story for you

Born Again

By Trice-Cummings
This is a story told to me by a friend to send to you. It tells of how
things aren’t always what they seem to be and how nothing is as easy as
you thought it would be. The woman and the affliction is real and she
wanted to share so others who may have a deformity shouldn’t feel alone.

When I was born I had a slight deformity, The skin over my clitoris was
over grown and it looked as if I had a two inch little penis. The
doctors at that time didn’t have the technology they do today so it was
left alone. As I grew, my parents took me to doctors that said it would
be better if they waited for me to mature before attempting to fix it.
Needless to say I didn’t date and was quite insecure. When I was twenty,
I thought about having myself fixed but I would make appointments then
cancel them, due to the embarrassment that I was sure to feel.

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Finally, when I was twenty four I felt like my biological clock was
running out and wanted to have more of a meaningful relationship rather
than just going out with my fellow employees and staving off the men
that would sure want to see my body. So I found a woman doctor in the
phone book and made the appointment and kept it.

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Busty woman gyno videos

06 Sep 2009

An appointment with Dr.B

Author J

I live in the Midwest and we have several doctors in the town but one that I remember best was Dr. B. He was about 80 years old and had been in medicine forever. When you went to his office the receptionist was also his nurse and usually you were the only patient there. The office contained one of the old wooden exam tables, an exam chair and he still used the glass syringes with the large needles he reused and kept in a steam sterilizer. I liked the fact that he was easy to see, cheap and usually made you feel better fairly quick.

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I was dating a girl named Jane who did not really like doctors and hated shots and one only go to the doctor when she was really sick and I usually had to force her to go. She came home from work one day complaining of not feeling well again and I told her that I had decided she needed checked out and I was tired of her being sick so I had made her an appointment with Dr.B.

She complained as usual but since she did not have a regular doctor she agreed to go. I did not tell her that I had explained to the nurse that she had been complaining about not feeling good for some time and had not been to the doctor in a long time.

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gyno doctor tushy exam sex

23 Nov 2008

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vagina exam gyno
The dildo began squirting something into her expanded cunt. It felt like a firehose was spurting into her as another wave of orgasms left her limp. Her mouth hung open and a shudder passed through her body. Dr. V. flipped another switch and the instrument came to a halt. Dr. V. slowly slid the enormous cock from her pussy. It came out with a wet plop. Her vaginal canal was spread widely and felt quite empty now, the fluid that had been shot into her was draining out in a steady stream onto the floor. After a few minutes Dr. V. removed the clamps and straps that held her in place and helped June to her feet. Her legs wobbled and she was very unsteady.
butt thermomether incertion during regular pelvic gyn check
The day after tomorrow, June moaned into the gag memorizing doctors pelvic check , she couldn’t believe what was happening to her.Yes she is during her first gynaecology exam. She could feel her pussy juices dripping down her asscheeks as his other hand busied itself with her clit. She remembered, with embarrassment, that her friend had fisted her pussy the other night when she asked to exam her vagina. Her naked cervix lips were there for all to see. Dr. V. seemed to like her nude pussy lips as he probed and rubbed his hand all over her hairless little mound.

gyno exam stories

11 Nov 2008

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~Subject: Dr.’s Examination Notes-College (F)
~Date: Sun, 03 Mar 96 23:30:36 EST

– College Park Campus –

*** M-E-D-I-C-A-L E-X-A-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N N-O-T-E-S ***

Patient’s Name:Candy WestDate: 11/28/90
Department:Computer Science

Attending Physician:Dr. Stephens

Primary Complaint:Routine Examination


The patient came to the campus health clinic at approximately 4:00 PM
and requested a physical examination. It was clearly explained to the
patient that no female medical personnel were available to assist in the
examination, however, the patient signed form # W-152 (Waiver for
Un-aided Examination). The patient is a 20-year old unmarried female.
On the day of the examination she appeared to be personally well kept,
and was dressed in a sweater, blue jeans, and tennis shoes — not
uncommon attire for college students at this campus. The patient was
asked to provide a urine sample and to remove her clothes and cover
herself with the typical gown provided.

Urinalysis indicated that there were no abnormal conditions, no drug
usage, no pregnancy. I felt, however, that disrobing appeared to take
more time than usual. Upon checking the dressing room monitor, I
observed the patient sitting upon the chair, dressed in only her
panties. Her legs were spread with one hand inside of her panties and
one hand on her breasts. The patient appeared to have been masturbating
and was experiencing orgasm during my observation. Shortly thereafter,
she stood, placed the gown on her body, and exited the dressing room.

I met the patient in the examining room. I conducted a routine history
and determined that there were no contraindications in the family
history. The patient explained that she was sexually active and that it
had been almost a year since her last complete examination. Weight and
height of the patient were noted at 115 pounds and 66″, respectively.
With the patient sitting on the edge of the examining table, vital signs
were taken and noted as follows (+):

Blood Pressure – 135/80
Pulse -78
Temperature -99.5 (*)

(*) Temperature was taken ORALLY. The patient indicated that she had
drunk a cup of coffee 15 minutes prior to the examination.

(+) Elevated levels may be a result of patient’s achieving sexual
orgasm prior to the examination.

I asked the patient to lie on the examination table in the supine
position. Her gown was lowered to just above her waist. Respiration
and palpitation of abdominal organs indicated no abnormalities. The
patient was asked to turn upon her left side for further confirmation of
the respiration and palpitation examination.

With the patient returned to the supine position, her breasts were
examined. The texture was firm and there were no abnormal masses.
Symmetry was within tolerance. No discharge was noted at the nipples.
It was noted, however, that respiration increased during the examination
of the patient’s breasts. Further, the nipples hardened at the touch
and remained hardened throughout the examination.

The patient was informed that a pelvic examination was part of the
complete physical. She indicated that she had been examined by a
gynecologist on a number of occasions. Further, she confirmed that she
waived her right to have female medical personnel present during this

The patient’s gown was removed fully and she declined my offer for
covering her upper extremities and/or draping the area below her hips.
The patient was asked to move herself farther down the table, placing
her buttocks at the table’s edge. She complied without hesitation, and
upon her buttocks reaching the table’s edge, she placed her feet in the
examining stirrups.

External examination of the genitalia revealed that pubic hair had been
trimmed to confine it to an area slightly above the vulva. There was no
pubic hair around the labia, perineum, or anus. Left untrimmed,
however, pubic hair growth appeared to be normal. The patient indicated
that she trimmed her pubic hair as a matter of: 1) personal preference,
2) to accommodate her swimwear, and 3) to heighten sexual
activity/response. There were no unusual odors or discharges and the
patient indicated that she had not douched within 48 hours prior to the
examination, although she douches regularly.

Internal examination of the genitalia revealed no abnormalities.
However, there were sufficient natural secretions that lubricating gel
was not required (although used as a matter of procedure) for the
digital examination or insertion of the speculum. Bi-manual examination
revealed that all reproductive organs were properly aligned. The
recto-vaginal examination was conclusive. Papanicolaou’s Test was
performed and the results were returned “negative” from the laboratory.
The patient’s vagina accommodated a # 2 speculum.

During the pelvic examination, natural secretions continued to be
emitted from the patient’s vagina. Further, upon insertion of my
finger(s) into the patient’s vagina I observed that her hips raised
toward insertion and the vaginal walls contracted during palpitation.
Respiration increased. A similar response was received in the patient’s
rectum during the recto-vaginal examination. Insertion of two fingers
into the patient’s rectum was easily accommodated. The patient
indicated that she was sexually active, enjoying vaginal and rectal
stimulation, as well as anal intercourse. Upon removing my fingers, I
noticed that the patients hips continued to gyrate while respiration

The patient was then asked to assume the dorsal recumbent position for
examination of the rectum. External examination revealed no
abnormalities; preliminary insertion to the first knuckle of one finger
revealed a firm rectal muscle and normal response. Full insertion of
the finger into the anus revealed no abnormalities or hemorrhoids.
Minor impaction was noted. The patient was questioned concerning the
regularity of her bowels. She responded that her bowel movements were
regular, however, her eating habits were sporadic. A cleansing enema
was recommended. A rectal dilator was inserted and the rectal/anal
walls were observed to be consistent with the digital examination. The
patient, however, appeared to be stimulated by insertion of items into
her rectum as she pushed her hips toward insertion.

Due to increased vital signs observed at the beginning of this
examination, the patient was asked whether she would object to her
temperature being verified rectally. She responded that this
verification was acceptable. With the patient straightening her knees
and lowering her buttocks, a rectal thermometer was lubricated and
inserted. During the thermometer’s registering, her pulse and blood
pressure were again checked. The vital signs were:

Blood Pressure – 135/80
Pulse -78
Temperature -98.6 (!)

(!) Temperature adjusted downward one degree.

Following removal of the thermometer, the patient was advised that she
could get off of the table and get dressed. She explained that she was
feeling a bit “flushed” and requested that she be permitted to lie on
the table for a few moments. I complied and completed the required

After several minutes, and with my back to the patient, I heard several
moans coming from her. When I turned to see her, I observed the patient
lying on her back. Her feet were in the stirrups, she had the
thermometer inserted into her rectum, three fingers of her right hand
were inserted into her vagina, and her left hand was vigorously rubbing
her clitoris. As she noticed my approaching the examination table, she
exclaimed, “Doctor, please excuse me. I’m cumming…..” With this
exclamation, her hips began to gyrate violently as sexual orgasm
increased, overwhelming her for approximately 30 seconds, then
subsiding. The patient removed the finger from her vagina. I took the
liberty of removing the thermometer from her rectum. Also, in the
interest of medical science, I again checked her vital signs:

Blood Pressure – 120/80
Pulse -60
Temperature -99.5 (!)

(!) Temperature adjusted downward one degree.


The patient removed herself from the examination table, got dressed, and
returned to my office for post-examination consultation. She explained
to me that she was “overly erotic” and that “any stimulation of [her]
tits, pussy, or ass requires [her] to masturbate or receive another form
of sexual gratification immediately.” The patient advised me that she
masturbated almost daily, and had sexual intercourse at least 5 days a
week, sometimes twice or three times daily. The patient indicated that
she also enjoyed sexual relations with other females. Sexual
gratification is received through oral sex and the use of various
objects designed for insertion into the vagina and anus. Physical
examination revealed that there was no indication of any abuse, although
the topic was discussed as a matter of precaution with the patient.

My physical examination of the patient revealed no sexual dysfunction,
and my psychological evaluation of the patient does not indicate any
emotional imbalances. We discussed the need for adequate protection
against both disease and pregnancy during sexual activity. The patient
takes Lo-Ovral daily and is aware of the need for regular and consistent
use of “the pill”. She requires men to wear a condom before engaging in
sexual activity with them. She is also aware of the need to separate
vaginal and anal sexual activities.

As noted during the rectal examination, the patient was reminded to
administer a cleansing enema to herself of approximately two quarts.
She indicated that she had an enema nozzle attachment to her douche bag.
Proper positioning and retention was discussed with the patient.

The patient left the facility at approximately 4:45 PM.

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that would be very much appreciated!

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Gynecology Exam gyno story

27 Oct 2008

A Gynecology Exam to Remember
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My training to become a Physician’s Assistant included advanced courses in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, pharmacology, and even zoology. In addition to these classes were “hands-on” exposures to certain fields of medicine. My emergency medicine rotation involved a semester in an E.R., my pediatrics medicine rotation was spent in a pediatrics’ clinic, and my OB/GYN rotation was spent in a Women’s Health Center. Now as a professional, my examination of a female needs to be without sexual interests, but as a male with a healthy libido, that can sometimes be difficult. Usually, most of the women I see tend to be seniors, or obese, or down-right ugly, but I’ll admit to finding a wet spot on my underwear after performing a breast, pelvic, or rectal exam on a beautiful woman. What follows is an account of an incident involving such a woman, and though I’m not proud of it, I’ll admit to giving into my sexual urges.

I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and working out of one of the clinics there. I had a good relationship with the staff physician, a female, by the name of Dr. McSorley. She was present for most of exams that I performed and was starting to allow me to work independently. On this one particular day, we had quite a few women being seen for annual check-ups and pregnancy follow-ups, and was she unable to follow me as closely as she normally would. She divided the case-load so that we each had roughly the same amount of patients. My first was named Sarah, and she was here for an annual visit.

Upon registering with the receptionist, Sarah was asked if she objected to being examined by a male Physician’s Assistant student. I was standing in the hall down from her when she turned around and looked in my direction. She smiled at me, and I saw her shake her head “no” in response to that obligatory question. I couldn’t help but notice her pretty face, even from that distance. Unlike most of the patients I had seen during this rotation, she was young and apparently in a good physical condition. I immediately looked forward to meeting this woman. She returned to the reception room and waited to be called.

I will admit to going to the break room and straightening my hair, and making sure there was no food between my teeth or boogers in my nose. Feeling prepared, I then went through her medical records and familiarized myself with her history. She was 32 years of age, 5’6”, and at her last visit, weighed 126 lbs. and had an unremarkable medical history. There was a family history of cervical cancer, so it was recommended she have yearly checkups. I proceeded to the reception room and called out her name. She looked up from a magazine and placed it on the coffee table. Slowly she stood and walked towards me. As I held open the door, she maintained direct eye contact until she passed me, then walked down the hall. Her eyes were a stunning green, obviously with the help of colored contact lenses, and her face was as pretty up-close as it seemed to be from afar. I directed her to the second door on the left and followed her into the room, unable to resist looking at the small butt in her tight jeans . She entered the room and sat at the foot of the examining table, and I on the stool next to a small desk which was mounted to the wall. I introduced myself, and thanked her for allowing me to see her.

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dr gyno fetish story

13 Sep 2008

Birth Control Pills
My name is Laura Martin; I came in to see Dr Gyno for some birth control pills. I had setup an appointment to see him after school. The doctorТs office was on the edge of town, in his house. When I got to his office, I was the only one their. The doctor said he normally had a receptionist but she was sick today. He directed me into an examination room. The doctor was an in his 40Тs and seamed very nice.

On the way to the examination room, he gave me some forms to fill out and told me to remove all my cloths and put on a gown, he would be back in 10 minuets. This was the first time I had been to a gynecologist for an examination. The examination room was huge. In the center of the room was a large examination table. There where large cabinets along the walls with big locks on them and other strange equipment around the room.

I started to fill out the medical forms; the first was my medical history. The history form asked me a lot of sexual questions. Most of the things I had not even heard of. The second form was consent form to perform an examination it was very long and written in medical terms I did not read it. I completed the history form and signed the consent form. I removed my shirt and pants, put on the gown, and waited for the doctor.

The doctor came in and read the forms. He asks me my age I told him I was thirteen. He asks me to step on a scale. I weighed 80 pounds and was 4Т6ТТ tall. He then noticed that I still had on my bra and panties and asks me to remove them and get up on the examination table. I had never been naked in front of a man before. I removed my bra and panties and set on the table.

Once I got on the table he helped me lie down on my back and he put my feet in the stirrups. Then he told me that he was going to put on a few straps so I would not move during the examination. He put a big belt around my waist and pulled it down tight. The stirrups where very big and he put straps around my thighs and down at the ankles. I was starting to get very nervous being all strapped in not knowing what he was going to do. The Doctor then pulled out a controller for the table and told me the table could move in all kinds of positions. He pushed some buttons and wings came up on each side of me for my arms to rest on. The doctor proceeded to fasten my hands to the table wings.

The doctor went over to a cabinet, pulled out a lot of equipment, and put it on a cart by my feet. The doctor then removed my gown. I was a little ashamed, I have very small breast and very little hair around my pussy. He then told me he was going to examine my breast. He slowly started to press down with his fingers on my left breast and massaged it. Next he squeezed my breast very hard. All most immediately my nipples became erect. The Doctor squeeze on my nipple and pulled on it. He did it just hard enough it was starting to hurt. This was exciting me and had my pussy getting wet. He did the same to my other breast and asks me if I ever played with my breast. I was starting to get very nervous about what kind of examination this was. I told him I had never played with my breast.

The doctor then proceeded to moved the examination table so my legs where spread very wide, with my feet high in the air. He then made the table slant so I was at about a 30 deg angle with my head down. The blood was going to my head and making me feel a little funny. He then proceeded to stand between my legs and looked at my pussy. He told me I have a very pretty pussy. At this point I wanted to leave and find another doctor. I told him to let me up and untie me. The doctor just laughed. You signed the release form for me to perform an examination on you. The examination allows me to do what I feel is necessary, we can do this the hard way or we can both have some fun said the doctor. I was in shock now. What had I gotten my self into? The doctor then turned on a monitor so I could see what he was doing.

The doctor then told me he was going to examine my labia major and minor, he then started to pull on the lips of my pussy one at time and touched them all over. He measured them and wrote this down on my chart. This was the first time I had seen my vagina opened up. The doctor then stared to explore my clitoris, it was partially covered by its hood. He rubbed my clitoris very softly, I was getting excited. My clit started to peak out of the hood and I could see it on the monitor. The doctor then picked up a glass tube about 2 inchТs long and about ╜ inch in diameter that had a long hose attached to some equipment. He slid it over my clitoris and then turned on a switch. The machine was a vacuum pump. My clit was sucked into the tube. I started to scream, it was really hurting. The doctor said he was measuring the capacity of my clit to expand and to relax, it would feel good in a minute. He left the vacuum on for 5 or 10 minutes and it did quit hurting. The doctor turned off the vacuum machine and pulled off the glass tube. He measured my clit at 1 inch long. He bent down and sucked it in his mouth and started to lick it with his tongue. I was almost knocked out by my orgasm. This was the first time I ever had an orgasm.

After I recovered the Doctor attached some bands around my thighs. The bands had elastic cords on them with a clip at the end. These clips where attached to my pussy lips. The doctor tightened up the bands to stretch my pussy lips open. I could see that my pussy was open for his inspection. There was a sharp pain when he put the clips on my pussy lips. I am going to examine your hymen next said the doctor. He started to feel it and measure it. He described it as covering 90 % of my opening and being very thick and he could not see past it. The doctor said you are lucky you did not try and have sex before it would have been very painful. The doctor then took some pictures of my hymen.

You will have to have your hymen removed before you can have sex and I should trim back your hood over you clitoris to help you have orgasms said the doctor. He did not even give me a chance to say any thing. I tried to tell him I wanted to see another doctor but he said I had signed the authorization and he was going to do it. The doctor reached down and picked up a scalpel and a big tongue depressor. He worked the tongue depressor in to my vagina then turned it so the flat side was against the back side of my hymen. He said this will hurt a little bit when I remove you hymen. Then he proceeded to cut out my hymen. It was a very sharp pain, I screamed and cried. It took a long time for him to cut it out he said he wanted to extract the whole hymen in one piece. There was a lot of blood. The doctor removed the tongue depressor with my hymen on it. I am going to preserve your hymen for my collection. He went over to a table and carefully placed my hymen on a 2 inch square piece of glass, smoothed it out and coated it with a preservative. In about 2 hours I will have to put another glass slide on top of it said the doctor.

Now I am going to trim the hood from your clitoris said the doctor. He picked up the scalpel and a clamp from the table. He attached the clamp on the hood above my clitoris and squeezed it very hard. This was starting to really hurt again. I ask the Doctor to stop. He told me he was almost done. The doctor then cut away the hood to expose my clitoris. There was more blood running down my vagina and I was in a lot of pain. I could see my clitoris for the first time. I was excited about being able to touch it.

The doctor came back over to me and wiped the blood from my pussy. The pain had changed into a dull ache. Now I am going to examine your vagina and uterus next said the doctor. He picked up a round rod about the size of a pencil. He then inserted that into my vagina until he hit the back wall of my vagina. Your vagina is 3 inchТs long you have a very small vagina. He then withdrew the instrument and went over to a cabinet. I am going to use my smallest speculum on you he said. He opened a cabinet with over 50 speculums in it. I could see the smallest was about 2 inches long and maybe as big around as my finger. They went up to a size that was 2 feet long and looked like I my head would fit through it. I was glad he got the smallest one. He then came back over and started to push the speculum into my pussy. It hurt as he pushed the speculum into my vagina. I said it was too big. The doctor said he had it in all they way and now he would open it up. He opened it slowly it sure did hurt. The doctor moved a light to shine inside my vagina.

The doctor inserted his finger inside my vagina and felt my cervix. The next part of your examination is a pap spear said the doctor. He reached for a tool that looked like a bottle brush about ╝ inch in diameter. I am going to get a sample of the inside of your uterus he said. He then inserted the tool inside the speculum and pushed it part way inside my uterus. That is when it really started to hurt. He slowly turned the tool a couple of revolutions and withdrew it. It was covered with blood. The doctor asks if I had ever had a period before, I said I had not had one yet. He wiped the sample on a slide. I will send this to a lab for some test said the doctor. He then withdrew the speculum.

I thought he was done with me, I was wrong. Now it is time for the vagina stretching so you can have sex said the doctor. I have my own tool for that he said. The doctor then removed his pants and underpants. I had read a penis was about 5-6 inches long. This was the first erect penis I had seen. The doctorТs penis was about 12 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. I was in shock and started to tell the doctor I did not want to have sex with him. He then started to laugh. He said that I had signed the release form and it said that you would have sex with me as payment for my services. He then lubricated his penis with some KY jelly. He said it was important that I relax or he would have to suture me back up when he was done and I would be very sore after that.

The doctor got between my legs and rubbed his penis on the outside of my pussy until he found the hole. He started to push his big penis into my pussy. It hurt so bad I was sure I had torn, I begged him to stop. You are still stretching said the Doctor. He had gotten the head of his penis inside me finally. Slowly he started to pull back a little then he shoved forward again. It did not hurt so bad this time. Finally he was touching the back wall of my vagina with penis. I thought he would stop there. He pulled back until must of his penis was pulled out. Then he rammed it back in as hard as he could. I started to scream it felt like he had ripped out my vagina. The doctor said he was in a little over 6 inchТs and now its time for the fun part. The doctor just pulled out all the way then he would ram it back in as hard as he could. I was in so much pain I was about to black out. I am getting a little deeper each stroke said the doctor. It took him a very long time to finally get his whole penis inside me. I thought he was going to kill me. The pain was starting to go away. I was starting to get excited as he stroked his penis in and out.

The doctor started to rub my clit as he stroked me with his penis. I was going to have the biggest orgasm of my life. I could fell his penis swelling inside of me. Then we came together. I almost passed out it was so intense. His penis filled my vagina with his sperm. He pulled out of me, after about five minutes.

I was bleeding a lot from my vagina. The doctor went and got a normal size spectrum and inserted it to my vagina. My vagina was burning at this point. Having sex with the doctor had stretched me out so I could take the speculum with out any additional pain. He looked inside and said I had a couple of small tears that he would have to suture shut. The doctor picked up a suture and a long pair of pliers. He then reached inside my vagina with the pliers and started to put in a stitch. It felt like a bee sting. After about 4 stitches and 4 screams it was over. The doctor removed the speculum.

The doctor came back with a rubber tube about the size of a garden hose with a big stainless steel nozzle on the end. I am going to wash out your vagina now. This should take away most of the pain. Then he tilted my body so I was upside down with my vagina pointing up. The Doctor inserted a nozzle into my vagina and turned on the water. It was very cold, my vagina shrank back down on that nozzle and tried to keep the water inside. I was in horrible pain as more and more water was flowed into my vagina. I was so tight that it was not letting much of the water out and more came in all the time. Finally the water started to squirt out. I looked like geyser. The doctor warmed the water up until it was just right. The warm water did take most of the pain away. After about five minutes of this the doctor shut off the water and removed the nozzle from my vagina.

The doctor told me he was finished. He turned the table so it was flat again and took off my restraints. The doctor gave me a monthТs supply of birth control pills. You will have to come back in 1 week for me to take out the sutures he said. The doctor also told me, if I told any one about this he would sell the video tape to someone in the porn industry and he would doctor my records so it looked like someone else raped me.
I was looking forward to coming back in a week for another treatment from the doctor.

Doctor Gyno

hospital porn story

07 Sep 2008

With those words, she stopped the flow again and changed her
gloves. I watched in anticipation as she picked up a scissors and
approached the bed. She pulled the tape from my leg that secured
the catheter and snipped off one portion of the top of the catheter
tube where it spilt before joining the tube that lead to the urine
collection bag. I felt a strange feeling in my bladder as it seemed
like something was collapsing inside of me. She then took my
half-erect cock in her hands and held it slightly outward and
downward. Sue went on to explain that this for a short period of
time may be uncomfortable, but that I would soon be free of the
catheter and its restrictions. With those words, she held the tip
of my penis with her left hand as she began to withdraw the
catheter with her right.

I at once began to feel a burning sensation in my cock and felt
a strange feeling in the back of my throat. Sue looked at me and
smiled and said that the worst would soon be over. Then as she
continued to withdraw the catheter from me, I was overtaken by this
incredible feeling in my groin, a feeling like I was about to cum
with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. Sue only smiled as
she looked at the perplexed look upon my face and said, “Relax,
that’s normal. We’re almost done.”

As quick as the feeling of an impending orgasm came, it went.
The final inches of the catheter were removed from my penis, which
now had a strong burning sensation. When the catheter was removed,
Sue took a moistened towelette and cleaned off the tip of my cock
and rested it on stomach. As she took her hand away from it, she
looked deep into my eyes and said, “You can let this do what it
wants to do, without anymore discomfort from that nasty tube. Don’t
be embarrassed, this happens to a lot of men and it doesn’t bother
me a bit.”

With that, she opened the clip on the enema tube for the last
time and the remains of the solution bubbled within my bowels as
she massaged by stomach. Free from its intruder, my cock now sprang
to life and within seconds I had a ranging hard-on in full view of
my caring nurse.

When the can was empty, Sue closed the clip and took a seat next
to the head of my bed. She gently stroked my head and told me that
I should hold the solution for at least a few more minutes, so that
she wouldn’t have to repeat the treatment. The cramps built within
my bowels and soon I was squirming and sweating in discomfort. Sue
began to massage my stomach in large arcs, which only added to my
embarrassment as my cock was in plain view and hard as rock. Then,
without warning, as she sensed my discomfort, she grabbed my cock
with her hand, gave it a gentle squeeze, and whispered into my ear
that she could cure this problem too.

After the allotted time, Sue slide a bed pan under me and bleed
the air from the tube in my bottom. As she withdrew the enema tube,
I felt the urgent need to go. Laying flat, in traction, with a bed
pan under my ass, I felt the water explode from my asshole. Sue
replace the now full bed pan with another as she went into the
bathroom to dispose of its contents. This was repeated numerous
times over the next 15 or so minutes. In between my expulsions of
the enema water, Sue continued to massage my stomach urging the
solution out of me. When I was emptied, she took a large handful of
white toilet paper, reached between my legs, and cleaned me off.
She then went to the bathroom, got a warm wash cloth and clean
towel, and cleaned my entire bottom with soap and water. She also
cleaned and sponged off my now semi-limp dick. After removing the
pillows and absorbent pad from under she, Sue straightened the bed,
and asked me how I felt. While I was clearly worn out from the
treatment, I did feel much better.

Sue then came up to the top of the bed and sat down next to me.
She said that I didn’t need the catheter anymore, which came as
quite a relief. Sue then whispered into my ear to be quiet, and
she would finish my treatment. She stood up and took a small bottle
of baby oil from the cart. She squeezed a tablespoon or so of oil
into her hand and warmed it by rubbing it between her hands. Then,
with a smile crossing her lips, she took one hand and began to
massage my cock with her other oily hand caressed by balls. I was
shocked, but quickly overcome by the feelings in my dick. While her
actions felt good, I still had a gravel like feeling inside of my
dick from the catheter that distracted me from cuming, even though
I was hard and enjoying it.

Sue gathered that something was amiss, when she stopped and
cleaned her hands on a towel. She then whispered in my ear that
perhaps I needed a little additional encouragement and she opened
the front of her dress, released the clasp of her bra, and let her
beautiful tits swing loose. Her small nipples were hard and
sticking straight out as she cradled her tit her hand and offered
it to my mouth. As I sucked on her nipple, I felt her hand grab my
dick and begin to furiously jack me off. I had an explosive orgasm
and shot cum all the way up to the top of my chest. Sue just
smiled, and began to lick the cum from the chest and stomach as she
slowly massaged by dick and balls back to normal. After she had
lapped up all the cum, she quickly straightened her clothes,
replaced my hospital gown, and covered me up.

On two other occasions during my convalescence, I required an
enema, which was administered by Sue in a similar fashion. The war
in the gulf is over, and I have recovered and returned to civilian
life. I know that Sue’s reserve unit was also demobilized. I have
met Sue on several occasions when I travel on business and thanked
her for her special care. She explained that she felt so sorry for
the men and women who were wounded that she tried to be extra good
nurse to them.

One time, I met Sue and found that she needed help for a medical
problem, which I tried to help her out with, but that is another

Lesbian Nurse Story

19 Jul 2008

hi folks!
today I have a medical fetish story for ya.. if you dont like it please skip

here it goes
Archive-title: Lesbian Nurse

Chapter 1

I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my
job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no
real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working – and I
was getting bored fixing up the new house and window-shopping in the town
centre. Eventually John bought up my old nursing qualification – It’d already
occurred to me, but I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted now. I’d drifted
into the classes at 16, with nothing else to do, and passed the qualifiying
exams, then after half-heartedly applying for a couple of local posts thrown
it all up and worked for Colson’s for four stagnant years.

John thought it was a great idea. “Give them a call tomorrow, love”, he said,
nestled under my arm as we lay in bed that night. His hands were wandering
about in their familiar and welcome pre-sex rounds; I lay back, relaxed as he
gently turned me on, stroking the outline of my thighs, the curve of my
bottom, my stomach. I saw him looking at my nipples under my T shirt – he
knows how sensitive they are, what they do to me – and I felt the melting
begin in my tummy as he pulled the T shirt up to my shoulders and sucked the
nearest erect nipple between his warm lips, tweaking the other between the
outside of his index and middle fingers. I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

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