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busty woman medical exam

10 Sep 2014

This lady is a true eye candy. She has it all – nice butt, firm breasts and sweet eyes. Watch her fully examined in full HD videos

physical exam at tushy clinic

19 Nov 2013

The blonde nurse was all but stunned by the cheerful and gorgeous woman who turned up the other day. She could only stare as the patient undressed andsat on the gyno chair. She followed the routine by checking her vitals, breast exam, vaginal exam and anal exam.



gyno exam fingering

24 Jun 2013

Cute Russian Nastya immigrated a long time ago. She had been working as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a nurse. Now she applied for a better position as a hostess as a hotel and the employer required full medical exam. All in all this is her first exam in a couple of years and she is ill at ease. The female doctor helps her relax by being very gentle.

blonde physical exam

23 Jun 2013

As soon as blonde Caren entered the room she was asked to put on a medical gown – you know the one with bare back. The brunette doctor checked her weight, her vitals (blood pressure, heart rate etc.) She examined each of her nicely shaped tits.


Pelvic exam followed. The doctor spread her labia and visually examined her vagina, then inserted gyno speculum and used a cotton bud to take pap smear. Then the patient was put in doggy style position and the nurse fingered her arsehole before inserting rectal thermometer.

black fishnet stockings at medical exam

03 Apr 2013

The sexy blonde came to the examination wearing a short skirt and provocative black fishnet stockings. She quickly stripped out of all her clothes for the exam. the nurse took care to check her boobies, inspect her cunt and probe her tight pink asshole with her finger.

silicones medical exam

11 Oct 2012

Anna had her implants done two years ago and has been visiting doctor every two months to check if they’re fine. She strips off her top and exposes the huge round boobies


The doctor examined her breasts and then it is time to check her back, for the added weight causes some pain in the end of the day. Anna takes off her panties


and then bends down


Gyno lesbian nurse speculum play

29 Jul 2011

lewd lesbiansAfter gloving and lubing the speculum she inserted it in her pussy, stretching it wider than one could imagine. I was watching on as she picked up a long silver tube a half inch in diameter and lubed it up.

Standing back watching him and the nurse work on Melana again was causing me to get hard for the second time. As she lay there helpless and wide open the Dr. inserted the tool in her and started to put it up her tiny little pee hole.

Melana screamed in agonizing pain as the Dr. tried to insert this large tool into a hole the size of a garden pea.

vaginal exam

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