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18 Apr 2014

This one is a yummy mature lady with perfect body and long legs. She strips her clothes off easily and spreads her legs wide. Click the images below to download the movies and enjoy her hairy vagina in closeup.

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13 Aug 2013

Livie is 46 and she’s been to so many gyno exams in her life and seen so many doctors. This old pervert doesn’t confuse her in the least. Even the fact that he asked her to strip full nude before even checking her vitals and doesn’t offer her a medical gown.




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25 May 2013

The blonde Czech MILF casually takes off her clothes in front of an old male doctor. He explained the routine of the complete physical to her but looks like she already knows all the bits and pieces of medical exam. She has seen so many doctors though her life. But this one will prove to be different from anything she had experienced before.


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11 Apr 2013

Senior woman Vera leads active sexual life. With her long blonde hair, slim legs and nice firm tits she has no problems finding young lovers. Nevertheless she gets bored of her new acquisitions pretty soon. Her last lover was twenty years her junior and she cheated on him with a man even younger.

Given all of the above she frequents the gyno clinic for pelvic exams. The doctor knows her well as well as the fact that he is not her piece of cake for his age – he is only two years her junior. Still they are on very friendly terms and chat thru the gyno exam

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01 Apr 2013

Fat granny was a real treat for the old doctor. He was fed up with those perfect young bodies, tiny pussies and virgin assholes he was seeing on a regular basis. Matilda had big heavy tits and a fat ass. She was also not embarrassed in the least when he probed her cunt with a finger and offered to pump it for her. She actually enjoyed it and willingly helped to hold the specula in place when the doctor was taking a couple of pictures “for the file”

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21 Feb 2013

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