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29 Nov 2014

Gorgeous redhead Angela brought her husband along for the gyno exam. The bearded doctor was quite willing to show this young hunk some tricks to make his wife cum stronger than ever. And of course the lucky guy gets to see hairy pussy speculum insertion closeup.

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redhead full nude gyno exam

13 Oct 2014

The gorgeous redhead answered the male doctor’s questiong about her sexual life and her partners befor being asked to undress. Then she stood full nude in front of the doc and he examined her boobs. The breast exam was followed by a speculum insertion. Check out the closeup photos.





brunette medical exam

18 Nov 2013

It’s about time you thought about your medical exam – that’s what Amy’s boyfriend told her. She was eager to oblige given she hadn’t seen gyn in more than a year. She was surprised and pleased to see a young male doctor. As he told her to undress she was taking her clothes faster than you could say “Damn that’s one nice ass”.


male doctor erotic fingering

01 Aug 2013

He cups my left breast, lifting it as if testing its weight, but still moving his thumb gently across the nipple.  He does the same with the right one.  I must just be imagining that this examination is different, but it feels different to me and it excites me.  I close my eyes, feeling the blush rising up my chest to my face.  I know what comes next and I’m glad he’ll be wearing a glove so that he won’t be able to feel that he really needs no additional lubrication to finish.  I’ve generated enough natural lubricant to oil a whole houseful of door hinges. He closes the front of the gown.  “Okay, lay back and slide down.”

Still with my eyes closed, I do as he says.  He places my feet in the stirrups and moves my legs apart.  He does the PAP smear quickly, then puts the glove on his right hand and puts a little lubricant on it.  He mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like “I probably won’t need that,” and slides his fingers into my cunt.  His left hand braces low on my belly as he feels around, then he pauses.  I open my eyes.     He is standing there with his eyes closed, almost in a trance, his fingers still inside me.  He moves his thumb like he did on my breast, only this time it’s my clit he’s stroking.  He’s breathing as hard as I am.  That’s it.  I knew something was different.

male doctor gyno exam

13 Jul 2013


Impressive picture gallery from Doctor tushy. In this set a male doctor examined sexy inked blonde.

He followed the regular routine of the gyno examination starting with checking the blonde’s vitals and spine check. Then he asked her to lay down and spread her legs and it was time for the vaginal exam and then some anal exam doggy style.

shaved vagina gyno videos

15 Jun 2013

The doctor explained the busty brunette the routine of the gyno examination he was going to follow. He asked her to lie on her back and put her legs in the stirrups. He then proceeded with the pelvic examination after which the girl is placed on her stomach and the anal exam follows. The videos are downloadable

cervix closeup video

02 Apr 2013

Exclusive club gyno clinic presents a very special set of videos.They feature a Czech teen getting examined by an old male doctor. He gets her on her elbows and knees first to thoroughly check her arsehole with his fat fingers.

He attached a pump to her pussy and pumped it until it was all bright pink and swollen.

Time for the specula insertion. The doc didn’t care to lube it for his patient was already wet enough. He pushed the specula wide enough to get full view of her cervix.

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medical fetish hardcore videos

22 Mar 2013

The doctor watched the brunette patient as she made herself comfortable on the gyno chair. Anne answered his questions while he filled in the standard form. Then she complained that she hadn’t had orgasm with a man for quite a long time whereas she was able to bring herself off quite efficiently.

the doctor was willing to help with the issue. He offered to fuck her on condition that she told him what he should do and what she feels every now and then. He then stood on his knees and started licking he clit with expert tongue. She was quickly moaning and begging for him to fuck her.

He was eager to oblige. He undressed and thrust his fully hard cock into her wet cunt. After a couple of thrusts she was screaming orgasm.

He fucked her through one more orgasm before coming in her sweet little mouth wide open for his thick cock.

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skinny mature vagina exam videos

05 Mar 2013

Sandra is 48 years old but she has the body of a teen. Slim legs and small boobs.

Even her pussy looks like a cunt of a teenage babe. The doctor stretches it with gyno specula and doesn’;t hesitate to mention that her pussy is very young and tight.

In the end of the exam the doctor checks her sensitivity using a big size vibrator, which he inserts into her cunt and sets to full speed

busty mature exam videos

25 Feb 2013
Jessica did not expect to be treated like a royalty as her doctor and her nurse do. They are in awe because of her perfect shapes.
As she undresses and reveals her big heavy tits with nipple piercing the doctor swallows hard against his instantly dry throat.

She is told to put on a medical gown and prepare for the examination.

Both the doctor and the nurse enjoy the view of her boobs and take their time examining them, pressing and squeezing slightly.

Jessica is then told to lay on her front and as the gown falls apart beautiful round buttocks are revealed. The doctor puts on his gloves and pushes one finger up her virgin asshole.

czech gyno clinic patient

23 Feb 2013

Beautiful tall Celena checked in for her annual gyno exam. The old pervy doctor invited her to his office and asked to undress. As she took off her blouse and skirt the red stockings are  revealed much to the doc’s satisfaction


He inspected her small breasts and perky nipples and then told her to lie down on the couch for vaginal exam. He put on his gloves and started fingering her wet hole with tenderness and expertise.

Finally he went to pick up a gyno speculum. After lubing it thoroughly he inserted it into her vagina and spread it wide until her round pink cervix was in full view.

granny gyno exam video

09 Feb 2013

55 year old Brigita is the new patient at the Czech gyno clinic. Check out the videos of her taking off her clothes and getting her breasts checked by the kinky doctor.

The doctor gets between her legs to examine her old pussy

Cute redhead gyno exam

01 Feb 2013

Helga had just moved in town and this was her visit to the gyno clinic for her annual gyno exam. She was so excited to meet her new male gyn. She eagerly took off her clothes and spread her legs for her pelvic exam


kinky medical exam

26 Jan 2013

Slavic girl Pavlina was freaking embarrassed to see a male doctor when she walked into the examination room. The old doctor pulled on her hair making her open her mouth and pulling her head back to examine her throat.

During the vaginal exam he inserted a lubed speculum inside her shaved pussy and used a flashlight to see the insides.

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vaginal enema gyno exam

04 Jan 2013

The doctor considered the filled out form while the tall brunette was undressing. Then she stood full nude facing him and he instructed her to sit on the couch.


He checked her pupils for signs of any hidden deceases


he then put her in doggy style position and inspected her vagina


after speculum examination he made a decision she needed a vaginal enema and agreed to help her with the first one.


male doctor gyno exam videos

24 Dec 2012

Merry Xmas everybody!

For this special day I decided to get you a special gift – flash movie set featuring a male gynecologist performing full nude exam of a busty blonde

male doctor boob exam

28 Nov 2012


Doctor Jacobs got the hottest patient in months. Busty blonde Sylvia is here for a complete medical exam.


The doctor checked her weight and then asked her to bend down for the flexibility check. He takes advantage of her position to check out her shaved asshole.


He listened to her breath and heart rate.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/95y/bimages/17.jpg

and then comes the time for a boob exam which the doctor enjoys the most


granny gyno exam

25 Nov 2012

The kinky doctor got to see some old pussy thru a speculum. The blonde old woman wearing glasses signed up for a gyno exam as she had some vaginal itch. She turned out perfectly healthy and the only thing her vagina itched for was a hard cock. Watch her pussy getting a milk enema.

naked medical flexibility check

05 Nov 2012

The blond girl is tricked by the employer into a medical examination. She arrives at the clinic for the appointment and is embarrassed to hear she has to strip off all her clothes beforehand. Then the doctor asks her to do some exercises to see if she is fit enough.

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kinky pelvix exam

03 Nov 2012


The old doctor got a treat. This cute blonde with small tits gets aroused easily and as he goes through the exam routine – from throat exam to breast exam, she gets wet. When it comes to pelvic exam she first feels uncomfortable when the doctor inserts his fingers in her vagina but then gets carried away with the sensation


The doctor uses a speculum to view her pink pussy


Kinky Gyno Clinic exams

natural tits gyno exam videos

30 Oct 2012

Kira is a tall blonde with big natural boobs. She came for an appointment with gyn but to her astonishment her usual female doctor was out on vacation so she had to get nude in front of an old male doctor

gyno exam

He checked her weight and did all the routine as usual. Then examined her ass first – doggy style – he said this pose gave the best perspective and was more comfortable for anal exam.

He finished with vagina exam. He lubed a metal speculum and inserted it into her cunt then stretched it to the most

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pussy closeup videos

19 Oct 2012

The kinky old doctor asked his patient to spread her pussy lips to give him better view

He suggested that she used a huge vibrator to make her vagina muscles relax before the gyno speculum insertion

vaginal exam videos

18 Aug 2012

The male doctor lubes his finger and starts massaging the blonde babe’s vagina

Now the busty chick lies on her stomach and spreads her butt cheeks for some rectal thermometer

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male doctor vagina inspection

21 Jul 2012

blonde gyn doctor exam

male doctor takes pap smear and inspects the patient’s vagina with his finger

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