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25 Sep 2014

Jessie called the registration desk asking for a regular gyno exam. She was assigned the time and showed up a couple of minutes earlier. The cute nurse asked her to wait and as she waited she looked through some magazines. Then the nurse invited her into the exam room and the fun started.

pelvic exam video

05 Oct 2013

Nancy got out a rubber glove and some K.Y. Jelly.  Then she came over to Rachel who stood up and leaned over the table, never stopping her chatter.  Nancy took Rachel’s hands and fastened them together with a  velcro restraint behind her back!  Then she started putting K.Y.  Jelly on Rachel’s behind.

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15 Jun 2013

The doctor explained the busty brunette the routine of the gyno examination he was going to follow. He asked her to lie on her back and put her legs in the stirrups. He then proceeded with the pelvic examination after which the girl is placed on her stomach and the anal exam follows. The videos are downloadable

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19 Nov 2012

Ever wondered what the nurses do when the door is locked? Here is the answer – they have fun. So many kinky objects are all around the room – this nurse couldn’t resist fucking herself with a speculum.

She also exposed her pink pussy while in doggy position

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19 Sep 2012

Detta has just finished her nurse training and finally got her first job as a nurse. She is still not very confident when it comes to telling ladies to undress and lay on their stomachs. But she is so sweet and gentle that her first patient feels no embarrassment about laying nude in front of her

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04 Sep 2012

A playful nurse does her job with pleasure. As she undresses her petite teen patient she explains the routine of the gyno exam. After some breast examination she gets to her favorite part – the rectal exam.

She lubes her finger and checks the teen’s asshole then inserts a rectal thermometer and waits for it to measure the temperature in the girl’s rectum.

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26 Aug 2012

When nurse Jameson walked into the examination room she found the patient already lying on the couch.

the nurse proceeded with the vaginal exam as she talked to the woman.

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31 Oct 2011

Then the snap of latex gloves before his head vanished between my legs. The nurse then left the room. He warned me before he touched me and placed his hand on my thigh before spreading my vagina apart. I could feel his stare has he inspected every inch of of my vagina. He turned to the tray beside him and picked up a long cotton swab and swabbed down the length of my vagina. This swab was placed in a tube containing a gel like substance. He then turned for a tube of K.Y and squirted some on his gloved fingers.

His fingers exited and he turned to pick up a large clear plastic speculum. This was soon lubed also and the duckbill like end sitting at the opening to my vagina. He reassured me that he would be gentle and that only minor discomfort would be felt. I felt the speculum enter the vagina and with a twist of the hand it was in place. I then felt the blades being opened, they were stretching me open and I felt like I would tear until I heard them lock into place. His head turned towards the tray and I saw him pick up a little brush like devise. This then entered the large opening the speculum had made, I then felt a quick cramp as he scraped some of the cells from the cervix. He removed the brush and smeared it on the glass slide. He took a small pen light from his pocket and shone the light to take a visual inspection of the cervix. The speculum was released and taken from my now stretched vagina.

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07 Oct 2011

They removed the hose from the faucet, then placed that end of it into the tub, and put something in the tub to weigh down the end of the hose so it would stay put.  The other end of the host had a connector, which was then attached to a smooth, flexible rubber tube, about four feet long and a little more than a half inch thick.  The end of this tube had two eyelet’s.  Nurse Wills took some time to grease the whole length of the tube liberally with Vaseline, and rammed a large glob of the same into my somewhat sore ass.  She was quite thorough in rubbing the lubricant into me with her fingers, which she pushed in and out and twisted around repeatedly.  When I was packed like a wheel bearing, she was ready to begin.

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speculum fetish video sample

25 Jul 2011

He took a moment to cover her with the gown, and then removed the gloves. He wrinkled his nose. “I hate the smell of latex. I really do!” He said aloud. “Then get some polypropylene ones, doc. They don’t have an odor.” “How do you know about polypropylene exam gloves, Sarge?” “I used to do AIDS/HIV education outreach in the lesbian community teaching safer sex practices” “I’m impressed.” (“That explains your sophistication, sergeant…”) “Don’t be.

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It was easy work, and I learned lots myself. Made sure that The Project provided latex dental dams and gloves along with condoms. Also found out that not all women can handle latex, so I found a source of the polypropylene gloves, and worked out a way to cut them open to use as oral sex dams.” “You are resourceful, aren’t you?’ (“How are you with kitchen implements?”) “I try to be. Can I sit up now?” Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” He grasped her heels and guided her feet out of the stirrups, and then out and down. He stepped to her side, and lifted her by the shoulder blades with the flat of his hand. “Thank you.” “You may get dressed now.” He turned to his assistant nurse. “Maggie, I’m finished with your superlative services. Sgt. Totten and I will have our conference once she is dressed. You may take the rest of the day for yourself.” Maggie, a woman of indeterminate age, thanked the doctor, and did a quick clean up. The doctor jotted a note to “get poly gloves, latex dams”. They both left the room.

Edith sat on the edge of the table, and hoped that she had been officious enough at the end. He had aroused her so much that she was aching. Quickly, she laid back, and deftly stroked her clit. It was hard, and a bit dry. She dipped into her nether mouth and withdrew some of her own juices mingled with KY. Quickly she circled her clit, felt it swell upward, and then dipped again. Two more dips, two more circles, and she came, silently, her mouth clamped shut so the he would not hear in the next room.

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17 Jun 2011

When she was in position, I informed her that I was going to slip her panties all the way down so I would have free access to her bottom. I told her to left her hips slightly, whereupon I was able to slide them down and all the way off. I raised the stirrups and placed her feet so that her legs were bent upward at the knees, then rotated the arms outward which had the effect of spreading her legs wide apart, and rotating her feet to the sides in the shape of a V. I could tell by her expression that this was a bit uncomfortable, and quite embarrassing.

“OK, Meghan, open your mouth so I can place this thermometer under your tongue. Now, keep your mouth closed – don’t breathe through your mouth or talk,” I instructed.
I then reached over to the other end of the table and retrieved the rectal thermometer, lubricant and Kleenex. “I’m going to spread your cheeks and apply some lubricant to your anus now. It’s going to feel cold, but it’s necessary to allow the thermometer to slip in easily. I don’t want you to move at all while I’m taking your temperature, do you understand? If you squirm around and it works itself out, we’ll have to start all over,” I said. She nodded that she understood.

With Ginny supervising, I placed a dollop of gel on my forefinger, and in one quick motion spread her taut buttocks apart and began applying the lubricant first in a circular motion around the perimeter of her anal opening, then gradually working my finger inside. After several rotations, I withdrew my finger, wiped it clean, and inserted the rectal thermometer.

Meghan clenched her ass muscles just as the cool glass slipped past her anal ring. I heard her inhale slightly, but she obediently didn’t move or make any protest. I stood back to take in the view of this pretty young girl lying on her stomach with thermometers sticking out of either end.

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17 May 2011

“Just relax Gretchen, I’m not going to hurt you,” he pleaded with her and removed his hands. Her moaning only decreased in volume after a strange shudder overtook her prone body. He had never witnessed a patient climax so quickly and noisily. “Well, that should keep her calm for a while,” he thought to himself. He heard the familiar office chatter begin again from somewhere behind the door. “I’d like you to roll over on your stomach,” he said and reached for a thermometer and began to shake it down. He had thought Gretchen would protest, but he was pleased to see her simply turn a brighter shade of red and quietly turn over.

He gently spread the gown apart and began to pull her panties down. Her moaning began again as he reached under the waistband and began to tug the white cotton undergarment down. It grew to an almost ear shattering volume as he tried to gently spread her plump cheeks apart. All office chatter came to a halt once again. When he finally had her globes apart and tried to insert the glass rod down and in she once again began to shake in pleasure. He closed one eye and stabbed with the thermometer, luckily his aim was good and he struck pay dirt on his first attempt. Gretchen continued to moan at high volume and shudder until Dr. Wilson finally was able to extract it and note the reading.

Beads of sweat were building on his forehead. He was a stranger in this office, here only to help out while the other doctor was away. He imagined the nurses in the back room looking at each other with wide eyes, whispering and glancing at the closed exam room door, trying to decide if they should call the police. He dared not try and pull her panties back up over her dimpled buttocks. “Gretchen, I’m going to do your pelvic now, turn over and slide down to the end of the table, oh and remove your panties please.” He placed each ankle in the stirrups and gulped.

naked physical exam medical exam

As Dr. Wilson began to lightly spread Gretchen’s plump little vagina lips, the now familiar moaning began anew. As he slid his gloved finger into the moist enclosure, his patient gripped the edge of the table tightly, began to shake and groan. He was nearly decapitated as her right foot swung up only centimeters from his left ear and watched in awe as her sandal flew off and landed with a loud clatter on the other side of the room, knocking over several bottles. Dr. Wilson almost fell over as he scooted back and ducked his head waiting for the re-bound. He could hear the sound of several ears as they began to press themselves against the other side of the exam door. He picked up a towelette and began to wipe the sweat that was now beginning to drip down on each side of his face.

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Doctor cunnilingus videos

01 Nov 2010

It was time for Anna’s yearly exam. It is something that she needs to
do, but hates very much. After she finished filling out the exam form
she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs and this
humiliates her. Reading a month old magazine trying to get her mind off
the coming exam Anna was surprised to hear her name called by a male. It
was Doctor Major her GYN for the last 20 years walking toward her.
“Hi Anna how have you been?” said the Doctor.
“Good, Doctor,” she said

closeup-pussy-002.jpg closeup-pussy-003.jpg
He cleared his throat saying. “I need your help today. Would you mind
letting an intern observer your exam? The intern has been here all day
and no one has allowed the intern to be in the exam room.”

speculum-video-002.jpg speculum-video-003.jpg
Anna a lady of 49 knowing that patients have to give the interns a
chance to observe exams, so they will get the experience needed to
become good doctors.

exclusive clubExclisive club gyno exams
“I will allow the intern to observe my exam doctor,” said Anna after
thinking for a full 3 minutes of the possible consequences of her answer
and feeling herself blush at the thought of more than one doctor in the
room during her exam.

The doctor went over to the receptionist, looked over at Anna and said
something to the receptionist, then walk into the rear area. A nurse
came out of the rear area went to the receptionist, they exchanged a few
words the nurse picked up a file and called Anna’s name.

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Speculum closeup

28 Oct 2010

I remember being an eighteen year old freshman at college and having to
go to the infirmary beacause of stomach cramping. The visiting doctor
that evening was older, about 50 or so and had me go into the examining
room and undress while he was still in the small windowless room with
me. speculum_closeup_moviesHe didn’t offer me a robe, but had me lie on my stomach on the
examination table with a pillow under my hips, my legs spread and
slightly on my knees. He spoke very low and gently as he explained that
the dining hall food here at the school had been stopping up in several
students colons that week and I wasn’t the first to suffer from this
cramping. He put on latex gloves and began to massage my rectum. I felt
some warm lube being rubbed into the area and it felt so good. He asked
if I was uncomfortable and I replied no, I was fine. He told me to
relax, because I would feel some pressure for a few minutes as he
examined me. I felt him slide his finger in and out of my rectum and it
started to feel really good. I could feel him slide another finger into
me and I was starting to get pretty wet and turned on. I wanted to moan,
but I stayed quiet.closeup-pussy-003.jpg He was talking to me the entire time about me
relaxing my muscles and letting his fingers examine the inside of my
rectum to discover any blockage. I felt a third finger slide in and I
let out an involuntary moan. He asked if he had hurt me and I said, no,
not at all. “It was all very relaxing, please continue…”
Exclisive club gyno exams

This went on for a few more minutes and he was thoroughly examining the
inside of my rectum and rubbing all around it and it felt really
incredible. Then he gently pulled out his fingers, and said that I had a
definite blockage in my colon and he would next be giving me a nice warm
relaxing enema to break it up. I had no idea what he was talking about,
but he went on to explain that he would be placing a tub up my rectum
and slowly filling my colon with a warm solution of water and a slight
sedative to help me to relax. exclusive clubAfter the colon had been filled with this
solution, he would plug my colon and I would hold the solution for about
twenty minutes and then he would help clean me out. I said that if he
thought it would help me, that I trusted him completely. He walked out
of the room and said he would return shortly. He helped me to lie down
across the examining table on my back and relax before he left to
prepare the enema.Doctor inspects pussy with a speculum and gives a cunnilingus to his patient

About ten minutes later, he returned and remarked that there were no
other patients there that night and the nurse on duty was buried in a
book at the other end of the building, so he was free to stay here with
me and answer any questions I might have in regards to the procedure. He
was carrying what looked like two rubber hot water bottles, which he
proceeded to hook onto a tall stand that would normally hold an I.V.
bag. He then attached the tubes that extended from each bottle into a
larger tube with a small nozzle at the end. This he covered in lube. He
helped me to lie down, still naked, on my back and scooted my ass to the
end of the table. He then had me bend my legs and place my ankles on
each side of my ass cheeks, thus spreading wide my ass and pussy. He
told me that if the water filling up my colon became uncomfortable, I
might want to put some weight on my heels and relieve the pressure until
the water passed further into my colon. He told me that I might become
slightly woozy as there was a slight sedative in the solution, but that
I should just relax. I smiled and said, of course.

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Gyno speculum video

19 Dec 2009

The nurse thoroughly examins this cutie teenie’s vagina and then inserts a gyno speculum to get a better view

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