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14 Apr 2013

When the nurse asked the to-be-cheerleader to undress and get on the gyno chair the blonde patient sees no problem in stripping in front of the nurse. When she lied on her back with her legs spread wide in stirrups she started feeling embarrassed at the long looks the nurse was giving her shaved vagina while putting on the gloves.

The nurse fingered the pink cunt of hers for just a little too long and too tenderly. The blonde seemed to no mind the subtle caress of the nurses fingers against her clit.

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20 Mar 2013

Sexy female doctor puts on her gloves for a pelvic exam and she sure will check her patient’s shaved pussy deep and fine.

She applies some lube on her fingers and inserts them inside her patient so she squirms and keens quietly. The doctor feels the insides of the vagina and palpates the abdomen of the girl.

After she is satisfied she asks the girl to lay on her stomach and continues with anal exam. She inserts a carefully lubed finger into the tight pink asshole and then checks rectal temperature.

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05 Dec 2009

Dr Jameson set up a hidden camera in his gyno cabinet and was able to film many chicks with their pussies who spread their legs for him. Check out this hottie entrust him with her private problems

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08 Nov 2009

The responsible doctors take pains to perform proper gyno examination. Watch videos:

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27 Oct 2009

Brunette Medical Exam Movies mpeg gallery Brunette Medical Exam Movies
Cute Jessica was having regular sex with her husband until recently. He started complaining that her pussy is too tight and pushes on his cock too strongly so he comes in a matter of seconds. She is not satisfied with those seconds and went to the doctor for help. She signed up for a regular medical checkout. When arrived at the clinic she is lead to the exam room where the nurse performs boob exam and then proceeds to checking her vagina with gyno speculum

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24 Oct 2008

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16 Sep 2008

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01 Jul 2008

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