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silicone boobs exam

25 Sep 2014

Jessie called the registration desk asking for a regular gyno exam. She was assigned the time and showed up a couple of minutes earlier. The cute nurse asked her to wait and as she waited she looked through some magazines. Then the nurse invited her into the exam room and the fun started.

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15 Aug 2014

The cute nurse paid little to no attention to the gorgeous brunette’s body and nice round arse. Watch her casually taking notes as this sexy bombshell takes off her clothes

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19 Feb 2014

Doctor Collins likes company and when he is at a physical exam he asks two nurses to assist him. Download the videos and enjoy the exam.

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21 Sep 2013

Again I said, “Please if you can disrobe, I’ll be able to examine you and find out what is wrong.” I feared for some reason, she’d understand my motives all too clearly and run out the door, perhaps to call the police. But the mistique of doctors is such that patients willing do whatever is asked of them. They strip naked and allow the doctor to probe and poke places on their bodies they rarely touch themselves. Yes, patients will do anything on doctor’s orders.

gyno exam fingering

24 Jun 2013

Cute Russian Nastya immigrated a long time ago. She had been working as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a nurse. Now she applied for a better position as a hostess as a hotel and the employer required full medical exam. All in all this is her first exam in a couple of years and she is ill at ease. The female doctor helps her relax by being very gentle.

blonde gyno exam videos

16 Jun 2013
Blonde cutie strips stark naked in the examination room and puts on the medical gown. The nurse listens to her heart rate and her lungs.

After the standard medical exam routine the blonde is laid on her stomach and the nurse puts on her sterile gloves and applies some lube and inserts the index finger gently into her tight asshole. Watch her probing the insides in the anal exam video.

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10 May 2013

The young nurse at the gyno clinic Jillian chose was quite impressed by the huge breasts her patient revealed as she undressed.

The nurse kept touching them while she proceeded with the medical exam. When the girl finally lay on her back and spread her legs she was already wet enough the nurse needed no lube for her gloved finger to slide in easily.

lesbian gyno exam threesome

20 Jan 2013

Jessie’s exam was very special – a trainee nurse was present. The more experienced nurse led thru the examination.

When it came to boob exam the young nurse unbuttoned her uniform and showed her big tits letting the older nurse compare the small tits of the patient and her bigger boobies.


he more experienced nurse might show her own huge melons too. Check the link below to find out

granny gyno exam

25 Nov 2012

The kinky doctor got to see some old pussy thru a speculum. The blonde old woman wearing glasses signed up for a gyno exam as she had some vaginal itch. She turned out perfectly healthy and the only thing her vagina itched for was a hard cock. Watch her pussy getting a milk enema.

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06 Jul 2012

busty blonde Janett strips down her clothes at the gyn’s.
silicone boobs exam
her breasts are like mountains raising behind the plain of her stomach as she lies on her back and spreads her long legs
gyno chair
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the nurse inserts a finger up her anus – totally worth watching
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asian doctor medical fetish video

24 May 2012

Doctor Phan is Vietnamese who lives in the US. She has a respectable job as a gyno doctor. She is a professional and thoroughly fulfills the routine.
First, fill in the form

then goes weight check with the bareass patient

then boob exam – feeling the patient’s breasts for infiltrations

and finally rectal exam. First she lubes her gloved finger and inserts it into the patient’s asshole. She fingers it. Then Dr Phan takes out her rectal thermometer, lubes the tip of it and gently inserts it for a couple of minutes to check the temperature

blonde nurse gyno exam video

06 Mar 2012

A frivolous blonde wearing sexy nurse outfit with a very short dress examins naughty latina’s boobs, pussy and ass. See the videos

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15 Feb 2012

The next thing that was said was that I would need to scoot my bottom down to the end of the table so I scooted a little as she walked around the table and pulled out the stirrups. I thought I had scooted down enough then she took hold of one of my legs and guided my heel into the stirrup then the other was done the same. I couldn’t believe I was getting into this position I held my knees together then she said now you need to scoot on down, I moved a little bit more and she said move down until you feel my hand. It seemed like it was a long way and my knees were getting higher in the air every inch I moved then finally I was there my knees still together as much as possible.

The doctor turned and picked up her gloves and snapped them on she then ask me to relax and let my knees fall apart, I did let them a little but not enough. She finally gently spread my knees as far as possible and then I started to silently cry I was so embarrassed she lifted up the sheet I felt the heat of a light that she moved close so she could see then she consoled me some and began the pap and pelvic. She touched my inner thigh and was telling me that everything was ok then she touched my outer labia and I nearly got off the table.

The doctor again consoled me and began the external exam it was terrible she was touching my labia then she separated my inner labia and touched my clitoral hood and my clitoris I was trying to just put it out of my mind.