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24 Dec 2012

Merry Xmas everybody!

For this special day I decided to get you a special gift – flash movie set featuring a male gynecologist performing full nude exam of a busty blonde

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30 Jul 2012

the nurse is wearing the hottest outfit

after filling out the form she starts with pussy exam

following vagina exam comes the anal exam featuring rectal thermometer

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10 Nov 2009

Enjoy free site featuring gyno examination movies starring cute slender black chick

… Sure no problem- ‘I dont want to embarass you’ Your not- just cold.
Finishes this and asks me to lay on my back. She pushes on my stomach and asks ‘does it hurt?’ Nope no problems here. She comments that my stomach is tight and I ask if its attractive- she ignoresd my question. OK can you sit up?

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06 Sep 2009

An appointment with Dr.B

Author J

I live in the Midwest and we have several doctors in the town but one that I remember best was Dr. B. He was about 80 years old and had been in medicine forever. When you went to his office the receptionist was also his nurse and usually you were the only patient there. The office contained one of the old wooden exam tables, an exam chair and he still used the glass syringes with the large needles he reused and kept in a steam sterilizer. I liked the fact that he was easy to see, cheap and usually made you feel better fairly quick.

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A cute blonde with delicious tits is examined by skinny nurse who fingers her ass
Busty Girl Gyno Movies Free Gallery
Busty Girl Gyno Movies Free Gallery 2
when I first saw those babes I drop my load on them.

I was dating a girl named Jane who did not really like doctors and hated shots and one only go to the doctor when she was really sick and I usually had to force her to go. She came home from work one day complaining of not feeling well again and I told her that I had decided she needed checked out and I was tired of her being sick so I had made her an appointment with Dr.B.

She complained as usual but since she did not have a regular doctor she agreed to go. I did not tell her that I had explained to the nurse that she had been complaining about not feeling good for some time and had not been to the doctor in a long time.

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Simple Gyno Fetish Update

23 Dec 2008

gyno bizzare fetish update
Hey! hey!
Ive just added quite a few new linksto my gyno fetish at old gyno exams site which in fact was updated and should be visible in google soon. In fact there are lot of free stuff there so all gyn movies lovers please jump in!

Tushy Movies

25 Jun 2008

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