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27 Feb 2015

The hot blonde with stunning body took off her panties and climbed the gyno chair for some hot dildo fuck. Watch her fuck herself with a black dildo and a pink vibrator in the downloadable videos below or follow the link to access the full HD videos of nude nurses.

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06 Jun 2013

Alana’s boyfriend was away for a week already and she missed him and sex with him. She worked as a nurse at gyno clinic. After his phone call and some dirty talk she was so wet she couldn’t find it in herself to care if anybody walks in the examination room. She slipped out of her panties and started massaging her shaved pussy.

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12 May 2013

Meet Samantha. Isn’t this redhead nurse just gorgeous. She unzips her medical uniform and her heavy tits all but spill from the opening. She took off her panties and posed for the camera with her pussy lips spread wide.

Watch her use medical tools to get herself off.
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06 May 2013

Amanda is feeling very sexy today wearing her new white stockings.

She couldn’t wait for the lunch break to strip her panties and unzip her gown. She settles on the gyno chair and spreads her legs.

She slowly fingers her pussy feeling it gradually become wetter, tugs on her pussy lips.

When she feels her fingers are not enough she takes specula and slowly fucks herself with it.

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03 Mar 2013

Paris had been dreaming of getting a job as a nurse but the life turned out she was not inclined to medicine. She has graduated university and is a lawyer now. But her childish kinks won’t easily let go. That is why from time to time she pays her gyno nurse to leave her for an hour alone in the exam room. She puts on nurse uniform and gets comfy on the examination chair.

She uses a pink vibrator first sucking on it to lube it and then slides it inside her vagina.

She feels that a vibrator is not enough to get her off the edge so she goes for something more perverted and inserts gyno specula into her tight pussy.
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15 Jan 2013

Cute Czech teen works part time as a nurse at a gyno clinic. She is a student and is going to be a gyn-ob. She needs practice that’s why she took this job. At least that’s what she tells her parents and friends. http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/001.jpg

The true reason is Pavlina’s kink for uniforms and medical fetish. She can’t but get wet when the doctor inserts a speculum into a lubed vagina during a gyno exam. She has to take the sexual strain off and she masturbates during the break to do so. She gets on the chair and spreads her long legs.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/006.jpg

When her fingers are just not enough she uses the speculum that had been inserted in patient’s pussy which makes it even more of a turn on.


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15 Dec 2012

Goth nurse Adriana was alone in the office and had a plan to have fun. She unbuttoned her medical gown and took off her panties, got on the chair and took the biggest black dildo to fuck herself.

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19 Nov 2012

Ever wondered what the nurses do when the door is locked? Here is the answer – they have fun. So many kinky objects are all around the room – this nurse couldn’t resist fucking herself with a speculum.

She also exposed her pink pussy while in doggy position

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21 Oct 2012

I paid the nurse at my hospital to pose nude for me. She is short of money so she said yes. Here I came with my camera. She dressed for the occasion – nude stockings and white lace panties.


She took her clothes off and lay down  in front of me and started to masturbate and finger her pink vagina


I even managed to make some closeup photos


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07 May 2011

Look what a hottie we have for today. Junior nurse Kristie is so turned by the exams she assisted that at the end of the working day she just can’t hold her arousal and locks the door to masturbate on the gyno chair fantasizing ’bout the hot doctor.

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