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street walker strip searched

21 Sep 2014

Sultry prostitute got arrested on the corner of the street where she was hooking up a client. The police officer was hard on her and stripped her clothes off and searched her cavities for illegal substancies.

lesbian cavity search

05 Jun 2014

The female officer happened to be lesbian – bad news for the blonde whore who got arrested for drug use. The officer is going to strip search the hell out of the skinny bitch.

police station strip search

22 May 2014

An inmate of Pensylvannian state prison undergoes a forced cavity search because it is suspected that she smuggled some drugs. The thorough inspection of her anus will prove her guilty or innocent. Let’s take a look.




cavity search by female police officer

20 May 2014

Danika knew she was fucked when she got arrested during drugd bust in Ukraine. She was clean but for some weed but the officer was determined to check her cavities and that meant vaginal and rectal cavity search.



cavity search fetish

15 May 2014

Sammie got herself into big trouble hanging about the wrong guys. She was taken to the police station during the police raid. Stern police officer takes no notice of her pleading sries and protests and threats to sue all of them bastards. She is doing her job and doing it well. She thoroughly examined any and all cavities of this little whore’s body starting with her swearing mouth and then getting down to her vagina and anus.

Anal cavity search

25 Oct 2009

Today’s prisoner Madison Moore is a prostitute. This has not been a lucky day for her – she had only 2 clients and got caught by the police. She was delivered to the station. This is not the first time she got there and the female officer decided to punish her with a painful anal cavity search
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Strip search exams

02 Oct 2009

The poor unlucky sluts that get to jail have to be examined thoroughly. The reason is they may have unallowed substances with them. in most private places. So the police officers take care of it and perform careful cavity search.

strip search cavity search in jail
cavity search in jail