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big tits exam video

19 Jul 2014

Brunette with huge naturals full nude and laid out on the gyno chair. The blonde foxy nurse knows how to deal with it.

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22 Jan 2014

A blonde with huge melons was a welcome patient here at doctor tushy’s clinic

The blonde nurse took her measurements and checked her vitals before proceeding to the breast exam which was defenitely the best part to this visit

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06 Nov 2013

The new patient of Tushy gyno clinic appeared to have the most gorgeous arse you’ve seen in months


Her pale behind looks even better when looking out of a medical gown as the nurse checks her weight


I wouldn’t resist the temptation either 😉


Bonus boob exam picture. They are nice too


big round ass at medical exam

16 Oct 2013

Busty brunette showed up at the reception right in time for her appointment. The nurse led her to the examination room where she was told to undress and put on a medical gown.


the nurse asked her a few questions and told her to sit on the couch for the breast exam which was promptly followed by pelvic exam and anal exam

tiny tits physical exam

19 Sep 2013


(cause you can’t ignore DAT ASS)

Gyn squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto his fingers and then before I had time to savor the moment I could hear his soft voice telling me to relax, at the same time I felt the coolness of the lubricant, as his
fingers eased themselves into my vagina, I relaxed my lower abdomen and breathed deeply  and I must confess it was a bit uncomfortable for a moment until I adjusted to the sudden intrusion, he placed his other hand on my abdomen and I knew he was checking my ovaries and uterus. Then as suddenly as they had
entered his fingers were withdrawn, and I was empty again. He wiped my lips dry with a tissue and stripped off his gloves and came around to the side of the table. He told me everything looked fine with my physical.

doctor seduced by his patient

20 Aug 2013

Busty brunette is up for her regular physical. She was pleasantly surprised to see a young handsome man who introduced himself as doctor McGee.


She couldn’t contain herself when the hunk of a man started feeling her breasts and extended a hand to the bulge in his pants.


He was soon in her mouth and then on top of her right on the gyno examination chair. Who wouldn’t?


breast exam

10 Aug 2013

I took off my bra and she had me stand right in the center of the room. Then she had me put my hands on top of my head and she stood right in front of me, face to face.  I was immediately aware of her perfume.


She looked down at my breasts, took one in her hand and felt around it with her fingers.  This was making me much more self-conscious than usual–maybe it was how close she was, or that I was standing like that, or her incredible beauty, or her perfume. Then she gave the other breast the same examination.  Then she put

one hand under each breast and sort of hefted them a little as if feeling their weight.  I started getting really self-conscious.  After a minute or so, she allowed them to sit in their natural position again and started softly rubbing them starting from underneath and going up to my nipples.

male doctor erotic fingering

01 Aug 2013

He cups my left breast, lifting it as if testing its weight, but still moving his thumb gently across the nipple.  He does the same with the right one.  I must just be imagining that this examination is different, but it feels different to me and it excites me.  I close my eyes, feeling the blush rising up my chest to my face.  I know what comes next and I’m glad he’ll be wearing a glove so that he won’t be able to feel that he really needs no additional lubrication to finish.  I’ve generated enough natural lubricant to oil a whole houseful of door hinges. He closes the front of the gown.  “Okay, lay back and slide down.”

Still with my eyes closed, I do as he says.  He places my feet in the stirrups and moves my legs apart.  He does the PAP smear quickly, then puts the glove on his right hand and puts a little lubricant on it.  He mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like “I probably won’t need that,” and slides his fingers into my cunt.  His left hand braces low on my belly as he feels around, then he pauses.  I open my eyes.     He is standing there with his eyes closed, almost in a trance, his fingers still inside me.  He moves his thumb like he did on my breast, only this time it’s my clit he’s stroking.  He’s breathing as hard as I am.  That’s it.  I knew something was different.

big silicone tits exam

06 Jul 2013

Here you go – downloadable video previews of Doctor Tushy

The gorgeous brunette has most stunning tits. When she slips her top off the nurse turns to tell her the routine of the exam and goes numb for a long moment. She is almost awed when she gets to touch those melons as part of medical exam. the breast exam took longer than expected. Finally the nurse got down to gyno exam and pelvic checkup.

blonde physical exam

23 Jun 2013

As soon as blonde Caren entered the room she was asked to put on a medical gown – you know the one with bare back. The brunette doctor checked her weight, her vitals (blood pressure, heart rate etc.) She examined each of her nicely shaped tits.


Pelvic exam followed. The doctor spread her labia and visually examined her vagina, then inserted gyno speculum and used a cotton bud to take pap smear. Then the patient was put in doggy style position and the nurse fingered her arsehole before inserting rectal thermometer.

tan lines gyno exam

08 Jun 2013

Slim teen blonde just came from a vacation in the Carribean. She has the most gorgeous tan lines and a nice shaved pussy.


The nurse instructed her to undress and went through the complete routine of a gyno exam.

big tits medical exam videos

10 May 2013

The young nurse at the gyno clinic Jillian chose was quite impressed by the huge breasts her patient revealed as she undressed.

The nurse kept touching them while she proceeded with the medical exam. When the girl finally lay on her back and spread her legs she was already wet enough the nurse needed no lube for her gloved finger to slide in easily.

saggy silicone boobs exam

06 Mar 2013

Maria had her implants done several years ago. Since then she had lost and gained weight and again lost weight. Her silicone boobs got a little saggy as a result of these weight fluctuations. She talks to the doctor about her tits.


The doctor conducts full physical exam and attends to her tits as well. She carefully checks for any displacements but there are none and her tits are fine. The doctor then moves on to the pelvic exam and takes a pap smear as she spreads that shaved pussy with specula.

doctor tushy hd videos

virgin asshole exam

01 Mar 2013

Alexis is 21. She just graduated from college and found a job. One of the requirements is a full physical exam for the job insurance. So she signed up for the examination at the gyno clinichttp://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/5.jpg

The nurse starts with the breast exam to check for any signs of problems.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/10.jpg

then Alexis is told to lie on her back and spread her legs as wide as she can. The nurse takes out the specula and checks her pussy after which sho goes straight for anal exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/13.jpg

busty mature exam videos

25 Feb 2013
Jessica did not expect to be treated like a royalty as her doctor and her nurse do. They are in awe because of her perfect shapes.
As she undresses and reveals her big heavy tits with nipple piercing the doctor swallows hard against his instantly dry throat.

She is told to put on a medical gown and prepare for the examination.

Both the doctor and the nurse enjoy the view of her boobs and take their time examining them, pressing and squeezing slightly.

Jessica is then told to lay on her front and as the gown falls apart beautiful round buttocks are revealed. The doctor puts on his gloves and pushes one finger up her virgin asshole.

Bend over for Breast exam!

19 Jan 2013

Today I convince a white chick to pass over breast examination.

Its for the begining

bend over baby, Id like to watch more!

This white chick ha pretty round tits with decent nipples.
Well I ma not sure she like it but you could see  yourself

(new movie everyday)

teen latina at a gyno exam

19 Dec 2012

cute blonde nurse examined her latina patient. Beforehand she asked her some questions to fill in the questionnaire.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4276.JPG

Then the teen latina undressed in front of the camera set up for record.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4286.JPG

The nurse examined he perfect boobies.


and then came anal exam, the nurse fingered the perfect pink rectum and inserted a rectal thermometer


tattooed ass gyno exam

10 Dec 2012

The special treat for nurse Anna was this long legged cutie wearing high heels


As she examined her saggy tits they chatted playfully


After that Anna got to finger her nice shaved pussy


silicones medical exam

11 Oct 2012

Anna had her implants done two years ago and has been visiting doctor every two months to check if they’re fine. She strips off her top and exposes the huge round boobies


The doctor examined her breasts and then it is time to check her back, for the added weight causes some pain in the end of the day. Anna takes off her panties


and then bends down


cheerleader gyno exam

15 Aug 2012

Jennie joined the college’s cheerleader team and was asked to get medical checkup. She told the nurse she needed full physical.


the nurse performed breast checkup, weight check and blood pressure check. She also took pap smear and examined her vagina. She finished the exam with a rectal fingering