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redhead nurse medical exam

31 May 2014

A cute redhead and a stunning long haired girl in an amazing medical fetish scene.



cute teen blonde medical checkup

23 May 2014

This patient came in with one thing on her mind, that is – get through with the exam as fast as she could and finally go home or wherever she headed. The doctor took her time though and slowly examined her boobs feeling for lumps that could be dangerous signs of breast cancer then turned her attention to her shaved pussy and eventually performed anal exam.


inked blonde medical kink photos

06 May 2014


This is Mandy who came into the doctor’s office the other day telling her she suspected she had tripper. the doctor was willing to help and to listen so the blonde was soon full nude under the medical gown.


And then the doctor casually checked her pink while talking to her about the hairdresser she once knew.



flat chested blonde gyno exam

20 Mar 2014

The gorgeous tall Swede Anna was up for the annual complete physical and gyno examination. She undressed exposing her small tits and then sat comfortably on the gyno chair

blonde patient in black stockings

19 Feb 2014

Anita is one hot cutie. She is definitely going to give you a hard on when you see the video of her slowly taking off her panties and getting onto the gyno chair

blonde girl from Sweden

08 Feb 2014

I love Swedish girls. The long hair and small perky tits of this cutie are a really good start to  the new day at the clinic



blonde examined by the nurse

23 Sep 2013

Beth poised speculum at the entrance to Barbara’s vagina, and slowly began working it into his wife. He could swear Barbara’s hips pushed forward to accept this thing into her, not once but several times. Once the speculum was in place and Beth began spreading Barbara’s vagina open, John bent forward to look.

Noticing his interest, Beth took a flashlight off the table and directed the light directly  into Barbara. John looked in amazement but was soon pushed aside by Lynn, who wanted to get a good look herself. He let her take his spot and stepped back to the wall next to Cheryl.

blonde medical exam

11 Sep 2013

Bombshell blonde arrived for her annual physical. She is pleased to see a gentle blonde nurse with that wicked look in her gorgeous blue eyes. She quickly sheds her clothes eager to feel the hands on her body.

And the nurse doesn’t disappoint – she squeezes and touches in all the right places.

When it comes to rectal exam the blonde patient all but whines when the slim gloved finger enters her tight hole.

blonde enjoying the gyno exam

17 May 2013

Check out the way this sexy blond arches her body. She obviously enjoyed the attention the doctor was paying to her boobs and nice round butt.

The doctor obliged and made the blond enjoy every moment of the vaginal exam. She was very gentle when inserting the speculum deep inside her pussy.

tattooed babe gyno exam

25 Sep 2012

Today my friend who knows about my fetish for medical sex, sent me some gyno exam pictures. They feature quite a regular gyno exam but the chick is a treasure – hot blonde with long sleek mane and tattoos


I have a kink for tattoos on girls and this one on her back is gorgeous. to to mention her buttocks that have tightened expecting anal exam


panties gyno exam

30 Aug 2012

blonde with small perky tits shows up at the hospital for her annual physical. she takes off her shirt – and wow she has the nicest small titties I’ve seen


now that she proceeds to take off her jeans we can admire her round ass in white panties


And now without them