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tushy school

22 Aug 2014

Mature nurse is teaching a group of girls how to take it up the ass. She offered all her medical experience to make them love anal. They have all the stuff at their disposal – even a strap-on dildo






busty blonde medical checkup

14 May 2014


Latina nurse took her time while listening to the blonde’s lungs and feeling her breasts. These melons are a sight aren’t they? They are so soft to the touch too.


When the boob exam was through it was time for rectal exam and some anal fingering


goth girl gyno exam videos

30 Apr 2014

Samantha is a true beauty with her pale skin, black hair, nice ass and small breasts. The nurse enjoyed the view as she undressed and lay on the couch. The exam routine included breast exam, vitals check and then pelvic exam, pap smear and anal exam.

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physical exam at tushy clinic

19 Nov 2013

The blonde nurse was all but stunned by the cheerful and gorgeous woman who turned up the other day. She could only stare as the patient undressed andsat on the gyno chair. She followed the routine by checking her vitals, breast exam, vaginal exam and anal exam.



hairy pussy gyno exam

01 Nov 2013

She tensed and jumped when he touched the soft curls of her sparse pubic hair.  He gently parted it with his thumbs and separated her outer cuntal lips and felt for the inner labia.  His finger explored downward for the  vaginal opening.  When he found the tiny pink mouth it was throbbing gently.  He pressed the moist fleshy lips open and she jumped and tensed her body even more.

big tits medical exam video

16 Jul 2013

Jessica has one nice pair of boobs. They are round and big and heavy and she also has pierced nipples. The male doctor was obviously pleased at the sight of those melons.

Apparently he didn’t mind fingering her asshole during anal exam. The nurse handled him a bottle of lube and the fun started.
NB: images above are linked to downloadable gyno exam videos from gyno clinic

male doctor gyno exam

13 Jul 2013


Impressive picture gallery from Doctor tushy. In this set a male doctor examined sexy inked blonde.

He followed the regular routine of the gyno examination starting with checking the blonde’s vitals and spine check. Then he asked her to lay down and spread her legs and it was time for the vaginal exam and then some anal exam doggy style.

anal fingering

30 Jun 2013

Here have a nice and delicious ass fingering. The sexy patient is placed doggy style on the couch and the nurse puts on her medical gloves and after applying some lube she inserts her slim finger deep into the brunette’s asshole.


blonde gyno exam videos

16 Jun 2013
Blonde cutie strips stark naked in the examination room and puts on the medical gown. The nurse listens to her heart rate and her lungs.

After the standard medical exam routine the blonde is laid on her stomach and the nurse puts on her sterile gloves and applies some lube and inserts the index finger gently into her tight asshole. Watch her probing the insides in the anal exam video.

female doctor videos

20 Mar 2013

Sexy female doctor puts on her gloves for a pelvic exam and she sure will check her patient’s shaved pussy deep and fine.

She applies some lube on her fingers and inserts them inside her patient so she squirms and keens quietly. The doctor feels the insides of the vagina and palpates the abdomen of the girl.

After she is satisfied she asks the girl to lay on her stomach and continues with anal exam. She inserts a carefully lubed finger into the tight pink asshole and then checks rectal temperature.

virgin asshole exam

01 Mar 2013

Alexis is 21. She just graduated from college and found a job. One of the requirements is a full physical exam for the job insurance. So she signed up for the examination at the gyno clinichttp://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/5.jpg

The nurse starts with the breast exam to check for any signs of problems.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/10.jpg

then Alexis is told to lie on her back and spread her legs as wide as she can. The nurse takes out the specula and checks her pussy after which sho goes straight for anal exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/13.jpg

Mature visit her gyn

21 Feb 2013

speculm in the old Pussy of chech senior lady Anezhka

Press the old meat to see  closeup her and other old ladies body naked
Full physical exam videos included!

small tits exam

08 Feb 2013

Nurse Johnson is a very experienced professional. As she conducts the medical exam all her movements are measured and confident. She asked her teen patient to raise her hand and thoroughly inspected her small boob.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/144x/contents/bimages/12.jpg

She used a special device to check her ears one after another.


She seated herself on a stool between the girl’s legs and carefully fingered her shaved vagina.


She applied some lube on her gloved finger and told the teen it was time for anal exam


brunette gyno speculum exam

23 Jan 2013

Sun tanned Kim just returned from vacation in Jamaica where she had a lot of fun sexing huge black guys. She was sort of insecure about her intimate health and signed up for a visit to a gyno clinic. Her throat was carefully examined first of all because some of the infections can be planted during unprotected blowjobs.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/151u/bimages/11.jpg

then she lay down and the doctor inserted a speculum inside her vagina.


After all it was time for anal exam and the doctor inserted gloved and lubed finger into her tight hole


anal exam videos

22 Jan 2013

Doctor Tushy delivers yet another gorgeous ass in their medical exam studio. This blond has some remarkable round butt. watch her take off her panties in closeup and then see the nurse insert two fingers into her tight butthole.

teen latina at a gyno exam

19 Dec 2012

cute blonde nurse examined her latina patient. Beforehand she asked her some questions to fill in the questionnaire.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4276.JPG

Then the teen latina undressed in front of the camera set up for record.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4286.JPG

The nurse examined he perfect boobies.


and then came anal exam, the nurse fingered the perfect pink rectum and inserted a rectal thermometer


gyno exam humitiation

16 Oct 2012

the teen girl is humiliated while going through the medical examination military style

She is told to bend over completely naked, then get doggy style on the couch and her pussy is examined

after that a rectal thermometer is inserted up her asshole as she whines

gyno exam orgasm

13 Oct 2012

Bridgit is glad to see a male doctor in the office. She doesn’t feel at ease when a woman stares at her vagina.

she is especially pleased when the doctor fingers her wet pussy. Then he decides that her asshole needs to be shaved so he gets a razor and shaves all her hair
finally comes the speculum exam time and she can’t hold an orgasm while the doctor inserts the speculum deep into her pussy

tattooed babe gyno exam

25 Sep 2012

Today my friend who knows about my fetish for medical sex, sent me some gyno exam pictures. They feature quite a regular gyno exam but the chick is a treasure – hot blonde with long sleek mane and tattoos


I have a kink for tattoos on girls and this one on her back is gorgeous. to to mention her buttocks that have tightened expecting anal exam


deep anal exam

10 Sep 2012

Cylvia has been feeling pain up her rectum recently after she let her boyfriend have anal sex with her. She signed up for  the exam and explained her problem to the nurse

blonde anal exam

the nurse started with a regular exam, checked her throat

throat medical exam

then Cylvia is told to lay down and expose her anus. The nurse lubed her gloved finger and got to her
anal exam

The nurse fingered her asshole to make the sphincter relax and Cylvia immediately felt better

anal fingering

shaved pussy gyno video

06 Aug 2012

nice clean shaved pussy closeup followed by vaginal fingering – download the free movie sample

anal exam featuring pink asshole getting stretched

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small boobs exam video

27 Jul 2012

Naughty nurse examines small breasts of the cute blonde teen

nurse lubes her gloved finger and starts the anal exam

more teen asses examined at the gyno clinic

cervix exam by two nurses

18 Jul 2012

Anett and Jennifer love their jib and especially working together. They examine the patient’s boobs

They tell the patient to undress and lie down for a speculum insertion

then the take turns in fingering her asshole

pap smear videos

16 Jul 2012

the nurse takes the sterile cotton bud and uses it to take the pap smear for analysis

nurse covers her finger with lube and inserts it into her patient’s rectum

more rectal exam videos

Nurse gets examined

30 Aug 2009

A Different Visit to Sherema

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was immediately greeted by the nurse…who soon was to be my patient. We walked into the examination room and immediately, I could see that this was everything that I had imagined. Off to one side of the room was the standard examining table…complete with stirrups. Although it was my original intention to BE examined, the sight of the stirrups caused my thoughts to immediately shift to GIVING an examination. When my nurse asked me to get undressed for the examination, it was then that I informed her that SHE was to be the patient. After a bit of objecting on her part…and some negotiating on her part she began to undress.

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gyno_exam_30.jpg gyno_exam_31.jpg gyno_exam_32.jpg gyno_exam_33.jpg gyno_exam_34.jpg
Now, this nurse was everything that one could ask for. She was of average height and of slight build. Medium sized breasts, a shapely waist, and what appeared to be a firm and round ass. I would soon be seeing all of this…and exactly in the way that I had desired for so long. My nurse stepped back, reached behind her and unzipped her nurses uniform. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white bra that adequately covered her breasts, and hi-cut white bikini panties. She did not wear a garter belt or stockings. I almost preferred it that way. Standing in front of me was this nurse, almost naked, just moments away from being examined by my hands! She then reached behind her to remove her bra. It fell to the floor to join her previously disrobed dress. Yes, her breasts were as I imagined them…nice and round, firm, no sag…with nice little nipples that were rapidly beginning to stick out. I handed her the examining gown and she quickly put it on. Then, I asked her to sit upon the examining table so that we could begin our examination.

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