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30 Apr 2014

Samantha is a true beauty with her pale skin, black hair, nice ass and small breasts. The nurse enjoyed the view as she undressed and lay on the couch. The exam routine included breast exam, vitals check and then pelvic exam, pap smear and anal exam.

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rectal thermometer insertion

22 Oct 2013

She had me roll on my side. She pulled at my top asscheek and slipped a greased thermometer into my  asshole. I wiggled a bit as she slipped it in. I asked her if she had ever had her cunt shaved. She laughed and told me that back in nursing school, they all received a shaving from other nurses as part of their training and they got a chance to shave others (girls and guys). Joann asked me when did I get my pussy shaved.

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21 Jun 2013

Ebony Trisha arrived at the gyn’s office for her regular health exam. The redhead doctor inspected her throat, checke her heart rate and vitals. She carefully felt and squeezed her boobs.

Trisha spread her thighs while putting her legs in stirrups to let the doctor have better access to her shaved cunt. The doctor used specula to examine her vagina and then followed up with anal exam.

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09 Jun 2013

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This shot features brunette cutie with small firm tits. She gets breast exam from the petite blonde nurse wearing medical uniform. Then she is laid on her stomach and the nurse puts on her gloves and spreads the girl’s ass cheeks. The nurse lubed her finger and slowly inserted it into the tight arsehole. Watch her probe inside.

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21 Mar 2013

Cute teen blonde with very long hair is willing to try anal sex with her boyfriend. But she is not sure of where to start and if it is safe for her. So she signed up for a medical checkup and talked to the doctor about her plans.

The doctor said that all will be fine if she is careful and first stretches herself well with her fingers and she even showed her how to do it. She got her lying on her stomach and inserted fingers one by one into her tight virgin asshole. In the end she checked her rectal temperature.

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19 Mar 2013

cute teen redhead Sally walked into the clinic feeling utterly embarrassed. She just had her first anal sex a day before and has been feeling discomfort in her arse. It itched slightly and she is uncomfortable sitting.

She explained her problem to the doctor blushing slightly. The doctor was understanding and said there was nothing to be confused about. She offered a full medical exam.

Sally undressed and after the standard procedures of a physical she finally was lying on her stomach and the doctor inserted a probing finger up her pink asshole.

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25 Feb 2013
Jessica did not expect to be treated like a royalty as her doctor and her nurse do. They are in awe because of her perfect shapes.
As she undresses and reveals her big heavy tits with nipple piercing the doctor swallows hard against his instantly dry throat.

She is told to put on a medical gown and prepare for the examination.

Both the doctor and the nurse enjoy the view of her boobs and take their time examining them, pressing and squeezing slightly.

Jessica is then told to lay on her front and as the gown falls apart beautiful round buttocks are revealed. The doctor puts on his gloves and pushes one finger up her virgin asshole.

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01 Oct 2012

Pretty teenage girl didn’t know what to expect at her first full nude medical exam.

She felt uncomfortable being dressed only in the gown that left her butts fully open

The nurse gave her a complete vaginal exam, briefly asking her some questions about her sexual life

and got down to rectal exam, fingered her tight pink asshole and inserter the thermometer. After all she gave her a shot in the ass – vitamins, she explained