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redhead nurse medical exam

31 May 2014

A cute redhead and a stunning long haired girl in an amazing medical fetish scene.



busty blonde medical checkup

14 May 2014


Latina nurse took her time while listening to the blonde’s lungs and feeling her breasts. These melons are a sight aren’t they? They are so soft to the touch too.


When the boob exam was through it was time for rectal exam and some anal fingering


teen brunette gyno exam

14 Dec 2013

Teen hottie showed up at the gyno clinic for her annual gyno examination. She had to go thru all the routine procedures before the doctor shoved a finger up her ass

vagina exam closeup

27 Sep 2013

He smiled at me (like doctors always do) and sat down, casually looking through my records and then said, “Okay, let’s get this over with as fast as we can because I know you want out of here.” And I smiled in agreement whole heartedly and then smiled a bit more at his smile that was genuine, seeing that he did understand how women felt about exams.


fake doctor gyno exam

16 Sep 2013


I lay her back on the examing bed and said, “Let me take a look. It may be you have other problems I  need to look at.” I slid her black lacy panties down over her succulent thighs and calves.”Now, you practice the breast massage I taught you while I examine your pelvic regions. Please pull your legs up and spread  them.”  She did as she was told without a second’s hesitation. I had a completely unobstructed view of the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen in my life.

“Ah, I see. I see. Yes, I’m sure of it now. I see,” I said with my head between her raised knees. I carefully moved her labia aside with my fingers and enjoyed watching her slit open wide to my view.

my 1st gyno exam movie

31 Jan 2013

Hi! My name is Trisha I’m a black sister.When it come to gyno exam you may always count on me. I am brave girl. And I surely want to show you mt physical exam.

They said “very thoughtful examination of patients’ vulva”

While I call this black niggard pussy, 1st come 1st show.

I Don’t want you actually to see this

blonde rectal fingering streaming flvs

12 Nov 2012

This famous nurse gives a blonde patient the full body examination ala tushy,

So she checks her rectal surrounding during the exam just for fun 😉

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you just watch

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vaginal exam videos

18 Aug 2012

The male doctor lubes his finger and starts massaging the blonde babe’s vagina

Now the busty chick lies on her stomach and spreads her butt cheeks for some rectal thermometer

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nude pussy palpation and speculum exam

29 Apr 2011

Sarah is a strip dancer and is very proud of her popularity with the club frequenters. She often doesn’t mind going closer with them and has dates at least three times a week. She loves champagne and that’s why often the dates end up in motels. Sarah is health conscious that’s why she frequents the local gyno clinic for monthly checkup.

She got to know doctor James very well and enjoys the way he conducts the exam. He carefully palpates her abdomen and her breasts

Then he puts on the gloves and inserts two fingers into her shaved pussy and thoroughly fingers her vagina and cervix.

And in the end he lubricates her insides and inserts a gyno speculum  and inspects the color of her vagina

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Gyno examination story

31 Dec 2010

Its new 2010 year is coming very soon

if you miss the opportunity to buy yourself a little happiness in new 2011! (I am sure you will be happy if you get an access to them)

you could do it right away:
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special examinations

and here is the story:
My name is Jenny. I’m a 18 year old schoolgirl, and I want to tell you
about my visit to the doctor yesterday. I had to have my first pap smear
and I was a bit frightened, to tell you the truth. My mother had told me
how it would hurt a bit, but that it was necessary to make sure I didn’t
have cancer. I didn’t want to go, but she finally made me.

The doctor was very nice. He understood I was embarrassed and he sent my
mother out of the room, so there were only the two of us in the surgery.
That was a nice thought, wasn’t it? It was bad enough to take all of my
clothes off in front of the doctor, let alone having my mother looking
on as well.

The doctor picked up a camera and said he needed to take some pictures
of me taking off my clothes for the medical record. As I stripped, he
clicked away, watching me closely. I didn’t know they kept such detailed
records of patients. I was impressed how thorough the doctor was.

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Strip Searches fetish avs

31 Dec 2009

cavity search

Chick got arrested and is under suspition of carrying drugs. she is led to the police station where the doctor and police officer search her inner cavities. she is not really willing to obey so they force her to take off her panties. Once she was nude the officer made her undergo a complete cavity search including vaginal and rectal search

strip search videos jail humiliation

I juz love this doctor tushy gyno fetish…

30 Aug 2009

I juz love this doctor tushy gyno fetish movies.

cervix movie porn

29 Oct 2008

Beth’s First Exam

Beth sits with her finger poised over the send key, she wants the email to go out but is still very scared. Finally she sends it and takes a deep breath. She has just sent the email telling Jason that she will meet his and let him give her a complete exam. Beth has been talking with Jason for some time and has worked out all the details of the exam except the date and time and now that is set. She has returned the medical exam form earlier telling him what all she wants done. She is a little scared since part of the exam involves pain which she likes and has explained to him.

Jason looks at he email and smiles and prepares his equipment for the exam later today.

Beth arrives at Jason’s house and rings the bell and the door is immediately opened by Jason dressed in shirt, tie and white lab coat. He shows her in and they sit at a table where he begins to discuss the form she has returned. He explains that the exam with be very detailed and will include enemas, injections and a very complete internal exam. He then stands and shows her to the room he has prepared for the exam.

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private gynecology exams avs siteGyno Fetish clinic

He tells her remove her clothes and put on the small paper gown on the counter. He leaves and she slowly undresses removing her white lacey bra and panties last. Her breasts are nice and firm and the nipples are hard from her excitement. Her pussy has been shaved as per his instructions. A knock on the door brings her back to dealing with the exam as he returns.

She sits on the bed as he moves over and using a stethoscope listens to her lungs , takes her blood pressure and pulse. He then explains he will start with a breast exam and has her lay back and moves the gown aside and soon has his hands moving her breasts around and then moves to her nipples where he rolls each one between his thumb and forefinger until she can no longer hold back the small moan of pleasure. He then checks her abdomen and tells her before he continues he wants her to have an enema. She knew it was going to happen but she had never had one before and was very nervous.

He explained that she would need at least a couple to make sure she was totally cleaned before he continued with the exam. He moved a stand over with a large enema bag hanging from it and instructed her to roll over on her stomach with her butt in the air. She heard the snap of the rubber gloves as he pulled them on and then felt something cold on her ass as he slid a cold lubricated finger inside her. She tried to push forward but he held her hips in place with the other gloved hand and then slide a second finger inside her stretching her ass even more. Finally he removed his fingers and quickly inserted the cold hard enema tube and advanced it deeply in her ass. She moaned as it moved forward and then jumped as he released the clip letting the fluid enter her. He instructed her to take deep breaths as the fluid flowed deep in her bowels and he massaged her stomach to help ease the cramps. She was soon telling him to stop but the fluid kept going until her stomach was distended almost touching the table and the bag was empty. She was soon telling him she had to go to the bathroom but he told her that it was ok she could hold it since he had inflated a cuff around the nozzle stopping her from expelling any of the fluid. He gave the cuff a few more pumps of air to make sure stretching her ass even more. Finally he helped her to the bathroom and removed the nozzle as she slumped to the toilet and expelled the fluid. She returned to the room some time later drained and shaky to find him standing there with another bag of fluid with a longer plastic tip on it. He told her this time to place her hands on the table and lean forward and spread her legs apart so he could get to her ass. He explained that he was going to work the long plastic nozzle deep inside her so that she would be totally clean. He pushed the lubricated tip inside her ass and slowly advanced it forward releasing the fluid inside her. She moved her legs farther apart as the plastic tube went deeper and deeper and the pressure grew more and more. She moved her head around and was surprised to see had inserted about eighteen inches of the tube and there was more slowly entering her ass. Finally he announced it was all the way in and he held her there as the bag was emptied.

This time when he removed the tube she ran to the bathroom for instant relief.

She returned later to find him pulling on clean sterile gloves and he told her to get back on the table to continue the exam. Beth moved back on to the table and Jason helped her to position her feet in the stirrups and had her slide down so her butt was hanging off the end of the table. He explained he was now going to do a vaginal exam and with that sat on a small stool and she soon felt his hands open her vagina and the cold lubricant followed by her lips being forced open with the speculum. She felt him turn the device and heard the clicks as he opened her vagina and locked the device in place. He moved about and she felt something inserted deep inside her and moved around and then withdrawn. He explained he had taken some samples and now wanted to enlarge and examine her cervix. She felt something cold against her cervix and then gasped as something clamped down on the tender edge of her cervix. She groaned and wanted to know what was going on. He explained he had grasped the cervix with a device known as a teneculum to hold it in place and was now going to insert a metal sound to enlarge the opening. He inserted first one then another until he found the right size and then as he pushed he next one deep inside her she felt the opening stretching and the pain moved thru her. She was soon groaning loudly as he stretched her cervical opening more and more. Finally the pressure and pain stopped and he withdrew all the different devices.

He then stood and moved between her spread legs and told her he was going to do a manual exam and before she could object she felt him insert several fingers inside her vagina and then much to her discomfort more fingers were inserted in to her ass and she could actually feel them touching deep inside her as she was stretched more than she ever had imagined possible. He moved his fingers about both in her pussy and ass and managed to bump her clit and soon she was feeling an orgasm building deep inside an area she had never felt before. The release was strong and she yelled loudly as she flooded his hand with her cum. He withdrew his hands and smiled at her.

He then removed the gloves and moved a device to the table with electrodes attached and soon had the electrodes clamped to her nipples. She felt a tickle in each nipple as he moved some dials and then arched her back off the table as a strong current flowed thru her nipples causing both pain and pleasure at the same time. She could not stop her hands from moving to her wet pussy and was soon inserting fingers deep inside her until she felt him remove her hand and put a large vibrator in it. She did not hesitate but jammed it deep inside her and soon was screaming loudly as another orgasm hit her. He let her rest for a short time then moved to the table and filled some syringes and helped her to move off the table and lean over it with her ass in the air.

She was very nervous at this point because she did not like needles but she knew she had signed the consent form so she did not protest. She leaned over the table on her elbows being careful not to pull the electrodes off her nipples.She felt the tingle start again in her nipples and was soon moaning in pleasure as she then felt his cock slide inside her and pick up her movements. She soon felt the start of another orgasm and as she increased her movements she felt a sharp pain in her butt cheek as he jabbed a needle deep in it and pushed the plunger injecting the sterile water deep in her ass. The pain from this pushed her over the edge and she moved from one orgasm to another as he removed the needle and quickly jabbed another one deep in the other side. She felt the deep pain of the injection but could not stop the movement of her pussy against this cock until he was soon flooding her with his cum.

They both relaxed for a while and then he asked her if she was satisfied with the exam. She nodded her head yes. He then asked if she planned on being a patient more often and she replied “definitely”. He then explained to her that as they discussed he made sure all his patients were marked and asked if she still wanted to agree to that part of the exam. They had not gone in to detail about how the marking was done but she at this point was to relaxed to ask any questions and only nodded her head yes. He explained he wanted her to lean over the table and place her hands on the other side and when she complied he quickly placed soft restraints around both wrists. He then moved out of sight for a short time and returned and told her that he was ready and she should take a real deep breath. She sucked in her breath as he applied the hot branding iron to her left ass cheek

She screamed and yelled in pain as he held the red hot iron in place. The smell of cooking flesh rose from the iron and when he withdrew it a ” j” was imprinted on her ass in flaming red. She had stopped yelling and now sobbed softly as he rubbed some soothing lotion on the brand. He released her hands and helped her to the mirror to see his work. He explained that all his patients carried his mark for ever. She nodded and lay across the table as the pain eased up and they discussed her next appointment.

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doctors gyno fetish free

22 Oct 2008

gyno sex fetish by doctor
Looking for gyno pictures and gyno link along with full screen medical gyno fetish pictures. Now you can surf em for free
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gynecology porn avs site updated

28 Sep 2008

blond nurse in prvate medical exams
Hi folks! Ive been working hard updating my old avs gyno porn site called ‘private gynecology exams’ well while the site content itself are still being updated.. there are many hot and old material which is new if you’re new to this cool site. In our future plans bringgin the site to the next level updating it with the hot content of cervix exams and pelvic closeup shots along with enema porn and anus exam with stainless steel speculums. We already got this content, just cant wait to report this to you..
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free CERVIX porn blogs

24 Sep 2008

hi guys! the following free blogger blogs and gyno thumblogger blogs were updated
1.Gyno porn offers you a cute blondie full nude at a vaginal examination like this one: anal medical gallery

tushy exam
2.Gyno exam presents hardcore doctor-patient scene -really exciting

and the 3d blog is Check out Gyno Sex with todays update featuring ebony cutie with huge black areolae

cervix pictures clinic exam

11 Sep 2008

cervix normal color is pinktoday I would like to update with some nice and fresh cervix pictures I’ve found in the internet

These pictures my be helpfull for medical medical porn pelvic sex pics
and nursing students are taught pelvic exams and the reality that most women experience them as painful and disempowering.
close cervix shots
cervix pictures the unethical methods used by medical
fisitng the pelvix exam porncervix pics
and nursing schools to teach students how to perform pelvic exams; the most egregious being on unconsenting, anaesthetized women. At the same time, the film highlights the Gynecological Teaching
Associate (GTA) Program in New York City.
pelvic fingering examfisitng2

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Big Breasts Gyno Exam

04 Sep 2008

Free site where nurse perform tight teen body exam
the teen has very sexy pussy see for yourself
sexy teen pussy examined
after breast exam boob examined by nurse gyn chick gor her ass injected cute butt injection
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new gyno free sites

24 Aug 2008

rectal thermo ass fisting
Rectal Thermometer Exam A chick comes for a gynecology exam and gets it to the full.

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Lesbian Nurses Babe comes to hospital and Is examined by two lesbian nurses

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Nurse gyn exam

13 Aug 2008

4 sites have been prepared for your attention
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Doctor Tushy Gyno

12 Aug 2008

after about 10 days of silence I’ve returned to this blog to post about gyno and medical fetish.
this post will be about new and updated
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medical fetish clips
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as you may there I ve added some nice cool sample which are only 1 click away from the tushy review.
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Gonzo Fetish

02 Aug 2008

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Gonzo pornography is a style of filming porn video.
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hospital fetish

30 Jul 2008

today I would like to talk about Hospital Fetish
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Unusual Fetish

28 Jul 2008

in this post Id like to review some nice sites which are ‘unusual’ but still very sexy
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1st gyno movies post

21 Jun 2008

Hello all! Ive just opened cervix movies blog to update you with my favorite gyno movies and cervix videous…

Videous will be posted on regular basis.. right after I get to know new wordpress templates and publish stuff. I am going to publish gyno movies of doctor tushy and gyno clinic so if you like my blog please bookmark it and enjoy later.. I’ll plan to get serveral blogs like this if I harvest enough rare gyno xxx content for it.