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gyno exam embarrassment experience videos

15 Feb 2012

The next thing that was said was that I would need to scoot my bottom down to the end of the table so I scooted a little as she walked around the table and pulled out the stirrups. I thought I had scooted down enough then she took hold of one of my legs and guided my heel into the stirrup then the other was done the same. I couldn’t believe I was getting into this position I held my knees together then she said now you need to scoot on down, I moved a little bit more and she said move down until you feel my hand. It seemed like it was a long way and my knees were getting higher in the air every inch I moved then finally I was there my knees still together as much as possible.

The doctor turned and picked up her gloves and snapped them on she then ask me to relax and let my knees fall apart, I did let them a little but not enough. She finally gently spread my knees as far as possible and then I started to silently cry I was so embarrassed she lifted up the sheet I felt the heat of a light that she moved close so she could see then she consoled me some and began the pap and pelvic. She touched my inner thigh and was telling me that everything was ok then she touched my outer labia and I nearly got off the table.

The doctor again consoled me and began the external exam it was terrible she was touching my labia then she separated my inner labia and touched my clitoral hood and my clitoris I was trying to just put it out of my mind.

pelvic muscles exam

09 Jan 2012

She came in and started to explain what she was going to do and I remember thinking to myself, just do it. She got some gloves out and some jell, the thing that puzzled me was she was she pulled out three gloves out quite deliberately she put on two and left the other on the side.

“Lovely,” she said and lifted the blanket right off me, she then tells me she is going to insert two fingers into my vagina and she will then ask my to work my muscles for her. She parts my labia with her left hand and gently puts her two fingers of her right hand into my vagina.

She eventually takes her fingers out and takes off one glove and puts on the one she left out at the start, she puts jell on one finger and then asks me to roll over onto my left side and pull my knees up to my chest.

latina pulls down panties for vaginal exam

28 Dec 2011

A hot teenage latina is at the clinic for her annual gyno examination. Enjoy the flash videos.

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tiny tits tushy exam

07 Oct 2011

They removed the hose from the faucet, then placed that end of it into the tub, and put something in the tub to weigh down the end of the hose so it would stay put.  The other end of the host had a connector, which was then attached to a smooth, flexible rubber tube, about four feet long and a little more than a half inch thick.  The end of this tube had two eyelet’s.  Nurse Wills took some time to grease the whole length of the tube liberally with Vaseline, and rammed a large glob of the same into my somewhat sore ass.  She was quite thorough in rubbing the lubricant into me with her fingers, which she pushed in and out and twisted around repeatedly.  When I was packed like a wheel bearing, she was ready to begin.

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gyno exam tube videos

13 Sep 2011

e placed both hands over my breasts. Touching and squeezing; circling my breast looking for anything out of the ordinary. My nipple was hard as a rock when he reached down and gently squeezed the tip of it between his fingertips. My whole body tingled and again to my embarrassment I realized that I was slightly turned on by this. He moved around the table to the right side of me. He reached down and pulled aside the rest of the tissue blanket. He says to me quietly “I am going to take the rest of this sheet off if you don’t mind so that I can examine the rest of your body.”

Without waiting for an answer from me he takes the sheet off of me, folds it neatly and places it on the counter behind him. I lay on the table now with my whole body naked before him. He begins to examine my right breast using the same skill as the left breast. Both my nipples are hard and throbbing now. He grasps the right nipple in between his fingertips and squeezes gently. I bite down on my bottom lip to keep from gasping.

He runs his hand over my stomach, pressing gently and continues down to the beginning of my pubic hair. He stops suddenly and walks to the end of the table. He pulls up his chair and pushes a button to pull out the stirrups for the rest of my examination. He takes one ankle at a time and places them in the stirrups.

Then he asks me to scoot down to the edge of the table. When in position I am spread eagle in front of him, I can feel how wet my vagina is and I know he will feel it too. I hear a slight slap of latex and think he is putting on new gloves but when I feel him touching the top of my public hair I can sense the warmth of his skin and know that he has taken off his gloves. He roams through my hair pressing and gently squeezing the lips.


gyn examination porn movies

26 Sep 2010

sexy asian babe gets deep and complete anal check up

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rectal gyno exam

10 Jun 2010

lets put some light or rectal exam during normal physical checkup
about it:
A digital (finger) rectal examination is done to check for problems with organs or other structures in the pelvis and lower belly. During the examination, a health professional gently puts a lubricated, gloved finger of one hand into the rectum. He or she may use the other hand to press on the lower belly or pelvic area.

this exam a often performed with the help of assistant e.g. nurse
flash movie featuring this topic:

Blonde gyno exam videos

28 Sep 2009

blonde gyno movies gallery

check out Janet going thru the gyno exam full nude. The nurse will inspect her pink vagina and check her rectum as well

A Sensual Examination

Your last visit to your doctor took place more than a year ago. Now it was time for another routine checkup by the gynecologist. Much had happened in the last year you had lost weight gained confidence in yourself, and looked quite different. Your hair was longer, and you had tinted it to a shade of red that made heads turn when you walked down the street. Your makeup was more professional, too, and your eyes were particularly outstanding – the soft black liner you used made their very light blue color even more noticeable. Your style of dressing had become more sensuous; you now favored clinging fabrics and close fitting slacks.

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Shy latina gyno video

14 Sep 2009

featuring today a gyno exam video. Busty latina Monica has phsycological problems – she is very shy and cannot relax while having sex with her boyfriend. He is not very fond of missionary position and wants her to know her pussy is ok and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. So he sent her to a gyno clinic, where a nurse will examin her vagina and make her more confident.

Redhead gyno fetish movie

02 Sep 2009

A Visit to the Natural Health Clinic

I was reading in the City Paper about a place that offered various services including COLONIC IRRIGATION. In these days, that advertisement could be very straight forward and/or it could be a front to get one into the situation where “other services” could be offered. Either way, I know that I like the true value of the colonic irrigation, not to mention the feeling of the tube in my ass, so I made an appointment.

When I called the number it was a tape machine which explained the various services, but at the end of the recording it gave another number to call to schedule services and concluded by saying, “If you’re not serious about your health, don’t call.” That was a clue to me that this place might truly be for real. So I called the next number and the woman who answered took my number and within a few minutes was call was returned. The woman who returned my call asked whether I had ever had a colonic before and what was the reason that I did it. So, I answered “yes” and said that I liked the way it feels. I guess that was good enough reason for her to schedule an appointment with me tonight at 7:00.

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It turned out that the place was located in a small two-story office building off of old Route 3 in Millersville. Still not knowing what to expect, I climbed the steps to the 2nd floor. I had been thinking about this for the several days before my appointment, wondering how I could introduce the sexual aspect if, in fact, this place was willing to participate and was just being cautious. I was also wondering how to get my temperature taken rectally and had figured that I would just ask, basing my question on a past experience somewhere else. But, that never got a chance to happen since I forgot my thermometer and left it at home this morning. I was going to stop and buy another one, but I decided to wait it out, and if the place was an “enema parlor” there would always be another time.

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gyno fetish tubes

16 Sep 2008

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gyno fetish tube gallery 1 :

Hot blonde gets deep anal checkup
Watch some real hotties get detailed examinations this site truly features the very best is medical exams, not just basic breast and vaginal exam but they have these girls lay down flat on their stomach to get a deep anal fingering followed by a rectal thermometer that she gets shoved into her tight pink asshole nice and deep this site has some hot enema movies too!

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Hot brunette nurse gives sexy blonde a hot anal exam
She goes for a routine checkup but the doctor decides its time to finger her tight asshole and why not take her temperature in her ass, the thermometer is stuck nice and deep in her tight asshole, real good breast examination and vaginal checkups and of course lets humiliate her a little with some nice deep anal fingering and some great enema movies, this site is the best for this niche a must see!

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A sexy female gyno doctor gives a deep anal exam
They do what they are told “ok pull down your panties and lay down on your stomach” they get a real good examination, their breasts they vaginas they tight asses, hey the doctor knows what hes doing so they ask no questions when he decided to check their temperature by sticking a thermometer in their tight pink virgin assholes this site also features enema movies!

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