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street walker strip searched

21 Sep 2014

Sultry prostitute got arrested on the corner of the street where she was hooking up a client. The police officer was hard on her and stripped her clothes off and searched her cavities for illegal substancies.

female officer cavity search

19 Sep 2014

The slutty blonde got arrested on grounds of smuggling coke by the airport police. Sexy officer in uniform undressed her and strip-searched her. She was clean but the vixen had so much fun.

lesbian cavity search

05 Jun 2014

The female officer happened to be lesbian – bad news for the blonde whore who got arrested for drug use. The officer is going to strip search the hell out of the skinny bitch.

police station strip search

22 May 2014

An inmate of Pensylvannian state prison undergoes a forced cavity search because it is suspected that she smuggled some drugs. The thorough inspection of her anus will prove her guilty or innocent. Let’s take a look.




cavity search by female police officer

20 May 2014

Danika knew she was fucked when she got arrested during drugd bust in Ukraine. She was clean but for some weed but the officer was determined to check her cavities and that meant vaginal and rectal cavity search.



cavity search fetish

15 May 2014

Sammie got herself into big trouble hanging about the wrong guys. She was taken to the police station during the police raid. Stern police officer takes no notice of her pleading sries and protests and threats to sue all of them bastards. She is doing her job and doing it well. She thoroughly examined any and all cavities of this little whore’s body starting with her swearing mouth and then getting down to her vagina and anus.

strip search at the airport

26 Sep 2013

“Finally, I am going to give you an enema.  If you have hidden any substance, it will be discharged within 5 minutes; if you’re clean, you’ll simply discharge clear liquid.  Please bend over.” 

Beth stepped away from the commode, turned around, and the agent held her arm as she bent over with her buttocks facing Dr. Jenkins.  He approached Beth and I saw that he was holding a Fleet enema.  He took one hand and spread Beth’s  buttocks; with the other hand he inserted the tip into Beth’s rectum …and, once inserted began to squeeze out the liquid.  Beth gasped as her rectum was again violated

Strip Searches fetish avs

31 Dec 2009

cavity search

Chick got arrested and is under suspition of carrying drugs. she is led to the police station where the doctor and police officer search her inner cavities. she is not really willing to obey so they force her to take off her panties. Once she was nude the officer made her undergo a complete cavity search including vaginal and rectal search

strip search videos jail humiliation

Gino exams and medical fetish archive

24 Dec 2009

gyno exam

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08 Nov 2009

The responsible doctors take pains to perform proper gyno examination. Watch videos:

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Teen forced gyno exam

05 Nov 2009

Forced gyno exams excite you?

We have one for you today that will most probably add to your fun tonight. Here we go with the gyno exam pictures

Naughty teen Laura didn’t want to go to gyno exam. She dreaded her father would talk to the doctor after the physical exam and the doc will tell him she is virgin no more. She knew that will be no good news for her daddy 🙂

But her father designed to use any means to make her undergo a physical, so he invited gyno doctor to their house. She was too obstinate so they had to use force to get  a blanket off her 🙂

gyno-exams-005.jpeg gyno-exams-009.jpeggyno-exams-015.jpeg

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Anal cavity search

25 Oct 2009

Today’s prisoner Madison Moore is a prostitute. This has not been a lucky day for her – she had only 2 clients and got caught by the police. She was delivered to the station. This is not the first time she got there and the female officer decided to punish her with a painful anal cavity search
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big-cavity-search-2.jpg big-cavity-search-3.jpg

Forced gyno exam

06 Oct 2009

doctor021.jpeg doctor024.jpeg doctor030.jpeg

Poor slut Jessica undergoes forced gyno exam at the airport.

When airport security guards spotted her she was acting like she was drugged so they decided to check her out. When she started to shout at them they had to take her to the special room on suspicion she had some unallowed substances in her cavities.

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Strip search exams

02 Oct 2009

The poor unlucky sluts that get to jail have to be examined thoroughly. The reason is they may have unallowed substances with them. in most private places. So the police officers take care of it and perform careful cavity search.

strip search cavity search in jail
cavity search in jail

medical fetish blog site restored

09 Jun 2009

As you may notices my medical fetish site went down 4 of jun coz of my hosting

I ve managed to recoved it mannually (it was a hard work believe me) but there is no actual blog yet only pages I had to spent 2 days restoring it as there is many free sites and nice avs site strip searchesdoctor-tushy-13-083.jpeg.jpg

join there for nice airport and /or gyno security strip searches

if you want a preview pictures go gyno exam strip search free site the you will get 2 galleries of FULL body strip searches with some surprises inside.

check yourself


many of my friends said me I should not leave this avs site without updates.

and I hope I wont…but still there is a problem how to return medical fetish blog up and running..

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