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street walker strip searched

21 Sep 2014

Sultry prostitute got arrested on the corner of the street where she was hooking up a client. The police officer was hard on her and stripped her clothes off and searched her cavities for illegal substancies.

female officer cavity search

19 Sep 2014

lesbian cavity search

05 Jun 2014

police station strip search

22 May 2014

cavity search by female police officer

20 May 2014

cavity search fetish

15 May 2014

strip search at the airport

26 Sep 2013

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31 Dec 2009

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24 Dec 2009

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08 Nov 2009

Teen forced gyno exam

05 Nov 2009

Anal cavity search

25 Oct 2009

Forced gyno exam

06 Oct 2009

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02 Oct 2009

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09 Jun 2009