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redhead full nude gyno exam

13 Oct 2014

The gorgeous redhead answered the male doctor’s questiong about her sexual life and her partners befor being asked to undress. Then she stood full nude in front of the doc and he examined her boobs. The breast exam was followed by a speculum insertion. Check out the closeup photos.





brunette medical fetish videos

15 Aug 2014

The cute nurse paid little to no attention to the gorgeous brunette’s body and nice round arse. Watch her casually taking notes as this sexy bombshell takes off her clothes

fat teen gyno exam

01 Jun 2014


Blonde nurse is a tight uniform checks the plump brunette’s vitals and then inspects her tight pink slit

redhead medical fetish

25 May 2014


Sweet shy redhead told the doctor she was nervous because this was her first visit to a male gyn. Dr Robert promised he would be tender and nice.


skinny redhead pap smear

05 May 2014

This redhead with big tits and slim frame is a very good patient. She spreads her legs right when the nurse is about to ask her to, she parts her pussy lips with her fingers when the nurse is taking pap smear.

goth girl gyno exam videos

30 Apr 2014

Samantha is a true beauty with her pale skin, black hair, nice ass and small breasts. The nurse enjoyed the view as she undressed and lay on the couch. The exam routine included breast exam, vitals check and then pelvic exam, pap smear and anal exam.

Download the videos by clicking the images below

Doctor tushy models

10 Apr 2014

I can’t keep it inside. The girls of doctor tushy are amasing. Just look at those cuties getting their boobs examined, experiencing anal exams and rectal thermometer insertions, pap smears and gyno speculum exams.

tiny tits exam

02 Apr 2014

Flat-chested teen was one of the patients of the tushy gyno clinic. The mature nurse asked her to take all her clothes off while she filled out the form. Then she checked the small boobs and wrote down the vitals. The teen blonde was requested to pull her thighs wide apart and the nurse started pelvic exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/138y/contents/bimages/3.jpg

teen medical fetish

24 Feb 2014

Mature nurse was all matter of fact when the teen patient stumbled into the room. She was ordered to undress and get that nice arse of hers on the exam chair.





redhead medical fetish

18 Feb 2014

Candy was up for her annual physical and she was willing to cooperate in every sense. She enjoyed posing in front of a camera with her booty exposed

blonde girl from Sweden

08 Feb 2014

I love Swedish girls. The long hair and small perky tits of this cutie are a really good start to  the new day at the clinic



mature nurse gyno videos

28 Sep 2013

With a very firm manner and determined look, the sympathetic nurse sat down on the narrow bed and dipped the thermometer into the jar. The nurse rubbed her bottom in a circular fashion and said, “Try to relax. See how smoothly it goes in when you do.  You like having me hold you like this dont you?  I put my hand over the tip so it wont slip out.”

skinny ebony gyno exam videos

14 Sep 2013

The ebony teen just recieved the letter from the college she’d applied to. the letter said she’s accepted but a medical report card was needed.

So there she is at the gyno clinic feeling embarrassed and nervous at the feeling of the nurse’s fingers touching her.

vagina exam

13 Sep 2013


The doctor squeezed a dollop of K-Y jelly onto two fingers and started probing her genitals for what seemed like eons. She began to perspire, her eyes fixed on the ceiling tiles, her nipples beginning to stir with a mind of their own under the thin coton gown. She looked down at last, wondering if she’ll ever finish, and realized with a start that the pretty nurse is fondling the doctor’s crotch through her trousers!

pap smear video

26 Aug 2013

The doctor snapped on some rubber exam gloves and began what surely must be the most envious job in the world: examining the pussy of a 18-year-old.  He gently parted her outer lips and started a very thorough study of her outer and inner lips.  He then said something about a pap smear and took a speculum from a drawer at the foot of the exam table.  He held it in one hand for a minute, I guess to warm it, and then took the other and spread her pussy open.  He brought the tip of it to her vaginal entrance and as soon as it touched her, her hips rose slightly from the table.  He slowly eased it in sideways, sliding the whole thing into her vagina.  He then turned the handle down and opened it up.  Her formerly tight little pussy was now stretched into this wide oval.  He took a small flashlight and peered up into her, studying the inside of her vagina.  He then took this cotton swab and stuck it up her. 

He rubbed it around for a minute and then pulled it out and rubbed then end in a small glass dish.  He closed the speculum and pulled it out, but her pussy stayed slightly open.  He then took two fingers and stuck them up into her, while feeling her abdomen with the other hand.

male doctor erotic fingering

01 Aug 2013

He cups my left breast, lifting it as if testing its weight, but still moving his thumb gently across the nipple.  He does the same with the right one.  I must just be imagining that this examination is different, but it feels different to me and it excites me.  I close my eyes, feeling the blush rising up my chest to my face.  I know what comes next and I’m glad he’ll be wearing a glove so that he won’t be able to feel that he really needs no additional lubrication to finish.  I’ve generated enough natural lubricant to oil a whole houseful of door hinges. He closes the front of the gown.  “Okay, lay back and slide down.”

Still with my eyes closed, I do as he says.  He places my feet in the stirrups and moves my legs apart.  He does the PAP smear quickly, then puts the glove on his right hand and puts a little lubricant on it.  He mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like “I probably won’t need that,” and slides his fingers into my cunt.  His left hand braces low on my belly as he feels around, then he pauses.  I open my eyes.     He is standing there with his eyes closed, almost in a trance, his fingers still inside me.  He moves his thumb like he did on my breast, only this time it’s my clit he’s stroking.  He’s breathing as hard as I am.  That’s it.  I knew something was different.

pap smear closeup

22 Jul 2013

This good looking teenage blonde is about to become a cheerleader of their college’s basketball team/ All she needs is a medical checkup. But little did she expect gyno specula inserted into her shaved vagina. She was squirming and moaning as the doctor inserted the tool and all but shrieked when the doctor used a cotton bud to get pap smear.

brunette breast exam

29 Jun 2013

Cute brunette exposed her nice small titties while waiting for the gyn nurse. The nurse asked her to lay on her back and then put on her gloves and applied some lube. She gently fingered her vagina and took pap smear.

gyno exam fingering

24 Jun 2013

Cute Russian Nastya immigrated a long time ago. She had been working as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a nurse. Now she applied for a better position as a hostess as a hotel and the employer required full medical exam. All in all this is her first exam in a couple of years and she is ill at ease. The female doctor helps her relax by being very gentle.

speculum insertion videos

24 Jan 2013

The nurse carried out the exam as usual. After the breasts checkup she listened to the patient’s lungs and then made her lie down and spread her long legs.

She produced a speculum from one of the drawers of the medical cabinet and lubed it thoroughly. Then she proceeded to spread the patient’s labia and slowly inserted the plastic device inside her vagina. When the speculum was in place she spread it wide and fixed it that way. She took pap smear and visually examined the insides.

pap smear gyno videos

03 Dec 2012

Latina nurse takes her time to check the blonde’s perfect boobies and then she gets down to vaginal examination beginning with a pap smear. Download the videos below

anal exam video

01 Oct 2012

Pretty teenage girl didn’t know what to expect at her first full nude medical exam.

She felt uncomfortable being dressed only in the gown that left her butts fully open

The nurse gave her a complete vaginal exam, briefly asking her some questions about her sexual life

and got down to rectal exam, fingered her tight pink asshole and inserter the thermometer. After all she gave her a shot in the ass – vitamins, she explained

medical uniform fetish

30 Jul 2012

the nurse is wearing the hottest outfit

after filling out the form she starts with pussy exam

following vagina exam comes the anal exam featuring rectal thermometer

pap smear videos

16 Jul 2012

the nurse takes the sterile cotton bud and uses it to take the pap smear for analysis

nurse covers her finger with lube and inserts it into her patient’s rectum

more rectal exam videos

virgin medical fetish story

01 Feb 2010

Long haired asian woman gets her pussy and ass examined by a cute nurse

the pictures were taken from asian exam free site please enjoy em to there

Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity
to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

The Virgin needs a little stretching

gyno_01.jpg My name is Mae Wong, I am engaged to marry the love of my life in 6 weeks.  I am very small and I was afraid I would be too small to have sex. So I setup an appointment with Dr Gyno to evaluate my problem.

gyno_18.jpg This was the first time I had been to a gynecologist.  I went to his office and the doctor showed me to an examination room.  He gave me some forms to fill out and told me to get undressed and put on a gown.

The first form was a medical history.  I am 19 years old, four feet two inches tall and weigh 70 pounds. Under the sexual history section, I marked I was a virgin and have never had an orgasm.  The rest of the form was general medical questions.  The second from was a release form for the doctor to examine me.  I signed it with out reading it.  I removed my shirt and pants, and panties and put on the gown. I have never worn a bra due to the very small size of my breast, they are smaller that AA.

gyno_09.jpg The examination room was very large.  There was equipment on all the walls, large locked cabinets and several roll around trays of instruments.  The examination table was very large with mechanical stirrups.  I set down on the examination table waiting for the doctor.

gyno_15.jpg About 10 minutes later the doctor came into the examination room.  He directed me to a scale and weighed me.  He said I was a very little person only four feet two inches tall and only 75 pounds.  I went back and set on the examination table while the doctor reviewed my medical history.  He asks me when my last period was and how heavy they are. I told him it was about a week ago and it is just a few drops of blood and it only last a couple of days.  He asks me if I used pads or tampons. I told him I could not get a tampon in my vagina. I told the doctor that I was to be married soon and wanted to make sure I could have sex since I was so small.

gyno_19.jpg The doctor told me he was going to start the examination and to lie down on the examination table.  He helped me get in the right position.  The doctor then removed my gown. I was completely naked in front of a man for the first time in my life.  I was very nervous about being theyТre in the first place and being naked was only making it worst.  He could sense this; he then put a belt around my waist.  The doctor said he was going to cuff my legs to the stirrups so he could examine me. The stirrups had a padded area for my knee and the foot part was an open boot that closed with laces.  He then strapped my knees to the stirrups and laced up the boots.  I could not move my body at this time.  He pushed some buttons and moved the stirrups so they where very wide.  The doctor then raised some wings on the side of the examination table and fastened my hands to the wings with some padded cuffs.  I ask the doctor if all this was necessary, and he said that if I fell off the table it was his responsibility and his insurance required it.  I still did not like the idea of being bound to the table.
The doctor then started to examine me.  He reached out and started to touch my breast. This did not take long sense I have very small breast.  He squeezed and pulled on my nipples for a long time.  You have inverted nipples the doctor said and then ask if they ever get erect and stick out.  I told him no they had always been this way.  The doctor then went and got a breast pump and put it on both of my breast.  The thing was sucking very hard on my breast.  My whole breast went into the device.  It felt strange. It would suck for a few seconds then release just like milking a cow and start over again.

The doctor went down to the end of the table and started to examine my vagina.  The doctor turned on a video monitor so I could see what he was going to do.  I film all the examinations for your medical history said the doctor.  The doctor told me I had very little pubic hair for some one of my age and ask if I shaved it.  I told him no I didnТt. I have a area about 1inch long and about ╜ inch wide above my pussy and no hair any where else.  The doctor the started to examine my labia minor and major.  The doctor stretched my pussy lips and measures them.  You have nice size lips and they are very elastic.  I wondered why you would want them elastic.  The doctor then said for the next part of the examination he would need to pull my lips out of the way.  He picked up two straps and attached them to the stirrups.  Each strap had an elastic cord with a clap on the end.  I knew what he was going to do next.  He attached the clamp firmly to one my lips and then pulled the strap tight. I said it was starting to hurt and could he release it.  The doctor just went ahead and attached the other clamp and told me the pain would ease in a minute.

to be continued…

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