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28 Sep 2012

Veronika is an underwear maniac. She buys new panties almost every other day – which is quite handy, cause she often looses them in clubs or restaurants, or cheap motels. Here she comes to the medical exam wearing her pink panties with white hearts print

asian first table gyno exam

22 Mar 2011

This is teen amateur examination pictures taken at gyno clinic

tight pussy gyno exam
where young women Rosemary passes through her 1st embarrassed physical checkup

the site contain 2 galleries of the tight thai female patient action guided by professional doc while tutoring his unexperienced assistant Mr. Jade Stewart. (I had fun look at the student stupid face when he pose for his boss 😉
That 18years old Thailand girl was pretty nervous at the first time but when the gyn is flirting with her and she started to like it.
see her smiling face and tight thai pussy like this: asian_exam_12.jpg

Asian Gyno Chair Pussy A young asian babe gets her pink examined by a male intern-student

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dr gyno exam and medical checkup free sites

10 Mar 2011


Gyn Examination Performed By Nurse Sexy teen nurse performs a big hairy pussy checkup while doctor is away

Beautiful brunette nurse examines pussy and ass of her gorgeous blonde patient at gyno clinic
Gallery 2

Gyno Hospital Medical Movies Adorable nurse with black hair examines pussy and beauty rectum of gorgeous blond female patient at the hospital checkup room


Speculum CheckUp Videos Petite teen allow to squize her small perky tits during regular examination then the nurse sticks the speculum up her tight vagina

check out other examination content of my friends
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fetish gyno examination links

03 Mar 2011

Hey, hey!
Just to keep you updated that to a long time ago I’ve came across a ‘gyn/ob fetish’ page @ gyno bizzare world
powered by dr tushy doctor tushy movie Tushy Movie

Not a long time ago

Gyno Exams Fetish

has been created to help some amateur medical fetish fans.
stop by and find there a lot of fee medical stuff as well as read reviews of some gyno sites (look at the bottom of the page)

there are several free sites there

such as Black Booty Gyno Exam Videos Ebony female with ‘perky’ tits visits clinic for regular medical checkpup procedure

as a tip that page reveals some secrets of what is ‘speculum’ thing itself.

That page is perfect for all who like to look inside women cervix.

by Gyno Sex guides

rectal exam porn pics

26 Nov 2010

The doctor came into the room a few minutes and shut the door. He
introduced himself as Doctor Boswell. Elizabeth was mildly surprised at
how very young he appeared to be. To her, he didn’t look much older than
her oldest son, Bill. The doctor was about 6′ tall, handsome and had the
appearance of someone who liked the outdoors because he was well-tanned
and a healthy athletic look about him. He engaged her in the usual
doctor-patient small talk for a short time while he scribbled on his
notepad. Then he got down to the business at hand.

doctor-05.jpg doctor-07.jpg
He asked Elizabeth to lay back on the table and then turn onto her left
side with her knees up toward her chest. As she did this, the paper gown
moved up and her nice round ass soon became fully exposed. She assumed
that the doctor probably got a good glimpse of her abundant growth of
pubic hair between her legs as she had turned over onto her side. The
doctor sat down on his rolling chair and moved towards the table. He
squeezed a generous glop of K-Y Jelly onto a finger. Then he reached
over and spread the cheeks of her ass. He proceeded to lubricate her
asshole real good so he could insert the colonoscopy tube without
problems. The doctor’s finger slipped just a bit as he was inserting his
finger and accidently touched the lower portion of her pussy. The jelly
felt cold on her asshole and pussy lips and she flinched just a bit. He
finished the lubrication and got the tube ready for insertion into her
doctor-08.jpg doctor-10.jpg

He slowly pushed the flexible tubing up into her asshole. It was
slightly uncomfortable at first but Elizabeth soon got used to it. He
laid a hand on one cheek of her ass as he was peering into the viewer
that showed her innards. In the past, she had always felt very awkward
whenever she was exposed and touched this way during a doctor’s exam.
special examination But this doctor’s touch felt rather pleasant so she started to relax a
bit while he was probing her ass. Her previous doctor had been a much
older man so she never had any sexual feelings whenever he had examined
her. But, the fact that this doctor was young and handsome and was now
looking at her fully exposed ass stirred up a bit of sexual excitement
within her.

special examination

She also knew that he had a view of her pussy and the thick
and curly brunette pubic hair that covered her Mound of Venus! She
decided that she would have some harmless fun and give herself a little
thrill. Without really thinking about it, she lifted her right leg ever
so slightly to give him a better view of her goodies. She tried to make
this look like a natural shifting of body position.

Doctor gyno exam videos

05 Dec 2009

Dr Jameson set up a hidden camera in his gyno cabinet and was able to film many chicks with their pussies who spread their legs for him. Check out this hottie entrust him with her private problems

free gyn movie from doctor tushy.com free gynecology tushy

gyno sex free movies

Doctor adventures

11 Nov 2009

New site by Brazzers Network

presenting sexy female doctors having fun with their horny patients

cute brunette doctor seduced by patient

enjoy horny female doctor video gallery for free

Nurse gets examined

30 Aug 2009

A Different Visit to Sherema

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was immediately greeted by the nurse…who soon was to be my patient. We walked into the examination room and immediately, I could see that this was everything that I had imagined. Off to one side of the room was the standard examining table…complete with stirrups. Although it was my original intention to BE examined, the sight of the stirrups caused my thoughts to immediately shift to GIVING an examination. When my nurse asked me to get undressed for the examination, it was then that I informed her that SHE was to be the patient. After a bit of objecting on her part…and some negotiating on her part she began to undress.

Get hundreds of gyno exam pictures and movies.
Doctor Tushy is your best choice for high quality bizarre porn on the net. Get all sorts of medical fetish here, including speculums, enemas, rectal thermometers, etc.

gyno_exam_30.jpg gyno_exam_31.jpg gyno_exam_32.jpg gyno_exam_33.jpg gyno_exam_34.jpg
Now, this nurse was everything that one could ask for. She was of average height and of slight build. Medium sized breasts, a shapely waist, and what appeared to be a firm and round ass. I would soon be seeing all of this…and exactly in the way that I had desired for so long. My nurse stepped back, reached behind her and unzipped her nurses uniform. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white bra that adequately covered her breasts, and hi-cut white bikini panties. She did not wear a garter belt or stockings. I almost preferred it that way. Standing in front of me was this nurse, almost naked, just moments away from being examined by my hands! She then reached behind her to remove her bra. It fell to the floor to join her previously disrobed dress. Yes, her breasts were as I imagined them…nice and round, firm, no sag…with nice little nipples that were rapidly beginning to stick out. I handed her the examining gown and she quickly put it on. Then, I asked her to sit upon the examining table so that we could begin our examination.

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gyno doctor tushy exam sex

23 Nov 2008

Hi there!
at exam gyno I have updated Doctor Tushy review.
Today we have an update at
doctor tushy review
with new never forget hospital fetish sites.
take your time to suft the whole site too you will get more free gyn stuff 😉

vagina exam gyno
The dildo began squirting something into her expanded cunt. It felt like a firehose was spurting into her as another wave of orgasms left her limp. Her mouth hung open and a shudder passed through her body. Dr. V. flipped another switch and the instrument came to a halt. Dr. V. slowly slid the enormous cock from her pussy. It came out with a wet plop. Her vaginal canal was spread widely and felt quite empty now, the fluid that had been shot into her was draining out in a steady stream onto the floor. After a few minutes Dr. V. removed the clamps and straps that held her in place and helped June to her feet. Her legs wobbled and she was very unsteady.
butt thermomether incertion during regular pelvic gyn check
The day after tomorrow, June moaned into the gag memorizing doctors pelvic check , she couldn’t believe what was happening to her.Yes she is during her first gynaecology exam. She could feel her pussy juices dripping down her asscheeks as his other hand busied itself with her clit. She remembered, with embarrassment, that her friend had fisted her pussy the other night when she asked to exam her vagina. Her naked cervix lips were there for all to see. Dr. V. seemed to like her nude pussy lips as he probed and rubbed his hand all over her hairless little mound.

gynofetish 4 free sites

30 Oct 2008

Hi folks!
today gynoman have 4 free boob exam scum and dr tushy sites for ya!
well you know doctor tushy, but this site you might also like there you will find boob exam scum site focused on breast exam of amateur babes
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1.Gyno Exam Hardcore Gyno doc pays special attention to this girls pierced pussy after or duric breast exam

the story continues the gyn not only exams a chick but wants t6o make sure she is fine and try her recording this medical fetish fucking on his camera

2.gyn fucks patient
Gynecological Meeting A girl fucks with gynecologist on the gynecological meeting

these site are also come with nice thumbinal pictures please see yourself
3.Female Rectal Exam Chick comes to clinic to check up if she is pregnant or not

4.doc and nurse during fetish gyno exam of a female chick patientGirl Gyno Exam Doctor and a nurse make a nice tandem while gyno examining a girl

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Gynecology Exam gyno story

27 Oct 2008

A Gynecology Exam to Remember
Ive found this medical fetish story in internet
strip search free tushy gyno mpg

if you are looking for more free gyno tushy pictures please use the link
there you will find doctor tushy picture galleries

My training to become a Physician’s Assistant included advanced courses in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, pharmacology, and even zoology. In addition to these classes were “hands-on” exposures to certain fields of medicine. My emergency medicine rotation involved a semester in an E.R., my pediatrics medicine rotation was spent in a pediatrics’ clinic, and my OB/GYN rotation was spent in a Women’s Health Center. Now as a professional, my examination of a female needs to be without sexual interests, but as a male with a healthy libido, that can sometimes be difficult. Usually, most of the women I see tend to be seniors, or obese, or down-right ugly, but I’ll admit to finding a wet spot on my underwear after performing a breast, pelvic, or rectal exam on a beautiful woman. What follows is an account of an incident involving such a woman, and though I’m not proud of it, I’ll admit to giving into my sexual urges.

I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and working out of one of the clinics there. I had a good relationship with the staff physician, a female, by the name of Dr. McSorley. She was present for most of exams that I performed and was starting to allow me to work independently. On this one particular day, we had quite a few women being seen for annual check-ups and pregnancy follow-ups, and was she unable to follow me as closely as she normally would. She divided the case-load so that we each had roughly the same amount of patients. My first was named Sarah, and she was here for an annual visit.

Upon registering with the receptionist, Sarah was asked if she objected to being examined by a male Physician’s Assistant student. I was standing in the hall down from her when she turned around and looked in my direction. She smiled at me, and I saw her shake her head “no” in response to that obligatory question. I couldn’t help but notice her pretty face, even from that distance. Unlike most of the patients I had seen during this rotation, she was young and apparently in a good physical condition. I immediately looked forward to meeting this woman. She returned to the reception room and waited to be called.

I will admit to going to the break room and straightening my hair, and making sure there was no food between my teeth or boogers in my nose. Feeling prepared, I then went through her medical records and familiarized myself with her history. She was 32 years of age, 5’6”, and at her last visit, weighed 126 lbs. and had an unremarkable medical history. There was a family history of cervical cancer, so it was recommended she have yearly checkups. I proceeded to the reception room and called out her name. She looked up from a magazine and placed it on the coffee table. Slowly she stood and walked towards me. As I held open the door, she maintained direct eye contact until she passed me, then walked down the hall. Her eyes were a stunning green, obviously with the help of colored contact lenses, and her face was as pretty up-close as it seemed to be from afar. I directed her to the second door on the left and followed her into the room, unable to resist looking at the small butt in her tight jeans . She entered the room and sat at the foot of the examining table, and I on the stool next to a small desk which was mounted to the wall. I introduced myself, and thanked her for allowing me to see her.

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fetish gyno porn movies

24 Oct 2008

some more gyno movie resourses
new hosted flash medical tube videous have been updated:

gyno fetish vids as for gyno tube video above used in the post you will find flash video galleries there along with usual medical fetish exam pics.

and also there is a nice anal thermomether up the ass at gyno movie gallery
at gyno exam video there is a nice still screen shot of women during sexual physical examination.
for all doctor tushy lovers I have a very special site called tushy doctor

gyn movies
but there is always medical fetish sex sites list at medical fetish category of sortlinks and medical fetish porn at gyno fetish site

created in accordance with (c) gyno bizarre medical fetish – clinic sex paradise

thanks for reading always yours,
medical sex and gyno ropleplay lover,

Gyno Porn

13 Jul 2008

Today instead of preparing some post with galleries for easy look and directly post at this blog
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gyno porn is a resource related to link to gyno free sites and clinic porn galleries
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there is also doctor tushy review with some nice free medical fetish gallery samples
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Gyno Exam Hub

12 Jul 2008

please check our new additions at exam-gyno site. This site is devoted to updates at dr tushy gyno

A petite blonde gallery 4 video gallery
A petite blonde beauty has her pussy and ass examined
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Housewife came for gallery 3 photos gallery
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medical fetish doctor sex sites

04 Jul 2008

Gyno Exam Xxx Beauty comes for gyno exam but it turns into xxx action with doctor

Black & White Medical Fetish An ebony goddes and a latina cat are having their gyno examination.

Black Medical Fetish Bizarre medical pictures of ebony chicks gynecology exams.

Medical Exam An unpretty babe comes to the hospital to pass a gyno exam.

3 medical fetish sites

24 Jun 2008

Enjoy some geat medical fetih sites Ive found on gyno portal http://www.gyno-bizzare-fetish-pictures-movies.com/
there you will find gyno exam galleries and text stories.. Nice medical fetish sites reviews and of couse cervix movies
Doctor Tushy Gyno A gyn examines a babe and her vagina using a speculum.

Gynecology Movies Movies of chicks having their asses and pussies examined.

Gynecology Examination A babe comes to the gyn not knowing only the nurse is in.

I’ll keep ya updating 😉