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Nude nurses in stockings

28 Jan 2016

These cuties have donned sexy uniforms to make you hard in seconds. Tons of video content and nice hi-rez photos.

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street walker strip searched

21 Sep 2014

Sultry prostitute got arrested on the corner of the street where she was hooking up a client. The police officer was hard on her and stripped her clothes off and searched her cavities for illegal substancies.

professional massage

26 Aug 2014

Blonde dyke is up to some fun as her client is a gorgeous brunette lady with perfect body. She is going to massage her inside with a blue vibrator toy and give her body a good licking





hot lesbian spanking

18 Aug 2014

The college tutor Amanda walked in on one of her students masterbating right on her desk. She was furious and instead of taking this matter to the head of faculty she took care of the nuisance herself by spanking her bare assed in the classroom.


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lesbian nurses having fun at college

20 Jul 2014

The medical college students knowhow to spend their time off. The two cute nurses in training locked themselves in classroom and indulge in anal sex using a strap-on.

lesbian cavity search

05 Jun 2014

The female officer happened to be lesbian – bad news for the blonde whore who got arrested for drug use. The officer is going to strip search the hell out of the skinny bitch.

lesbian gyno videos

21 May 2014

Jessica was excited as she saw a beautiful brunette nurse entering the examination room.

The nurse casually told her to undress but the blonde patient saw that look in the brunette’s eyes and instantly knew the exam would be fun. Though she didn’t expect some ass rimming she got

tushy massage videos

11 May 2014

Brunette masseuse is defenitely enjoying her time with a sexy blonde client.

lesbian gyno exam threesome

20 Jan 2013

Jessie’s exam was very special – a trainee nurse was present. The more experienced nurse led thru the examination.

When it came to boob exam the young nurse unbuttoned her uniform and showed her big tits letting the older nurse compare the small tits of the patient and her bigger boobies.


he more experienced nurse might show her own huge melons too. Check the link below to find out

Gyno lesbian nurse speculum play

29 Jul 2011

lewd lesbiansAfter gloving and lubing the speculum she inserted it in her pussy, stretching it wider than one could imagine. I was watching on as she picked up a long silver tube a half inch in diameter and lubed it up.

Standing back watching him and the nurse work on Melana again was causing me to get hard for the second time. As she lay there helpless and wide open the Dr. inserted the tool in her and started to put it up her tiny little pee hole.

Melana screamed in agonizing pain as the Dr. tried to insert this large tool into a hole the size of a garden pea.

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Gyno lesbians

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chubby gyno exam

19 Jul 2010

today is the day of bbw women

Sexy 22 y.o. bbw Kristina has been ordered to take of all her clothes and shave-off her fat pubic hair, spreading over her pussy lips under strict control of a lesbo like nurse. After embarrassing pussy shaving Kristina was humiliated by other medical tests. Among them big speculum was inserted in her juicy, fresh shaved chubby vagina! Yes, this blonde medical bitch is sure every patient should suffer during gyno exams of her.So our fattie has been suffering a lot. But see for yourself
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lesbian mistress story

04 Sep 2008

The ghost of a slut takes over the body of a lesbian…hmmmm, wonder how
that will work

There is a small Irish pub just a block from where I live, and I go in
there often to catch some of the local humor. They even have some who burst
out in old Irish folk songs now and then, but only during the week early
before much of a crowd gets there. It was one of those week nights, in
O’Leary’s that I 1st saw her, a blazing red head, too far away to see the
color of her eyes, but I knew they were an emerald green. Our eyes had met,
and hers seemed to hold mine like I was hypnotized. She was so lovely, I
could not believe what I was seeing,, although she was on the other end of
the bar, I began walking toward her, but with others passing between us, by
the time I got to where she was, she was gone. So I ask the bartender,
“what lovely red head that was setting right here, you do not happen to
know who she is do you.” In their usual Irish Brogue he tells me, “I’m
sorry Miss but no one sets on Sally’s stool.”

“will I sound too dumb if I ask who Sally is.”

“was, Lass, was…hi…a lovely girl she was, her father built this Pub,
she bartended, set tight there when it was slow, before too long she turned
wild, and after a few years of wild, free lustful living disappeared, no
one to this day knows what happened to her, but if you think you saw a
lovely red headed lass setting at this stool, feel fortunate my sweet
lassie for you have been blessed by the spirit of Sally herself.” I turned
and left for my apartment after that, it’s not that I’m afraid, of what I
don’t understand, it’s only that actually…I am. That night I have the
most erotic dream ever, I’m in the pub with Sally, we leave and come here,
where she begins making wild insanely euphoric love to me. her deep red
lips, covering mine, in long tender moving kisses, her hand fondling my
breasts, moving down to my pussy where she rubs my G spot, flicking my clit
at the same time. I feel myself becoming so terribly weakened by her and
call out, “Please Sally…ooohhh…Sally…aaaahhhh…hmmm…”

Boltingа awake, feeling a hand slide from my pussy, and a figure dash out
my door. I try to move, but cannot, until shortly I jump from my bed turn
on all the lights…nothing…no one. Those two occurrences happen to me
several times, before one night as I’m coming in the bar, my red headed
ghost is leaving, we stop, she asks, “you are late tonight…I thought for
sure I would miss you. Come Fawn let us go to my apartment.”  Not waiting
for my reply, she takes my arms and we walk way, as we do she tells me,
“you know I am Sally, now long dead, why are you not frightened Fawn.”

“I don’t know, except, you will never harm me, will you Sally.”  Stopping,
she kisses my lips, and her lips are so cold, but for some unknown reason I
melt in her arms. As she holds me up she softly says, “my precious little
young Fawn, how I have waited for you.” I don’t know where we went, but
after we are there she tells me, “tonight you will experience such deep
love you’ll never understand why you ever thought you knew what it was

“Sally all those erotic dreams I’ve had of you, you were there with me
weren’t you.”

“Yesssss, my precious, now lay, and let me send you on your way.’ Her hands
were like millions of feathers covering my body, her tongue so pointed and
quick, it actually hurt as it darted around my nipples and clit, driving
such arousal deep within me, I begin crying and screaming for her to give
me an orgasm, but none comes and I begin hyperventilating because of the
delirious ecstasy my mind and emotional being is being forced through and
beyond, until such an impossible to describe orgasm sweeps through my body,
causing me to collapse and pass out. As I gain conscious awareness of my
surroundings, I do not believe I was actually wakes, because Sally was
still laying beside me, her tongue and fingers continuing to torment my
clit and the inside of my pussy. I try vainly to turn myself around so I
can pleasure her, but she does not allow me to do so. Soon I become so
weakened I know I’m going to pass out again, so I plead, “Sally please,
allow me to ple…” again darkness overwhelms me, and all is silent in my
mind. My alarm awakes me the next morning, I’m in my apartment. Mystified I
shower, dress, leave for work, acting much like a zombie not actually
knowing what my next step is, but having done this so many times it is
automatic, like my position as assistant editor of a woman’s fashion
magazine, called,’CHIC,’ . but then something that totally rattles my
slates, Hank comes in with this drawing of our Irish Lass for a section
we’re doing for St. Patrick’s day. As I look at it, I ask, “where did you
get the model for this drawing.”

“it’s not actually from a model, a lot of Maurine O’Hara, and my

“it’ll do nicely, good work Hank.” That afternoon as I leave work, in the
back of the taxi my lips are suddenly covered by some one else’s, so
pulling away I see Sal who tells me, “we do not need to be here.” Like
magic, we’re in my apartment setting on the couch our lips teasing one
another’s, fingers almost brutally driving one and out of one another’s
pussy’s, then she is not here, and I feel her inside me, and this strong
urge to go out and find a willing man and fuck the living shit out of
him. In O’Leary’s I walk up to Tommy O’Shay and ask, “Tommy, I really do
not feel like myself tonight, you’ve wanted me since grade school, if you
still do, I’m yours.”

“you sassy little cunt, so where do you get off thinking you can decide
when I’m going to fuck you.” I lean close and kiss his lips, as I plead,
“all kidding aside Tommy, I need you deep inside me.” not a word, as he
takes my arm and we go out to his car, once in it he kisses me harshly,
even harsher he feels my tits, when I do not object or back away, but
actually unzip his pants, pull out his prick and lower my head, covering it
with my lips, he surprised says, “holy fuck, the one prize piece of ass no
one ever got is actually blowing me, what in the fuck has gotten into you
Fawn.” Lifting my head up, smiling at him, I reply, “the pitiful truth is
nothing and no one, that is about to change.” As I suck him off, I know he
must be thinking the same things I am, Miss goodie two shoes all the way
through high school and collage, has finally opened up sexually. If the
truth had been known, I have always been a lesbian, but did a very good job
of concealing it. All they knew was I thought I was too good for any of the
Irish boys, or any one for that matter. Suddenly Tommy explodes between my
lips, and I savor the sweet taste of his cum, before I swallow it. A quick
drive to his place, even quicker undressed, and he jumps me, like if he
doesn’t I’ll disappear. So at 27, I get my 1st taste of what it feels like
to have a love cock fucking the piss out of me. Actually if it were up to
me, this is the last place I’d ever find myself, but I have a masochistic
nymphomaniac controlling my body now, and she’s long over due for a piece
of male ass. Tommy probably is quite fantastic, because Sal is really
enjoying this, as witnessed by the humping of my ass, the loud screams of
pleasure, deep guttural moans and groans as I become lost in this euphoric
world of hetero-sexual lust and passion, and soon become lost in delirium,
and cannot deny being fucked by a man is not totally enjoyable. After he
comes deep inside me, as we’re trying to catch our breaths, Tommy asks,
“will it embarrass you too much to tell me what you’ve been doing all these
years to relieve all this passion I have just witnessed. You are a hell of
a desirably irresistible woman Fawn, you must have done something.”

“I pray this means something to you Tommy O’Shay, you’ve just converted a
confirmed Lesbian, I’d never tried men, so I never knew what I was missing,
no darlin, I never went without, in fact I probably had more ass during
high school and college than you even came close to havingаааа

Lesbian Nurse Story

19 Jul 2008

hi folks!
today I have a medical fetish story for ya.. if you dont like it please skip

here it goes
Archive-title: Lesbian Nurse

Chapter 1

I moved to Guildford two years ago; John was transferred and I had to leave my
job as a secretary for Colson’s, a wine importer back in Warminster. I had no
real qualifications, but we needed the money from both of us working – and I
was getting bored fixing up the new house and window-shopping in the town
centre. Eventually John bought up my old nursing qualification – It’d already
occurred to me, but I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted now. I’d drifted
into the classes at 16, with nothing else to do, and passed the qualifiying
exams, then after half-heartedly applying for a couple of local posts thrown
it all up and worked for Colson’s for four stagnant years.

John thought it was a great idea. “Give them a call tomorrow, love”, he said,
nestled under my arm as we lay in bed that night. His hands were wandering
about in their familiar and welcome pre-sex rounds; I lay back, relaxed as he
gently turned me on, stroking the outline of my thighs, the curve of my
bottom, my stomach. I saw him looking at my nipples under my T shirt – he
knows how sensitive they are, what they do to me – and I felt the melting
begin in my tummy as he pulled the T shirt up to my shoulders and sucked the
nearest erect nipple between his warm lips, tweaking the other between the
outside of his index and middle fingers. I lay there passively, as his
suction drove pleasure throughout my body, radiating from my nipples, my
breath deepening. He lay on his side at my side, now, and I could feel the
heat of his cock throbbing against the cool, smooth skin of my thigh. It felt
bigger than its seven inches (I’ve measured it for him!), hot and blunt; I
couldn’t stop my bottom shifting in the bed of its own accord to turn and
press my thighs against it, my breasts against his lightly-haried chest. Now
I felt my usual urgent need to be taken by him, to be overwhelmed; my open
mouth found his and our tongues talked and chattered. His large hands ranged
down over my bottom, first pressing it down to push my delta gainst his stiff
tool, then to part the globes with his palms while running his forefinger
lightly over my anus, then down, gently, to make small, gentle circles at the
now sticky bottom of my vagina while his other hand tweaked a nipple sharply.

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