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redhead fucks her doctor

09 Feb 2016

Redhead Alyssa had to see a doctor because she ceased feeling anything during sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. The doctor had to check her private parts. Investigation went a bit too far and in ten minuted Alyssa found herself sucking onto that impressive cock of her doctor’s. See more at Doctor’s adventures

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Nude nurses in stockings

28 Jan 2016

These cuties have donned sexy uniforms to make you hard in seconds. Tons of video content and nice hi-rez photos.

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nurse on doctor hardcore in HD

20 May 2015

Doctor Adventures presents absolutely gorgeous women seduced by a horny doctor. They take turns sucking his big dick and then as one is riding his cock the other licks her clit

blonde nurse hardcore

02 Apr 2015

Steve’s girlfriend is at the hospital and while he is waiting for her to come to her senses he gets some hot action with a hot blonde nurse.

doctor clinic hardcore

18 Mar 2015

Our good doctor is very lucky today as a sexy intern walked into his room already unbuttoning her uniform. Watch him banging that round ass right on his desk

doctor hardcore video

11 Mar 2015

I am introducing my new obsession – Doctor’s adventures – the first ever site to feature Brazzers models in hardcore medical fetish action. A must have for all the dirty surfers like me

blonde nurse masterbating in gyno clinic

27 Feb 2015

The hot blonde with stunning body took off her panties and climbed the gyno chair for some hot dildo fuck. Watch her fuck herself with a black dildo and a pink vibrator in the downloadable videos below or follow the link to access the full HD videos of nude nurses.

brunette gyno speculum exam

26 Jan 2015


Carman least expected to meet this perverted old doctor as she was entering the gyno clinic for her annual. She didn’t find it enjoyable that the doc helped her off with her bra and panties and overall feeling of his fingers touching her body was unpleasant. Still she obeyed his orders and let him inspect her pink with his huge gyno speculum.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/carmen_vagina_doctor/gal1/004.jpg


russian brunette full nude medical exam

29 Sep 2014

This video set is a special treat for those into bizarre gyno examinations. Watch a Russian doctor examining the nasty brunette and taking pictures of her nude body.




medical hardcore

28 Aug 2014

The busty patient was steaming hot and the doctor’s wife had been cold as ice for at least a couple of years. Who would blame this poor fellow that he fucked this hoe as she begged him and slapped her round arse red.



professional massage

26 Aug 2014

Blonde dyke is up to some fun as her client is a gorgeous brunette lady with perfect body. She is going to massage her inside with a blue vibrator toy and give her body a good licking





big tits exam video

19 Jul 2014

Brunette with huge naturals full nude and laid out on the gyno chair. The blonde foxy nurse knows how to deal with it.

cute teen blonde medical checkup

23 May 2014

This patient came in with one thing on her mind, that is – get through with the exam as fast as she could and finally go home or wherever she headed. The doctor took her time though and slowly examined her boobs feeling for lumps that could be dangerous signs of breast cancer then turned her attention to her shaved pussy and eventually performed anal exam.


blonde patient in black stockings

19 Feb 2014

Anita is one hot cutie. She is definitely going to give you a hard on when you see the video of her slowly taking off her panties and getting onto the gyno chair

my wifes medical exam

29 Sep 2013

I was able to see right into the examining room. There was Dianne sitting on the exam table, with him sitting on one of those short rolling stools in front of her.

He was telling her that the nurse normally took blood pressure, height and weight, but since she was ill, Dianne could drop in after her final interview and have it done then.


He had a clipboard with a long form on it and he began asking questions from the form. It was all the standard medical history stuff, and each time she answered he’d write something and then ask her the next question. It took quite a while for him to get through the whole form.


vagina exam closeup

27 Sep 2013

He smiled at me (like doctors always do) and sat down, casually looking through my records and then said, “Okay, let’s get this over with as fast as we can because I know you want out of here.” And I smiled in agreement whole heartedly and then smiled a bit more at his smile that was genuine, seeing that he did understand how women felt about exams.


mature woman full medical exam

13 Aug 2013

Livie is 46 and she’s been to so many gyno exams in her life and seen so many doctors. This old pervert doesn’t confuse her in the least. Even the fact that he asked her to strip full nude before even checking her vitals and doesn’t offer her a medical gown.




big tits medical exam video

16 Jul 2013

Jessica has one nice pair of boobs. They are round and big and heavy and she also has pierced nipples. The male doctor was obviously pleased at the sight of those melons.

Apparently he didn’t mind fingering her asshole during anal exam. The nurse handled him a bottle of lube and the fun started.
NB: images above are linked to downloadable gyno exam videos from gyno clinic

czech mature gyno exam

25 May 2013

The blonde Czech MILF casually takes off her clothes in front of an old male doctor. He explained the routine of the complete physical to her but looks like she already knows all the bits and pieces of medical exam. She has seen so many doctors though her life. But this one will prove to be different from anything she had experienced before.


czech gyno exam video

big tits exam videos

04 Mar 2013

The reason Synthia paid a visit to gyno clinic was that she felt a slight tightening in her right boob. Her melons are quite huge to say the least.They are big and round and heavy with big pink nipples. The blonde doctor cannot help but feel a bit jealous for her own are the perky B-size with small hard nipples and she can only dream of having something as impressive. She carefully examined those tits and found nothing fortunately for Synthia.

After the breast exam the doctor offered a full physical including weight check and flexibility test.

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fat granny gyno videos

02 Mar 2013

The doctor is pleased to see Martha again. She has been his patient for the recent years. He likes her for her cheerful disposition and immense boobs. As she undresses he takes his time to appreciate her big body.

The vagina exam goes on as usual starting with some fingering to get her prepared for the specula.

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kinky medical exam

26 Jan 2013

Slavic girl Pavlina was freaking embarrassed to see a male doctor when she walked into the examination room. The old doctor pulled on her hair making her open her mouth and pulling her head back to examine her throat.

During the vaginal exam he inserted a lubed speculum inside her shaved pussy and used a flashlight to see the insides.

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brunette gyno speculum exam

23 Jan 2013

Sun tanned Kim just returned from vacation in Jamaica where she had a lot of fun sexing huge black guys. She was sort of insecure about her intimate health and signed up for a visit to a gyno clinic. Her throat was carefully examined first of all because some of the infections can be planted during unprotected blowjobs.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/151u/bimages/11.jpg

then she lay down and the doctor inserted a speculum inside her vagina.


After all it was time for anal exam and the doctor inserted gloved and lubed finger into her tight hole


teen nurse uniform

15 Jan 2013

Cute Czech teen works part time as a nurse at a gyno clinic. She is a student and is going to be a gyn-ob. She needs practice that’s why she took this job. At least that’s what she tells her parents and friends. http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/001.jpg

The true reason is Pavlina’s kink for uniforms and medical fetish. She can’t but get wet when the doctor inserts a speculum into a lubed vagina during a gyno exam. She has to take the sexual strain off and she masturbates during the break to do so. She gets on the chair and spreads her long legs.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/006.jpg

When her fingers are just not enough she uses the speculum that had been inserted in patient’s pussy which makes it even more of a turn on.


male doctor boob exam

28 Nov 2012


Doctor Jacobs got the hottest patient in months. Busty blonde Sylvia is here for a complete medical exam.


The doctor checked her weight and then asked her to bend down for the flexibility check. He takes advantage of her position to check out her shaved asshole.


He listened to her breath and heart rate.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/95y/bimages/17.jpg

and then comes the time for a boob exam which the doctor enjoys the most