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panties gyno fetish

28 Sep 2012

Veronika is an underwear maniac. She buys new panties almost every other day – which is quite handy, cause she often looses them in clubs or restaurants, or cheap motels. Here she comes to the medical exam wearing her pink panties with white hearts print

Exposed nurse

07 May 2011

Look what a hottie we have for today. Junior nurse Kristie is so turned by the exams she assisted that at the end of the working day she just can’t hold her arousal and locks the door to masturbate on the gyno chair fantasizing ’bout the hot doctor.

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exclusiveclub medical fetish cervix movies

18 Mar 2011

Gyno Clinic Video Free Gallery n 1077: Teenage Female patient Monika cervix examined by mature doctor.

Taken by official camera at free public gyno clinic.

monika hd sample1 boob examination high definition

shot2:undress babe, I am gonna inspect your tight body and record this on camera

scene3 : stainless steel speculum inside her teenage vagina reveals her cervix

movie4:finger examination of teen monika’s pussy

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gyn examination porn movies

26 Sep 2010

sexy asian babe gets deep and complete anal check up

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medical fetish gynaecology exam of a blonde

11 Jun 2010

Beautiful female showing her pretty nipples

HOT blondie with big thick bubble booty gets a complete exam by a female doctor that loves to really take her time. This blondie gets her vagina examined and then gets her temperature taken and also a nice deep rectal exam. HOT movie, girl has a really tight pussy and ass
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Doctor gyno exam videos

05 Dec 2009

Dr Jameson set up a hidden camera in his gyno cabinet and was able to film many chicks with their pussies who spread their legs for him. Check out this hottie entrust him with her private problems

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Teen forced gyno exam

05 Nov 2009

Forced gyno exams excite you?

We have one for you today that will most probably add to your fun tonight. Here we go with the gyno exam pictures

Naughty teen Laura didn’t want to go to gyno exam. She dreaded her father would talk to the doctor after the physical exam and the doc will tell him she is virgin no more. She knew that will be no good news for her daddy 🙂

But her father designed to use any means to make her undergo a physical, so he invited gyno doctor to their house. She was too obstinate so they had to use force to get  a blanket off her 🙂

gyno-exams-005.jpeg gyno-exams-009.jpeggyno-exams-015.jpeg

see the rest of the exam at gyno exam gallery

Nurse gets examined

30 Aug 2009

A Different Visit to Sherema

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was immediately greeted by the nurse…who soon was to be my patient. We walked into the examination room and immediately, I could see that this was everything that I had imagined. Off to one side of the room was the standard examining table…complete with stirrups. Although it was my original intention to BE examined, the sight of the stirrups caused my thoughts to immediately shift to GIVING an examination. When my nurse asked me to get undressed for the examination, it was then that I informed her that SHE was to be the patient. After a bit of objecting on her part…and some negotiating on her part she began to undress.

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gyno_exam_30.jpg gyno_exam_31.jpg gyno_exam_32.jpg gyno_exam_33.jpg gyno_exam_34.jpg
Now, this nurse was everything that one could ask for. She was of average height and of slight build. Medium sized breasts, a shapely waist, and what appeared to be a firm and round ass. I would soon be seeing all of this…and exactly in the way that I had desired for so long. My nurse stepped back, reached behind her and unzipped her nurses uniform. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white bra that adequately covered her breasts, and hi-cut white bikini panties. She did not wear a garter belt or stockings. I almost preferred it that way. Standing in front of me was this nurse, almost naked, just moments away from being examined by my hands! She then reached behind her to remove her bra. It fell to the floor to join her previously disrobed dress. Yes, her breasts were as I imagined them…nice and round, firm, no sag…with nice little nipples that were rapidly beginning to stick out. I handed her the examining gown and she quickly put it on. Then, I asked her to sit upon the examining table so that we could begin our examination.

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Gyno fantasy

29 Aug 2009

nude girl gyno examA Letter Received

After reading your letters, I find myself wishing you would appear at my door, a doctor making a surprise “checkup”.

House calls (or dorm calls) are easy enough, you tell me, and patients are more comfortable when they feel at home.  This makes sense to me.  I let you in.  You carry a black bag, which I guess contains your tools.  I will soon discover that I’m right, but the tools I imagine you have are not what you brought.

You put the bag on my desk and sit down in my only chair.  I sit on the bed, indian-style, wondering what kind of checkup I will be getting.  You watch me intently until I begin to squirm, and then you speak.  “In a general checkup like this, I usually begin by taking a temperature and depending on that, the routine varies from patient to patient.”

vagina exam

I nod OK and wait for you to remove your thermometer.  I notice that you take two thermometers from your bag.  You take one and read it, shake it down, and then I open my mouth as you approach me – taking the thermometer in my mouth.  As I sit there, I watch you get your supplies from the bag and lay them out on the desk, then you do a little paperwork and, before long, you’re taking the thermometer from my mouth.  “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, you say and you shake down the thermometer and put it back in its case.  I’m surprised when you get the other thermometer and I notice that it has a bulbous end rather than a long one as I’m used to.  You tell me to stand up and take my panties off.  I’m shy to do it in front of you, but you’re the doctor…  I feel myself blush as I slide my panties down to my ankles before stepping out of them.  I’m wearing a long skirt, so I don’t show very much in taking them off.

You get up from the chair and tell me to lie on the bed on my stomach.  I’m thinking this is a bit odd until you approach the bed and tell me, “Get up on your knees so I can slide this skirt up.”  I do it, feeling odd with you behind me.  You lean over and pull my skirt up slowly, until my legs and ass are entirely exposed to your gaze.  You leave the skirt bunched at my hips and step away from me briefly.

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Snowy Week

22 Jul 2009

A Snowy Week

This story is very fiction and is just one’s mind running amuck. Please don’t take the actions in this story as true and don’t try this at home.
My husband of one in a half years and I were sitting at breakfast when he looked at me and asked, ” You OK Carla ?”

I replied that I was fine.

“You don’t look so hot.”

I just mumbled. We lived on 420 acres of land and I guess that maybe I was a little lonely and the weather had turned bad with an impending storm that would snow us in for sure. “Just the weather I guess.” I responded. He got up and went about doing his chores as I started mine. There was a lot to do on a spread this big.

My husband was a fairly young MD that retired and bought this place with plenty of money to spare. He had a lot of rental property and investments to keep us well off. I went about my day and I tired quickly. Joe my husband found me sleeping on the couch when he came in for lunch. He woke me up. “Oh I just needed some rest.” I said.

He brought his hand to my head and said “I think it maybe more than that baby.” He then picked me up from the couch and started to go into the kitchen. “Oh No honey I’m OK ….I don’t need to go down there.” He just carried me over to the basement door and down the stairs.


Tushy Clinic Porn
Tushy Gyno Exam Gallery

I had been in this room once before and I hated it. It made me not want to ever show him that I was ill again, he made me feel a lot worse before he made me feel better. The room was a fully equipped medical room with a hospital bed, equipment, and a true OR table, there was also a custom made enema chair that looked more like a birthing chair. ” I’m just a little tired,” I stated but he continued to place me on a big over stuffed chair by the hospital bed. The basement was two big rooms one was always locked off and I never had entered it and didn’t want too. There was a TV at the bottom of the hospital bed and I just sighed remembering the first time I had been brought down here. I watched a lot of TV and laid in pain. Joe came back and placed a hospital gown in my lap and told me to get undressed. I slowly did this as he went over and put on his lab coat. He then released one of the side rails on the bed and told me to get in.

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vagina exam movies

12 Jan 2009

I returned from a long vacation and wish you a happy new 2009 year.
This will me the first post in new year. I plan some positive major updates in gyno niche and hope things will go my way 😉
Wish you success in new year and add 4 gyno videous on this blog
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nice gyno fetish free page

24 Nov 2008

today Id like to represent gyno porn tushy
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doctor tushy movie gallery 1
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An ebony babe gets a finger in her anus

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doctor tushy movie gallery 4
Sexy latina nurse probes a hot blondes rectum

gyno doctor tushy exam sex

23 Nov 2008

Hi there!
at exam gyno I have updated Doctor Tushy review.
Today we have an update at
doctor tushy review
with new never forget hospital fetish sites.
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vagina exam gyno
The dildo began squirting something into her expanded cunt. It felt like a firehose was spurting into her as another wave of orgasms left her limp. Her mouth hung open and a shudder passed through her body. Dr. V. flipped another switch and the instrument came to a halt. Dr. V. slowly slid the enormous cock from her pussy. It came out with a wet plop. Her vaginal canal was spread widely and felt quite empty now, the fluid that had been shot into her was draining out in a steady stream onto the floor. After a few minutes Dr. V. removed the clamps and straps that held her in place and helped June to her feet. Her legs wobbled and she was very unsteady.
butt thermomether incertion during regular pelvic gyn check
The day after tomorrow, June moaned into the gag memorizing doctors pelvic check , she couldn’t believe what was happening to her.Yes she is during her first gynaecology exam. She could feel her pussy juices dripping down her asscheeks as his other hand busied itself with her clit. She remembered, with embarrassment, that her friend had fisted her pussy the other night when she asked to exam her vagina. Her naked cervix lips were there for all to see. Dr. V. seemed to like her nude pussy lips as he probed and rubbed his hand all over her hairless little mound.

gyno exam stories

11 Nov 2008

for more stories please visit Private gyn exams

~Subject: Dr.’s Examination Notes-College (F)
~Date: Sun, 03 Mar 96 23:30:36 EST

– College Park Campus –

*** M-E-D-I-C-A-L E-X-A-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N N-O-T-E-S ***

Patient’s Name:Candy WestDate: 11/28/90
Department:Computer Science

Attending Physician:Dr. Stephens

Primary Complaint:Routine Examination


The patient came to the campus health clinic at approximately 4:00 PM
and requested a physical examination. It was clearly explained to the
patient that no female medical personnel were available to assist in the
examination, however, the patient signed form # W-152 (Waiver for
Un-aided Examination). The patient is a 20-year old unmarried female.
On the day of the examination she appeared to be personally well kept,
and was dressed in a sweater, blue jeans, and tennis shoes — not
uncommon attire for college students at this campus. The patient was
asked to provide a urine sample and to remove her clothes and cover
herself with the typical gown provided.

Urinalysis indicated that there were no abnormal conditions, no drug
usage, no pregnancy. I felt, however, that disrobing appeared to take
more time than usual. Upon checking the dressing room monitor, I
observed the patient sitting upon the chair, dressed in only her
panties. Her legs were spread with one hand inside of her panties and
one hand on her breasts. The patient appeared to have been masturbating
and was experiencing orgasm during my observation. Shortly thereafter,
she stood, placed the gown on her body, and exited the dressing room.

I met the patient in the examining room. I conducted a routine history
and determined that there were no contraindications in the family
history. The patient explained that she was sexually active and that it
had been almost a year since her last complete examination. Weight and
height of the patient were noted at 115 pounds and 66″, respectively.
With the patient sitting on the edge of the examining table, vital signs
were taken and noted as follows (+):

Blood Pressure – 135/80
Pulse -78
Temperature -99.5 (*)

(*) Temperature was taken ORALLY. The patient indicated that she had
drunk a cup of coffee 15 minutes prior to the examination.

(+) Elevated levels may be a result of patient’s achieving sexual
orgasm prior to the examination.

I asked the patient to lie on the examination table in the supine
position. Her gown was lowered to just above her waist. Respiration
and palpitation of abdominal organs indicated no abnormalities. The
patient was asked to turn upon her left side for further confirmation of
the respiration and palpitation examination.

With the patient returned to the supine position, her breasts were
examined. The texture was firm and there were no abnormal masses.
Symmetry was within tolerance. No discharge was noted at the nipples.
It was noted, however, that respiration increased during the examination
of the patient’s breasts. Further, the nipples hardened at the touch
and remained hardened throughout the examination.

The patient was informed that a pelvic examination was part of the
complete physical. She indicated that she had been examined by a
gynecologist on a number of occasions. Further, she confirmed that she
waived her right to have female medical personnel present during this

The patient’s gown was removed fully and she declined my offer for
covering her upper extremities and/or draping the area below her hips.
The patient was asked to move herself farther down the table, placing
her buttocks at the table’s edge. She complied without hesitation, and
upon her buttocks reaching the table’s edge, she placed her feet in the
examining stirrups.

External examination of the genitalia revealed that pubic hair had been
trimmed to confine it to an area slightly above the vulva. There was no
pubic hair around the labia, perineum, or anus. Left untrimmed,
however, pubic hair growth appeared to be normal. The patient indicated
that she trimmed her pubic hair as a matter of: 1) personal preference,
2) to accommodate her swimwear, and 3) to heighten sexual
activity/response. There were no unusual odors or discharges and the
patient indicated that she had not douched within 48 hours prior to the
examination, although she douches regularly.

Internal examination of the genitalia revealed no abnormalities.
However, there were sufficient natural secretions that lubricating gel
was not required (although used as a matter of procedure) for the
digital examination or insertion of the speculum. Bi-manual examination
revealed that all reproductive organs were properly aligned. The
recto-vaginal examination was conclusive. Papanicolaou’s Test was
performed and the results were returned “negative” from the laboratory.
The patient’s vagina accommodated a # 2 speculum.

During the pelvic examination, natural secretions continued to be
emitted from the patient’s vagina. Further, upon insertion of my
finger(s) into the patient’s vagina I observed that her hips raised
toward insertion and the vaginal walls contracted during palpitation.
Respiration increased. A similar response was received in the patient’s
rectum during the recto-vaginal examination. Insertion of two fingers
into the patient’s rectum was easily accommodated. The patient
indicated that she was sexually active, enjoying vaginal and rectal
stimulation, as well as anal intercourse. Upon removing my fingers, I
noticed that the patients hips continued to gyrate while respiration

The patient was then asked to assume the dorsal recumbent position for
examination of the rectum. External examination revealed no
abnormalities; preliminary insertion to the first knuckle of one finger
revealed a firm rectal muscle and normal response. Full insertion of
the finger into the anus revealed no abnormalities or hemorrhoids.
Minor impaction was noted. The patient was questioned concerning the
regularity of her bowels. She responded that her bowel movements were
regular, however, her eating habits were sporadic. A cleansing enema
was recommended. A rectal dilator was inserted and the rectal/anal
walls were observed to be consistent with the digital examination. The
patient, however, appeared to be stimulated by insertion of items into
her rectum as she pushed her hips toward insertion.

Due to increased vital signs observed at the beginning of this
examination, the patient was asked whether she would object to her
temperature being verified rectally. She responded that this
verification was acceptable. With the patient straightening her knees
and lowering her buttocks, a rectal thermometer was lubricated and
inserted. During the thermometer’s registering, her pulse and blood
pressure were again checked. The vital signs were:

Blood Pressure – 135/80
Pulse -78
Temperature -98.6 (!)

(!) Temperature adjusted downward one degree.

Following removal of the thermometer, the patient was advised that she
could get off of the table and get dressed. She explained that she was
feeling a bit “flushed” and requested that she be permitted to lie on
the table for a few moments. I complied and completed the required

After several minutes, and with my back to the patient, I heard several
moans coming from her. When I turned to see her, I observed the patient
lying on her back. Her feet were in the stirrups, she had the
thermometer inserted into her rectum, three fingers of her right hand
were inserted into her vagina, and her left hand was vigorously rubbing
her clitoris. As she noticed my approaching the examination table, she
exclaimed, “Doctor, please excuse me. I’m cumming…..” With this
exclamation, her hips began to gyrate violently as sexual orgasm
increased, overwhelming her for approximately 30 seconds, then
subsiding. The patient removed the finger from her vagina. I took the
liberty of removing the thermometer from her rectum. Also, in the
interest of medical science, I again checked her vital signs:

Blood Pressure – 120/80
Pulse -60
Temperature -99.5 (!)

(!) Temperature adjusted downward one degree.


The patient removed herself from the examination table, got dressed, and
returned to my office for post-examination consultation. She explained
to me that she was “overly erotic” and that “any stimulation of [her]
tits, pussy, or ass requires [her] to masturbate or receive another form
of sexual gratification immediately.” The patient advised me that she
masturbated almost daily, and had sexual intercourse at least 5 days a
week, sometimes twice or three times daily. The patient indicated that
she also enjoyed sexual relations with other females. Sexual
gratification is received through oral sex and the use of various
objects designed for insertion into the vagina and anus. Physical
examination revealed that there was no indication of any abuse, although
the topic was discussed as a matter of precaution with the patient.

My physical examination of the patient revealed no sexual dysfunction,
and my psychological evaluation of the patient does not indicate any
emotional imbalances. We discussed the need for adequate protection
against both disease and pregnancy during sexual activity. The patient
takes Lo-Ovral daily and is aware of the need for regular and consistent
use of “the pill”. She requires men to wear a condom before engaging in
sexual activity with them. She is also aware of the need to separate
vaginal and anal sexual activities.

As noted during the rectal examination, the patient was reminded to
administer a cleansing enema to herself of approximately two quarts.
She indicated that she had an enema nozzle attachment to her douche bag.
Proper positioning and retention was discussed with the patient.

The patient left the facility at approximately 4:45 PM.

Let me know if you like this! Also, if you want to send ME something,
that would be very much appreciated!

Digital Spectrum On-Line * Custom Scans * Baltimore’s Information Service
Data 410-

gynofetish 4 free sites

30 Oct 2008

Hi folks!
today gynoman have 4 free boob exam scum and dr tushy sites for ya!
well you know doctor tushy, but this site you might also like there you will find boob exam scum site focused on breast exam of amateur babes
boob exam scum gyno fucking
1.Gyno Exam Hardcore Gyno doc pays special attention to this girls pierced pussy after or duric breast exam

the story continues the gyn not only exams a chick but wants t6o make sure she is fine and try her recording this medical fetish fucking on his camera

2.gyn fucks patient
Gynecological Meeting A girl fucks with gynecologist on the gynecological meeting

these site are also come with nice thumbinal pictures please see yourself
3.Female Rectal Exam Chick comes to clinic to check up if she is pregnant or not

4.doc and nurse during fetish gyno exam of a female chick patientGirl Gyno Exam Doctor and a nurse make a nice tandem while gyno examining a girl

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28 Sep 2008

blond nurse in prvate medical exams
Hi folks! Ive been working hard updating my old avs gyno porn site called ‘private gynecology exams’ well while the site content itself are still being updated.. there are many hot and old material which is new if you’re new to this cool site. In our future plans bringgin the site to the next level updating it with the hot content of cervix exams and pelvic closeup shots along with enema porn and anus exam with stainless steel speculums. We already got this content, just cant wait to report this to you..
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16 Sep 2008

on some of my gyno free sites like this one
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23 Jul 2008

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21 Jul 2008

at gyno clinic you will find best check gyno the euro view at on the new aspects of gyno fetish.clinic gyno is focused at long-legged, fresh looking models with nice smooth vagina and ass.
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15 Jul 2008

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13 Jul 2008

Today instead of preparing some post with galleries for easy look and directly post at this blog
I am giving a link to gyno porn ferish link list which is widely known among this clinic fetish lovers.
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10 Jul 2008

nice catch medical fetish blog
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Erotic Gyno free sites

06 Jul 2008

these 3 sites added for your pleasure
Clinic Exam Sex Cute babe comes to clinic to have a gyno exam of her vagina

Medical Porn A girl gladly passes through a full medical examination

Nurse Rectal Exam Nasty nurse examines the steaming vagina and ass of chick

I will add more tommorow

medical fetish doctor sex sites

04 Jul 2008

Gyno Exam Xxx Beauty comes for gyno exam but it turns into xxx action with doctor

Black & White Medical Fetish An ebony goddes and a latina cat are having their gyno examination.

Black Medical Fetish Bizarre medical pictures of ebony chicks gynecology exams.

Medical Exam An unpretty babe comes to the hospital to pass a gyno exam.

New Gyno Fetish Site

03 Jul 2008

another site of my friendly doctor tushy 😉
Again Im making all my posts by hands which makes me go slow with the whole cervix movies campaign 😉 I have another gyno blog at medical-fetish.info you may visit it if you like my previous posts.
Ok here is goes:
Luscious Gyno Fetish Site

Gyno Fetish Site pics gallery
A girl in blue goes through a thorough gyno examination
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