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doctor clinic hardcore

18 Mar 2015

Our good doctor is very lucky today as a sexy intern walked into his room already unbuttoning her uniform. Watch him banging that round ass right on his desk

blonde nurse medical exam

30 Oct 2014

The handsome blonde nurse doesn’t want to waste her time when talking to this blonde hoe that came in for her regular checkup. She hurriedly writes down her answers and hastily inspects her vagina.

russian brunette full nude medical exam

29 Sep 2014

This video set is a special treat for those into bizarre gyno examinations. Watch a Russian doctor examining the nasty brunette and taking pictures of her nude body.




silicone boobs exam

25 Sep 2014

Jessie called the registration desk asking for a regular gyno exam. She was assigned the time and showed up a couple of minutes earlier. The cute nurse asked her to wait and as she waited she looked through some magazines. Then the nurse invited her into the exam room and the fun started.

male gyn embarrassment

13 Aug 2014

The latin babe is seriously nervous upon seeing a male gynaecologist. Her first thought was to leave the room and never come back. Still the matter is pressing so she gets over her embarrassment and get sher legs spread wide for him

hairy pussy gyno videos

18 Apr 2014

This one is a yummy mature lady with perfect body and long legs. She strips her clothes off easily and spreads her legs wide. Click the images below to download the movies and enjoy her hairy vagina in closeup.

latina gyno examination videos

22 Mar 2014

Doctor Tushy presents a nice piece of ass for today. This smoking hot Brazilian chick has awesome curves and is not afraid to show off, she looks like she was posing for the camera. Click the images to download videos

male doctor gyno videos

19 Feb 2014

Doctor Collins likes company and when he is at a physical exam he asks two nurses to assist him. Download the videos and enjoy the exam.

big boobs exam videos

22 Jan 2014

A blonde with huge melons was a welcome patient here at doctor tushy’s clinic

The blonde nurse took her measurements and checked her vitals before proceeding to the breast exam which was defenitely the best part to this visit

teen brunette gyno exam

14 Dec 2013

Teen hottie showed up at the gyno clinic for her annual gyno examination. She had to go thru all the routine procedures before the doctor shoved a finger up her ass

hairy pussy gyno exam

01 Nov 2013

She tensed and jumped when he touched the soft curls of her sparse pubic hair.  He gently parted it with his thumbs and separated her outer cuntal lips and felt for the inner labia.  His finger explored downward for the  vaginal opening.  When he found the tiny pink mouth it was throbbing gently.  He pressed the moist fleshy lips open and she jumped and tensed her body even more.

pelvic exam video

05 Oct 2013

Nancy got out a rubber glove and some K.Y. Jelly.  Then she came over to Rachel who stood up and leaned over the table, never stopping her chatter.  Nancy took Rachel’s hands and fastened them together with a  velcro restraint behind her back!  Then she started putting K.Y.  Jelly on Rachel’s behind.

mature nurse gyno videos

28 Sep 2013

With a very firm manner and determined look, the sympathetic nurse sat down on the narrow bed and dipped the thermometer into the jar. The nurse rubbed her bottom in a circular fashion and said, “Try to relax. See how smoothly it goes in when you do.  You like having me hold you like this dont you?  I put my hand over the tip so it wont slip out.”

busty blonde gyno videos

21 Sep 2013

Again I said, “Please if you can disrobe, I’ll be able to examine you and find out what is wrong.” I feared for some reason, she’d understand my motives all too clearly and run out the door, perhaps to call the police. But the mistique of doctors is such that patients willing do whatever is asked of them. They strip naked and allow the doctor to probe and poke places on their bodies they rarely touch themselves. Yes, patients will do anything on doctor’s orders.

asian doctor speculum exam videos

18 Sep 2013

The female doctor quickly slipped on a pair of latex exam gloves and I could  both see and feel as she placed her fingers on the lips of my  vulva and spread them apart.

I had never looked at myself like this and was surprised by the  moist pinkness of my inner lips, as she spread them wide exposing  my vaginal orifice. Her finger pushed upwards and my clitoris slipped from under its hiding place as her fingers continued to open and massage me as she examined every fold of my vulva.
She took her fingers from my vulva and I could see him picking up a tube of lubricant from the table that was beside her, I know she was getting ready to examine me internally.

skinny ebony gyno exam videos

14 Sep 2013

The ebony teen just recieved the letter from the college she’d applied to. the letter said she’s accepted but a medical report card was needed.

So there she is at the gyno clinic feeling embarrassed and nervous at the feeling of the nurse’s fingers touching her.

blonde medical exam

11 Sep 2013

Bombshell blonde arrived for her annual physical. She is pleased to see a gentle blonde nurse with that wicked look in her gorgeous blue eyes. She quickly sheds her clothes eager to feel the hands on her body.

And the nurse doesn’t disappoint – she squeezes and touches in all the right places.

When it comes to rectal exam the blonde patient all but whines when the slim gloved finger enters her tight hole.

pap smear video

26 Aug 2013

The doctor snapped on some rubber exam gloves and began what surely must be the most envious job in the world: examining the pussy of a 18-year-old.  He gently parted her outer lips and started a very thorough study of her outer and inner lips.  He then said something about a pap smear and took a speculum from a drawer at the foot of the exam table.  He held it in one hand for a minute, I guess to warm it, and then took the other and spread her pussy open.  He brought the tip of it to her vaginal entrance and as soon as it touched her, her hips rose slightly from the table.  He slowly eased it in sideways, sliding the whole thing into her vagina.  He then turned the handle down and opened it up.  Her formerly tight little pussy was now stretched into this wide oval.  He took a small flashlight and peered up into her, studying the inside of her vagina.  He then took this cotton swab and stuck it up her. 

He rubbed it around for a minute and then pulled it out and rubbed then end in a small glass dish.  He closed the speculum and pulled it out, but her pussy stayed slightly open.  He then took two fingers and stuck them up into her, while feeling her abdomen with the other hand.

teen pelvic exam videos

20 Jul 2013

Sammy got her full ride to college in Orlando. All she has left to do before moving to campus is a medical checkup. She shows up at the hospital and the mature doctor helps her though the medical exam.

The hardest part is as always the gyno exam. But she managed to relax as the gyno speculum slid slowly into her pussy.

rectal thermometer videos

12 Jul 2013

The patient was a very good looking and elegant woman. The doctor asked her about her problem and the answer was that she and her husband had been trying to have a child for a while but she still cannot get pregnant. The doctor explained that the best time to get pregnant is when the rectal temperature is highest. And she offered to measure it right now just to show the woman how it works. She asked her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. She slowly inserted the rectal thermometer up that tight asshole.

two nurses gyno videos

11 Jul 2013

Sandra turned up for gyno exam wearing a provocative top. She was hoping to see a male doctor. But the male doctor was on sick leave so she was greeted by two nurses – one mature and more experienced and the other cute and young and cheerful. They filled in the check list, then examined her boobs and checked her vitals. Then they lay her down for a gyno examination. The younger nurse watched as the older collegue fingered that shaved pussy.

brunette breast exam

29 Jun 2013

Cute brunette exposed her nice small titties while waiting for the gyn nurse. The nurse asked her to lay on her back and then put on her gloves and applied some lube. She gently fingered her vagina and took pap smear.

gyno exam fingering

24 Jun 2013

Cute Russian Nastya immigrated a long time ago. She had been working as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a nurse. Now she applied for a better position as a hostess as a hotel and the employer required full medical exam. All in all this is her first exam in a couple of years and she is ill at ease. The female doctor helps her relax by being very gentle.

black medical exam videos

21 Jun 2013

Ebony Trisha arrived at the gyn’s office for her regular health exam. The redhead doctor inspected her throat, checke her heart rate and vitals. She carefully felt and squeezed her boobs.

Trisha spread her thighs while putting her legs in stirrups to let the doctor have better access to her shaved cunt. The doctor used specula to examine her vagina and then followed up with anal exam.

blonde gyno exam videos

16 Jun 2013
Blonde cutie strips stark naked in the examination room and puts on the medical gown. The nurse listens to her heart rate and her lungs.

After the standard medical exam routine the blonde is laid on her stomach and the nurse puts on her sterile gloves and applies some lube and inserts the index finger gently into her tight asshole. Watch her probing the insides in the anal exam video.