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redhead fucks her doctor

09 Feb 2016

Redhead Alyssa had to see a doctor because she ceased feeling anything during sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. The doctor had to check her private parts. Investigation went a bit too far and in ten minuted Alyssa found herself sucking onto that impressive cock of her doctor’s. See more at Doctor’s adventures

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Nude nurses in stockings

28 Jan 2016

These cuties have donned sexy uniforms to make you hard in seconds. Tons of video content and nice hi-rez photos.

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hairy pussy closeup

03 Jan 2015

Michelle has a kink for doctors and uniforms. She even used a fake id to get a job at a gyno clinic. Every day she walks into the examination room thirty minutes early and masterbates using a gyno speculum. The best part is she is fixing this on camera and we get to see her fingering her hairy pussy.

Sexy nurse Mischel Lee speculum play

petite brunette medical fetish

20 Sep 2014


Mature nurse greeted this first timer with all her warmth. She instructed her to undress while she was asking her the routine questions. Then after explaining her all the steps included in the medical examination she went on with the physical.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/144x/contents/bimages/3.jpg




blonde nurse with a ponytail

30 Jun 2014

the busty blonde from Miami showed up at the gynaecological clinic the other day. She was in for a regular checkup and anal exam. The nurse instructed her all along with experienced ease.


medical fetish hardcore

24 Jul 2013

The busty brunette required treatment as she declared upon entering the doctor’s office.

The young male doctor asked what kind of treatment she supposed was needed and the answer was hardcore. He checked her vitals and examined her breasts and then the action unfolded.

She caressed his chest then got lower right where his zipper was. She sucked his cock and his balls and then rimmed his ass hole.

czech mature gyno exam

25 May 2013

The blonde Czech MILF casually takes off her clothes in front of an old male doctor. He explained the routine of the complete physical to her but looks like she already knows all the bits and pieces of medical exam. She has seen so many doctors though her life. But this one will prove to be different from anything she had experienced before.


czech gyno exam video

nurse masturbation videos

06 May 2013

Amanda is feeling very sexy today wearing her new white stockings.

She couldn’t wait for the lunch break to strip her panties and unzip her gown. She settles on the gyno chair and spreads her legs.

She slowly fingers her pussy feeling it gradually become wetter, tugs on her pussy lips.

When she feels her fingers are not enough she takes specula and slowly fucks herself with it.

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nice teen arse medical fetish videos

03 May 2013

Sexy teen shook hands with her new gyn. She answered the questions for the form and then was told to undress.

She quickly took off her clothes and settled on the chair watching the doctor warily as she produced huge speculum from the top drawer of her table.

The doctor inserted specula and spread it gently. She took pap smear before examining the insides visually.

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inked teen gyno exam

12 Apr 2013


Teen Sandy has huge tattoos on her back and shoulders and a nice butterfly tat between her nicely shaped boobs. Mature nurse examined her boobs and listened to her heart rate. Vagina exam followed. The nurse inserted gyno specula into the shaved pink. When they were through with pelvic exam, the girl lay on her stomach and let the nurse insert rectal thermometer into her tight arsehole.

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granny boobs medical exam

01 Apr 2013

Fat granny was a real treat for the old doctor. He was fed up with those perfect young bodies, tiny pussies and virgin assholes he was seeing on a regular basis. Matilda had big heavy tits and a fat ass. She was also not embarrassed in the least when he probed her cunt with a finger and offered to pump it for her. She actually enjoyed it and willingly helped to hold the specula in place when the doctor was taking a couple of pictures “for the file”

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fat granny gyno videos

02 Mar 2013

The doctor is pleased to see Martha again. She has been his patient for the recent years. He likes her for her cheerful disposition and immense boobs. As she undresses he takes his time to appreciate her big body.

The vagina exam goes on as usual starting with some fingering to get her prepared for the specula.

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gaping pussy self exam

28 Feb 2013

Slender mature business woman is too busy to visit her gyn doctor often so she has to perform self exams from time to time. She sets a camera in front of her couch and fingers her cunt in front of it. then she will check the hd video for any flaws in her pink.

She seems to obviously enjoy her fingers probing her insides.

She stretches her vagina so that it is gaping in front of her camera. That video comes out the hottest.
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Dr Tushy Gyno examination

29 Jan 2013

Sorry for not being posted with a lot of  thumb this time, but we have movies!

link to the whole steaming (find other parts there):
Doctor Tushy offers you the best source of gynecological examinations on the net
<a href=”http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/flash/92d/index.php?id=551882″ target=_blank>doctor tushy movie gallery 8</a>
Sexy brunette gets her annual rectal exam
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anal exam videos

22 Jan 2013

Doctor Tushy delivers yet another gorgeous ass in their medical exam studio. This blond has some remarkable round butt. watch her take off her panties in closeup and then see the nurse insert two fingers into her tight butthole.

lesbian gyno exam threesome

20 Jan 2013

Jessie’s exam was very special – a trainee nurse was present. The more experienced nurse led thru the examination.

When it came to boob exam the young nurse unbuttoned her uniform and showed her big tits letting the older nurse compare the small tits of the patient and her bigger boobies.


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vaginal enema gyno exam

04 Jan 2013

The doctor considered the filled out form while the tall brunette was undressing. Then she stood full nude facing him and he instructed her to sit on the couch.


He checked her pupils for signs of any hidden deceases


he then put her in doggy style position and inspected her vagina


after speculum examination he made a decision she needed a vaginal enema and agreed to help her with the first one.


teen latina at a gyno exam

19 Dec 2012

cute blonde nurse examined her latina patient. Beforehand she asked her some questions to fill in the questionnaire.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4276.JPG

Then the teen latina undressed in front of the camera set up for record.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/26/contents/IMG_4286.JPG

The nurse examined he perfect boobies.


and then came anal exam, the nurse fingered the perfect pink rectum and inserted a rectal thermometer


I vote my pussy for obama’s erection

06 Nov 2012

Id like to introduce you day special examinations set.
This pussy is for Obama.

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tattooed babe gyno exam

25 Sep 2012

Today my friend who knows about my fetish for medical sex, sent me some gyno exam pictures. They feature quite a regular gyno exam but the chick is a treasure – hot blonde with long sleek mane and tattoos


I have a kink for tattoos on girls and this one on her back is gorgeous. to to mention her buttocks that have tightened expecting anal exam


bbw gyno exam

12 Sep 2012

Beth is a little bit overweight but still hot as hell – she’s got perfect curvy body with big boobies and huge round buttocks. Watch her explain her problems to the skinny nurse

the nurse put on her gloves and got straight to vagina examination

panties gyno exam

30 Aug 2012

blonde with small perky tits shows up at the hospital for her annual physical. she takes off her shirt – and wow she has the nicest small titties I’ve seen


now that she proceeds to take off her jeans we can admire her round ass in white panties


And now without them

fatty gyno orgasm video

08 Aug 2011

She reached down and spread her cheeks wide apart.  I placed the tip of the instrument against her asshole, and with the sufficient lubrication that I had applied, it slid inside.  I pulled the plunger out and looked  inside of her asshole. chubby gyno Then I stuck my index finger inside the dilator, beyond its depth, to manipulate her asshole.  I looked up at her pussy and she was very wet.  I
removed the dilator and again inserted my middle finger into her asshole while sliding my index finger into her pussy.  I resumed rubbing her clit and finger fucking her.  “Rub your tits”, I said.  She immediately began to rub her tits and stroke her belly.  Her hips were gyrating on the table, she was pushing down against the stirrups, and I could feel her muscles contracting on my fingers in her pussy and asshole.  She was cumming big time!  This continued for what seemed like and eternity, and then her whole body went limp.  I removed my fingers from her pussy and asshole and she lay on the table, her legs still in the stirrups, her hands at her side.  “You are quite a hot little thing aren’t you?”, I questioned.  No response.  Her face was flushed, she was
perspiring, her breathing was intense.

I looked at her lying on the table after her orgasm, and then my eye caught something above the examining table – a thermometer standing upright in its case.  Maybe I should take her temperature just to see what it is…

As I was reaching for the thermometer, her eyes opened and saw what I was doing.  Before I knew what was happening, she had removed her legs from the   stirrups and turned over on her stomach.  “This is the position the doctor uses”, she said.  What a nice ass she had.  I looked at the thermometer and noticed that it had a stubby bulb; a rectal thermometer.

speculum fetish video sample

25 Jul 2011

He took a moment to cover her with the gown, and then removed the gloves. He wrinkled his nose. “I hate the smell of latex. I really do!” He said aloud. “Then get some polypropylene ones, doc. They don’t have an odor.” “How do you know about polypropylene exam gloves, Sarge?” “I used to do AIDS/HIV education outreach in the lesbian community teaching safer sex practices” “I’m impressed.” (“That explains your sophistication, sergeant…”) “Don’t be.

physical exam gyno exam

It was easy work, and I learned lots myself. Made sure that The Project provided latex dental dams and gloves along with condoms. Also found out that not all women can handle latex, so I found a source of the polypropylene gloves, and worked out a way to cut them open to use as oral sex dams.” “You are resourceful, aren’t you?’ (“How are you with kitchen implements?”) “I try to be. Can I sit up now?” Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” He grasped her heels and guided her feet out of the stirrups, and then out and down. He stepped to her side, and lifted her by the shoulder blades with the flat of his hand. “Thank you.” “You may get dressed now.” He turned to his assistant nurse. “Maggie, I’m finished with your superlative services. Sgt. Totten and I will have our conference once she is dressed. You may take the rest of the day for yourself.” Maggie, a woman of indeterminate age, thanked the doctor, and did a quick clean up. The doctor jotted a note to “get poly gloves, latex dams”. They both left the room.

Edith sat on the edge of the table, and hoped that she had been officious enough at the end. He had aroused her so much that she was aching. Quickly, she laid back, and deftly stroked her clit. It was hard, and a bit dry. She dipped into her nether mouth and withdrew some of her own juices mingled with KY. Quickly she circled her clit, felt it swell upward, and then dipped again. Two more dips, two more circles, and she came, silently, her mouth clamped shut so the he would not hear in the next room.

pussy exam

speculum cumshot story

08 May 2011

“Hey, what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a speculum,” Angelina replied. “I got it at the clinic. They showed me how to use it and everything, and – hey, I can see your imagination working! What are you cooking up?”

“Let’s use that when we ‘play’ tonight!”

“Tonight, hell. Let’s do it now,” Angelina retorted. “I’ll wash the speculum and you get the lubricant.”

I felt my heartbeat increase as I fetched the lubricant for this new adventure. She thoroughly cleaned the instrument and came into the bedroom where I was waiting. “I want you to get me wet and creamy before we use this,” she stated.

A while later, after some massaging, kissing and caressing, her breathing quickened, and I knew that she was ready for whatever I dreamed up. I slowly undressed her, and slipped her panties off. She was very creamy and I quickly shed my clothes and gave her sweet pussy some long, passionate kisses while she moaned and squirmed.

I generously smeared lubricant on the clear plastic speculum and asked Angelina to insert it. She spread her legs wide and gently inserted the speculum in her creamy vagina. Then she slowly adjusted it as I gazed in wonder at the scene before me. Her pussy was spread wide open. I put one finger in the opening and felt the fleshy interior of her vagina close to the opening. I asked her if she could spread it open any further. She said she needed some time to get adjusted to the feel of it before she could do that. After a few more minutes of foreplay she reached down and spread the speculum so that it opened her up even more.

“I want to come inside you, baby doll,” I whispered, “while you have the speculum in you.”

“Be careful baby,” Angelina answered with wide eyed excitement.

I put a generous supply of lubricant on my throbbing erection and positioned myself to enter her. It was a strange sensation as I carefully and slowly worked my cock in through the partly plastic, partly fleshy, tunnel of sexuality. All the way in, I probed Angelina with very short strokes.

“Oh! that feels so good!” Angelina exclaimed as she shuddered. That was all it took and I spurted uncontrollably into her open vagina.

“Angelina, that was absolutely delicious!” I told her after we had been in each others’ arms a while.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she dreamily acknowledged. “You are soooooo naughty! We’ve got to do that again.”

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