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female doctor videos

20 Mar 2013

Sexy female doctor puts on her gloves for a pelvic exam and she sure will check her patient’s shaved pussy deep and fine.

She applies some lube on her fingers and inserts them inside her patient so she squirms and keens quietly. The doctor feels the insides of the vagina and palpates the abdomen of the girl.

After she is satisfied she asks the girl to lay on her stomach and continues with anal exam. She inserts a carefully lubed finger into the tight pink asshole and then checks rectal temperature.

asian first table gyno exam

22 Mar 2011

This is teen amateur examination pictures taken at gyno clinic

tight pussy gyno exam
where young women Rosemary passes through her 1st embarrassed physical checkup

the site contain 2 galleries of the tight thai female patient action guided by professional doc while tutoring his unexperienced assistant Mr. Jade Stewart. (I had fun look at the student stupid face when he pose for his boss 😉
That 18years old Thailand girl was pretty nervous at the first time but when the gyn is flirting with her and she started to like it.
see her smiling face and tight thai pussy like this: asian_exam_12.jpg

Asian Gyno Chair Pussy A young asian babe gets her pink examined by a male intern-student

a lot more fun at dr tushy. Bookmark and revisit

fetish gyno examination links

03 Mar 2011

Hey, hey!
Just to keep you updated that to a long time ago I’ve came across a ‘gyn/ob fetish’ page @ gyno bizzare world
powered by dr tushy doctor tushy movie Tushy Movie

Not a long time ago

Gyno Exams Fetish

has been created to help some amateur medical fetish fans.
stop by and find there a lot of fee medical stuff as well as read reviews of some gyno sites (look at the bottom of the page)

there are several free sites there

such as Black Booty Gyno Exam Videos Ebony female with ‘perky’ tits visits clinic for regular medical checkpup procedure

as a tip that page reveals some secrets of what is ‘speculum’ thing itself.

That page is perfect for all who like to look inside women cervix.

by Gyno Sex guides

Flirty Girl Gyno Exam

29 Jun 2009

She then told me that she had always been attracted to larger guys and that when I had started going to the gym and t A nurse and gallery 12 samples gallery rying to lose weight she found herself getting less physically attracted to me. That is when she spent all her energy developing this solution that would increase your breast size by filling them with milk.
Ready for a midnight snack?’ she asked. I couldn’t resist at this point. I was already hookedmedical porn gallery 12

another milestone to gyno

22 Apr 2009

Another long trip and stoped me from posting hot medical stuff to this blog
I must find a new way of updating the blog being offline or on vacation

This time lest me talk about new site I devoted to doctor tushy galleries

tushy doctor quality medical site ass exam

This is free hub site and many of mine medical fetish sites there. I also plan to turn this into gyno storage of dr tushy picture galleries. Working on the script to rotate galleries btw.


fantasy about gyn exam peeping story

well the story is not actually ‘medical’ but this explains why my fantasy is medical porn! 😉

(the pictures in this story are from my favorite clinic free fetish sites)

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gyno exam fetish

06 Nov 2008

todays 2 free gyn fetish sites feel free to peek inside:
Gyno Fetish story pic1
gyno clinic young women at gyno chairTushy Gyno Fetish A long haired redhead teen comes for her first gyno exam

go to a woman gynecologist, of course. I just changed insurance plans at work, though, and even though she had come recommended to me, I had never met her. The nurse called my name and I went back to the office.
Dr Tushy Gyno Fetish Free Gallery
Doc Tushy Gyno Fetish Free Gallery 2
She weighed me and took my blood pressure and then left a paper cover for my breasts and a paper blanket for over my abdomen. She told me to get undressed and put them on, then wait for the doctor on the table.

nurse during pelvic exams opens vagina of the female patient

regular ass chekup and anal thermometerGyno Fetish Porn

Gyno Fetish Porn Free Gallery
Gyno Fetish Porn Free Gallery 2
 A beautiful babe goes through medical exam at tushy gyno clinic

As I lay there, the tears were about to come. It was so humiliating and so upsetting for me. I had never felt more naked as I did there, trying to keep the paper jacket over my breasts. I just sat up, waiting for her knock at the door. Then it came.

She walked in to the examining room and introduced herself, Dr. Keely Staves. She could tell I was upset, but told me not to worry, that she would be very careful with me and she would always let me know what she was doing. She was really pretty, wearing her lab coat and with her chestnut brown hair tucked up in to a French twist. Her breasts were pushing at the front of the labcoat. I love big breasts, probably because mine are relatively small. But hers were marvelously round and full and I could see the outline of the nipple against the white fabric.

“Alright, Ginny, I want you to lay back. I’m going to examine your breasts.” I was panting and extremely nervous, but I lay back trying to keep the jacket covering me. My eyes were squenched tight as she put her hands on my chest and carefully spread apart the front of the jacket. I felt her cool hand press firmly on the outer edges of my breast.

for the continuation of the stories like this see..gyn exams
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