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big tits exam video

19 Jul 2014

Brunette with huge naturals full nude and laid out on the gyno chair. The blonde foxy nurse knows how to deal with it.

male doctor gyno videos

19 Feb 2014

Doctor Collins likes company and when he is at a physical exam he asks two nurses to assist him. Download the videos and enjoy the exam.

skinny ebony gyno exam videos

14 Sep 2013

The ebony teen just recieved the letter from the college she’d applied to. the letter said she’s accepted but a medical report card was needed.

So there she is at the gyno clinic feeling embarrassed and nervous at the feeling of the nurse’s fingers touching her.

two nurses gyno videos

11 Jul 2013

Sandra turned up for gyno exam wearing a provocative top. She was hoping to see a male doctor. But the male doctor was on sick leave so she was greeted by two nurses – one mature and more experienced and the other cute and young and cheerful. They filled in the check list, then examined her boobs and checked her vitals. Then they lay her down for a gyno examination. The younger nurse watched as the older collegue fingered that shaved pussy.

gyno exam fingering

24 Jun 2013

Cute Russian Nastya immigrated a long time ago. She had been working as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a nurse. Now she applied for a better position as a hostess as a hotel and the employer required full medical exam. All in all this is her first exam in a couple of years and she is ill at ease. The female doctor helps her relax by being very gentle.

nice teen arse medical fetish videos

03 May 2013

Sexy teen shook hands with her new gyn. She answered the questions for the form and then was told to undress.

She quickly took off her clothes and settled on the chair watching the doctor warily as she produced huge speculum from the top drawer of her table.

The doctor inserted specula and spread it gently. She took pap smear before examining the insides visually.

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cervix closeup video

02 Apr 2013

Exclusive club gyno clinic presents a very special set of videos.They feature a Czech teen getting examined by an old male doctor. He gets her on her elbows and knees first to thoroughly check her arsehole with his fat fingers.

He attached a pump to her pussy and pumped it until it was all bright pink and swollen.

Time for the specula insertion. The doc didn’t care to lube it for his patient was already wet enough. He pushed the specula wide enough to get full view of her cervix.

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asian medical exam videos

29 Mar 2013

Jasmin moved to a new city. She worked as a strip dancer previously so she is up to get the same job in a nice club. The staff manager is ready to hire her but his main requirement is her going through a medical exam. Jasmin explains to the nurse that she needs a full physical.

The nurse examines Jasmin’s nice tits and carefully squeezes nipples after feeling them all over.

Then Jasmin was told to lie on her front and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. The nurse produced the lube from her drawer and inserted a gloved finger into the tight asshole. Asian patient squirmed uncomfortably but then relaxed as the nurse petted her lower back.

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skinny mature vagina exam videos

05 Mar 2013

Sandra is 48 years old but she has the body of a teen. Slim legs and small boobs.

Even her pussy looks like a cunt of a teenage babe. The doctor stretches it with gyno specula and doesn’;t hesitate to mention that her pussy is very young and tight.

In the end of the exam the doctor checks her sensitivity using a big size vibrator, which he inserts into her cunt and sets to full speed

fat granny gyno videos

02 Mar 2013

The doctor is pleased to see Martha again. She has been his patient for the recent years. He likes her for her cheerful disposition and immense boobs. As she undresses he takes his time to appreciate her big body.

The vagina exam goes on as usual starting with some fingering to get her prepared for the specula.

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busty mature exam videos

25 Feb 2013
Jessica did not expect to be treated like a royalty as her doctor and her nurse do. They are in awe because of her perfect shapes.
As she undresses and reveals her big heavy tits with nipple piercing the doctor swallows hard against his instantly dry throat.

She is told to put on a medical gown and prepare for the examination.

Both the doctor and the nurse enjoy the view of her boobs and take their time examining them, pressing and squeezing slightly.

Jessica is then told to lay on her front and as the gown falls apart beautiful round buttocks are revealed. The doctor puts on his gloves and pushes one finger up her virgin asshole.

inked blonde gyno videos

03 Feb 2013

As the blond patient undressed and bend down for the flexibility check the nurse couldn’t take her eyes off her tattooed back.

Then the blonde lied down on the couch exposing a butterfly tattoo between her finely shaped silicone tits. The nurse sat comfortably between her wide spread legs and fingered her pussy before taking pap smear.

Dr Tushy Gyno examination

29 Jan 2013

Sorry for not being posted with a lot of  thumb this time, but we have movies!

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Sexy brunette gets her annual rectal exam
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anal exam videos

22 Jan 2013

Doctor Tushy delivers yet another gorgeous ass in their medical exam studio. This blond has some remarkable round butt. watch her take off her panties in closeup and then see the nurse insert two fingers into her tight butthole.

shaved pussy gyno exam

14 Jan 2013

Dark blond teen was in for her employment physical exam. The nurse obviously enjoyed watching the babe stripping off her clothes and putting on an examination gown which barely covered her long legs and round ass.

Watch the pelvic examination of this blond’s clean shaved pussy

and to top it all here goes a video preview of the anal exam

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cheerleader gyno exam videos

09 Jan 2013

College student Jessica is enrolled in the cheerleading team. The girls have to pass medical checkups annually. So she signed up for a medical exam  and came on time of the appointment. After the young blonde nurse filled in the questionnare, Jessica undressed and let the nurse feel about her body and touch her round butt.

granny gyno exam

25 Nov 2012

The kinky doctor got to see some old pussy thru a speculum. The blonde old woman wearing glasses signed up for a gyno exam as she had some vaginal itch. She turned out perfectly healthy and the only thing her vagina itched for was a hard cock. Watch her pussy getting a milk enema.

natural tits gyno exam videos

30 Oct 2012

Kira is a tall blonde with big natural boobs. She came for an appointment with gyn but to her astonishment her usual female doctor was out on vacation so she had to get nude in front of an old male doctor

gyno exam

He checked her weight and did all the routine as usual. Then examined her ass first – doggy style – he said this pose gave the best perspective and was more comfortable for anal exam.

He finished with vagina exam. He lubed a metal speculum and inserted it into her cunt then stretched it to the most

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pussy closeup videos

19 Oct 2012

The kinky old doctor asked his patient to spread her pussy lips to give him better view

He suggested that she used a huge vibrator to make her vagina muscles relax before the gyno speculum insertion

anal exam video

01 Oct 2012

Pretty teenage girl didn’t know what to expect at her first full nude medical exam.

She felt uncomfortable being dressed only in the gown that left her butts fully open

The nurse gave her a complete vaginal exam, briefly asking her some questions about her sexual life

and got down to rectal exam, fingered her tight pink asshole and inserter the thermometer. After all she gave her a shot in the ass – vitamins, she explained

black nurse gyno videos

19 Sep 2012

Detta has just finished her nurse training and finally got her first job as a nurse. She is still not very confident when it comes to telling ladies to undress and lay on their stomachs. But she is so sweet and gentle that her first patient feels no embarrassment about laying nude in front of her

bbw gyno exam

12 Sep 2012

Beth is a little bit overweight but still hot as hell – she’s got perfect curvy body with big boobies and huge round buttocks. Watch her explain her problems to the skinny nurse

the nurse put on her gloves and got straight to vagina examination

redhead nurse gyno videos

04 Sep 2012

A playful nurse does her job with pleasure. As she undresses her petite teen patient she explains the routine of the gyno exam. After some breast examination she gets to her favorite part – the rectal exam.

She lubes her finger and checks the teen’s asshole then inserts a rectal thermometer and waits for it to measure the temperature in the girl’s rectum.

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vaginal exam videos

18 Aug 2012

The male doctor lubes his finger and starts massaging the blonde babe’s vagina

Now the busty chick lies on her stomach and spreads her butt cheeks for some rectal thermometer

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male doctor vagina inspection

21 Jul 2012

blonde gyn doctor exam

male doctor takes pap smear and inspects the patient’s vagina with his finger

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