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spying on injection during examination

31 Mar 2011

I spy on doctor exam a women

My first encounter with seeing a young woman being examined was when I was a
teenager working for my uncle one summer. I use to fix appliances such
as refrigerators and washers. One day I got a service call to fix a
refrigerator for a doctor at his home. I got to the large two story home
and was ushered in by this very old man who turned out was a retired
doctor. As we walked through his house I notice an exam room filled with
very old medical furniture and equipment. He told me saw a few patients
from time to time.


As I was working on the refrigerator, the bell rang and the doctor
answered. In walked very attractive women about thirty or so. The doctor
walked her to that exam room I passed. He guided her into the room and
left the door almost fully open.

She walked up to the table and removed her top, skirt then her slip.


She then removed her bra exposing her bountiful breasts. Then she put her slip
back on over her almost naked body. She sat on the table for awhile
waiting for the doctor. The doctor walked in front of her and began
talking with her.

I was hidden by the fridge but could see all. I guess he forgot I was
there and left the door open. He took her temp and looked in her mouth
and ears. Then he opened this glass and wood cabinet and took this old
fashioned stethoscope with brown tubing and a big bell and put it on.

He then placed it on her back and she began to take deep breaths as he
moved the stethoscope around her back.


She then lowered her slip to her waist exposing her chest again.

I could see her naked from the waist up sitting on the exam table. Her
breasts were full and round, her chest heaving up and down as she
breathed. The doctor probed her chest with the stethoscope as she took
deep breaths; he pushed the stethoscope into the top of her left breast
and I watch her chest rise and fall; then he lifted her left breast
slightly to get under it and listened. She then lay down and he tapped
on her chest; listened with the stethoscope again.

Then he examined her abdomen with his hands


and used the stethoscope to
listen. After probing her abdomen he walked away as this beautiful woman
stood up and slid slip up over her rear end and slid her panties down
exposing her gorgeous rear end;


she turned around and bent over the exam
table. The doctor came back into view with a needle.


It was one of that
old glass-and- steel-type. It had two round rings on the end where his
finger slid in to hold it and a ring for his thumb to push the plunger.
The needle was long; I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this.

I could see him place cotton over her buttocks area and then he drilled
the injection into her. I heard her wince in pain as it went into her
flesh. Then he withdrew it and wiped the area. She stood up and began to
dress. I watch her dress pulling her panties up and putting on her bra
and slip again.

Then I turned back to my work as they moved to another room. I went
outside to my truck and waited for her to come out.

As our eyes met I smiled and said hello. She replied hello. I don’t
think she even knew that I was in the house.

I will never forget that day.

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New doctor story

10 Oct 2010

blonde_gyno_xxxRumors were flying all over town. The latest talk over coffee was the
new Doctor in town. He was supposed to be very good looking and a
specialist, but no body knew what he specialized in. Mary, being the
inquisitive one, couldn’t t stand it any long so she made an appointment
to go see him and find out for herself, just what kind of a doctor he
was. He only had office hours on Friday and Saturday and his
appointments were for late in the evening. Mary made an appointment for
Saturday at 9:30pm. She arrived to find his office was in a very nice
home and following the directions he given her on the phone, she came in
and went to the top of the stairs and knocked on the door.
When he opened the door and invited her in, Mary thought she would
dissolve right there on the spot. He was gorgeous, tall, dark and
dressed in khaki slacks and a plaid shirt. blonde_gyno_exam_23.jpgNot at all what you would
expect a doctor to look like a and had a voice that could melt butter.
He told Mary he was happy to see her and that they would being her
examination immediately. While she removed all her clothes, he would get
things ready for her exam. On the chair was one of those half gowns that
you put on with the opening in the front and a drape sheet. So far Mary
didn’t t see anything unusual Soon he called to her to come out when she
was ready, and lie down on the bed. He gazed at her and assured her that
there would be no pain everything was going to be all right.

He began by opening one side of her gown and telling her he was going to
do a breast exam. blonde_gyno_exam_24.jpgSlowly and methodically he explored every inch of her
breast gently massaging her sensitive skin, and when he began to roll
her nipple back and forth, between his fingers, she thought she would
die. He gently laid the gown flap over that one and uncovered her other
breast. He reassured her that she was doing fine. That incredible voice
….Such ecstasy she had never known before. At that point things began
to change and she understood the difference between his exams and a
regular doctors exam.

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free porn medical fetish site

06 Oct 2010

Today I am happy to present you one of my first site porn site

Female medical gyn examination




I made in 2006. This site is quite unusual for it has user-friendly one click access to gyno porn interface as well as very nice design.

doctor tushy movie Pelvic Medical Exam Movie
Site features access to dr tushy medical fetish and famous avs site Private gynecology exams.
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True gyno exam story

28 Jun 2010

The nurse had finished and left and she was now nude under a flimsy white gown that had two ties in the back but didn’t do much to cover her firm ass. She sat down on the table and noticed that the stirrups were different from any she had ever seen before. They hooked on the table at the same point but they were long padded pieces that went out and up at an angle, they went up fairly steep and then bent and went down. On each side there were two padded pieces going straight up about four inches. She was studying these things when the door opened and a man who looked in his early forties came through the door, she looked at him and noticed he was fairly hansom and quite a bit younger than she had expected. He looked like he was active, no stomach and well-toned arms, and she figured he must go to the gym a few times a week to stay in that good of shape.

After his hello and introduction he slid the X-rays into the lighted viewer and began to look the photos over. She sat looking over his shoulder for a few moments before he turned around and stepped to the side allowing her a full view of the films “I don’t see anything here that is alarming, there is one small blemish right at the surface right here” he pointed to a spot on one of the X- rays “but that looks more like a film smudge than anything else but we’ll do a manual examination and if need be we can get more pictures but I highly doubt it will amount to anything” he sat down at a small desk and began reviewing her chart. He looked up and said “judging by your BP and pulse and your overall appearance I’d venture to guess you’re not a couch potato” he smiled at her as he said this

She smiled back at him “no I try to keep active”

Suntanned blonde strips down and lays on the table for a gyno exam
“That’s good, you wouldn’t believe how many men as well as women I see at our age whose body’s are ready for a retirement home.” She thought about “our age” and wondered how old he really was; she was 36 so maybe he wasn’t as old as she thought. “Looking at your answers and your vital signs this should be a pretty routine exam but I need to ask a few more questions before we begin, you said here your last cycle was 2 weeks ago are your cycles regular?”

“Yes, fairly regular give or take a few days”

“Good, and being single I need to ask if you are sexually active?”

“Well” she felt herself blushing “not really active”

“When was your last intercourse?”

She was turning red now “a while ago”

He looked at her with an irritated look on his face “it’s nothing to be ashamed of but knowing how long ago it was will help me know what to look for when I do my exam for instance if it was last night and I found some redness and swelling I’d think less of it than I would if it was more than a month ago. Just answer less than two weeks, two to three weeks, three weeks to a month, or a month or more.”

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4 medical gyno exams free sites

01 Mar 2010

Gyno Exam Medical examination of an ebony babe with huge sexy boobs


Hospital Fetish Nurse examines a chick with fat ass using a speculumgyno_09.jpg

Anal Medical Exam Petite woman gets pussy and ass examined by nurse in uniformanal_medical_exam

Lesbian Medical Exam Lesbian comes to clinic to find out that nurse is lesbo toolesbian_medical_exam

Gyno fantasy

29 Aug 2009

nude girl gyno examA Letter Received

After reading your letters, I find myself wishing you would appear at my door, a doctor making a surprise “checkup”.

House calls (or dorm calls) are easy enough, you tell me, and patients are more comfortable when they feel at home.  This makes sense to me.  I let you in.  You carry a black bag, which I guess contains your tools.  I will soon discover that I’m right, but the tools I imagine you have are not what you brought.

You put the bag on my desk and sit down in my only chair.  I sit on the bed, indian-style, wondering what kind of checkup I will be getting.  You watch me intently until I begin to squirm, and then you speak.  “In a general checkup like this, I usually begin by taking a temperature and depending on that, the routine varies from patient to patient.”

vagina exam

I nod OK and wait for you to remove your thermometer.  I notice that you take two thermometers from your bag.  You take one and read it, shake it down, and then I open my mouth as you approach me – taking the thermometer in my mouth.  As I sit there, I watch you get your supplies from the bag and lay them out on the desk, then you do a little paperwork and, before long, you’re taking the thermometer from my mouth.  “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, you say and you shake down the thermometer and put it back in its case.  I’m surprised when you get the other thermometer and I notice that it has a bulbous end rather than a long one as I’m used to.  You tell me to stand up and take my panties off.  I’m shy to do it in front of you, but you’re the doctor…  I feel myself blush as I slide my panties down to my ankles before stepping out of them.  I’m wearing a long skirt, so I don’t show very much in taking them off.

You get up from the chair and tell me to lie on the bed on my stomach.  I’m thinking this is a bit odd until you approach the bed and tell me, “Get up on your knees so I can slide this skirt up.”  I do it, feeling odd with you behind me.  You lean over and pull my skirt up slowly, until my legs and ass are entirely exposed to your gaze.  You leave the skirt bunched at my hips and step away from me briefly.

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Snowy Week

22 Jul 2009

A Snowy Week

This story is very fiction and is just one’s mind running amuck. Please don’t take the actions in this story as true and don’t try this at home.
My husband of one in a half years and I were sitting at breakfast when he looked at me and asked, ” You OK Carla ?”

I replied that I was fine.

“You don’t look so hot.”

I just mumbled. We lived on 420 acres of land and I guess that maybe I was a little lonely and the weather had turned bad with an impending storm that would snow us in for sure. “Just the weather I guess.” I responded. He got up and went about doing his chores as I started mine. There was a lot to do on a spread this big.

My husband was a fairly young MD that retired and bought this place with plenty of money to spare. He had a lot of rental property and investments to keep us well off. I went about my day and I tired quickly. Joe my husband found me sleeping on the couch when he came in for lunch. He woke me up. “Oh I just needed some rest.” I said.

He brought his hand to my head and said “I think it maybe more than that baby.” He then picked me up from the couch and started to go into the kitchen. “Oh No honey I’m OK ….I don’t need to go down there.” He just carried me over to the basement door and down the stairs.


Tushy Clinic Porn
Tushy Gyno Exam Gallery

I had been in this room once before and I hated it. It made me not want to ever show him that I was ill again, he made me feel a lot worse before he made me feel better. The room was a fully equipped medical room with a hospital bed, equipment, and a true OR table, there was also a custom made enema chair that looked more like a birthing chair. ” I’m just a little tired,” I stated but he continued to place me on a big over stuffed chair by the hospital bed. The basement was two big rooms one was always locked off and I never had entered it and didn’t want too. There was a TV at the bottom of the hospital bed and I just sighed remembering the first time I had been brought down here. I watched a lot of TV and laid in pain. Joe came back and placed a hospital gown in my lap and told me to get undressed. I slowly did this as he went over and put on his lab coat. He then released one of the side rails on the bed and told me to get in.

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Ebony gyn doctor

14 Jun 2009

A Thing for Female Doctors

The following isn’t the most exciting, but it is completely true.

I have always had a thing for female doctors, maybe stemming from my college girlfriend who got accepted to medical school and became a doctor.

I am 41-years-old, hadn’t seen a doctor in a decade, and decided it was time to see one for a physical. I suspected I had prostate problems. The thought of that exam by another male made me uncomfortable, but by a female seemed a mixture of embarrassment and eroticism. I looked up local family practice doctors on the Internet, and found a female who was nearby. I knew nothing about her other than she was around thirty, which was fine with me. When I phoned for the appointment I was nervous. The receptionist made a point of telling me twice that the doctor was female. I tried to sound nonchalant.



I made the appointment for three days later.

My heart raced for three days at the thought of being examined by a woman. When I been to the doctor other times I was always told to strip down to my underwear and wait for the doctor, and only dropped my shorts when the time came. I assumed this would be the same. I debated about boxers or briefs, and chose to go buy a new pair of white cotton boxers.

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vagina exam movies

12 Jan 2009

I returned from a long vacation and wish you a happy new 2009 year.
This will me the first post in new year. I plan some positive major updates in gyno niche and hope things will go my way 😉
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Blonde hottie with a nice round ass comes to gyno clinic for her annual physical

gyno-exam_02.jpg gyno-exam_04.jpg

Exclusive site featuring shots of chicks that have some private problems and are not going to share them with anyone but their doctor.
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2 gyno exam sites

12 Nov 2008

today Id like to pop out for you some famous sites which was made with love of medical fetish porn and gyn fetish lovers
a girl friend next door lead by her friend to the old doc who is exam her in front of her nasty eyes
the 1st one is She visit her gyn where 2 sexy babes controlled by gyn. Well not really 2 but there is a bit role playing.
the second one which i like most is designed old and fashion style way which is rare to find among many medical fetish free sites
if you will see medical fetish free sites with design like this please let me know.as for now I claim this one of the best designed gyno fetish FREE site at it has some nice fan art
peek inside
pussy checked using speculum
Teen gyn exams – 2 young babes pass gyno exams.

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Annas Examination Gyno story

01 Nov 2008

to day is another story with pictures
women doggy style gyno exam
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another gynecology fetish story and 4-8 gyno clips inside

Anna’s Examination

find more stories at

AVS site
It was time for Anna’s yearly exam. It is something that she needs to do, but hates very much. After she finished filling out the exam form she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs and this humiliates her. Reading a month old magazine trying to get her mind off the coming exam Anna was surprised to hear her name called by a male. It was Doctor Major her GYN for the last 20 years walking toward her.

“Hi Anna how have you been?” said the Doctor.

“Good, Doctor,” she said

He cleared his throat saying. “I need your help today. Would you mind letting an intern observer your exam? The intern has been here all day and no one has allowed the intern to be in the exam room.”

Anna a lady of 49 knowing that patients have to give the interns a chance to observe exams, so they will get the experience needed to become good doctors.

“I will allow the intern to observe my exam doctor,” said Anna after thinking for a full 3 minutes of the possible consequences of her answer and feeling herself blush at the thought of more than one doctor in the room during her exam.

The doctor went over to the receptionist, looked over at Anna and said something to the receptionist, then walk into the rear area. A nurse came out of the rear area went to the receptionist, they exchanged a few words the nurse picked up a file and called Anna’s name.

Anne put down the magazine, trying to calm herself as she followed the nurse to the back area and into a large exam room with a lot of equipment in it.

“How are you today Anna?” said the Medical Assistant

“I am a little nervous but other than that good,” said Anna.

“You have consented to let interns be present at your exam?” asked the Medical Assistant

“Yes I have,” said Anna.

“Please sign this paper then,” said the Medical Assistant

Anna read the release that stated that she would be a teaching patient for the interns and for that Anna will receive $500.00 and the exam is free. She signed the paper and handed it back to the Medical Assistant. Anna felt herself become aroused thinking about having people her children’s age examining her


Private Gyno Exam

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gynofetish 4 free sites

30 Oct 2008

Hi folks!
today gynoman have 4 free boob exam scum and dr tushy sites for ya!
well you know doctor tushy, but this site you might also like there you will find boob exam scum site focused on breast exam of amateur babes
boob exam scum gyno fucking
1.Gyno Exam Hardcore Gyno doc pays special attention to this girls pierced pussy after or duric breast exam

the story continues the gyn not only exams a chick but wants t6o make sure she is fine and try her recording this medical fetish fucking on his camera

2.gyn fucks patient
Gynecological Meeting A girl fucks with gynecologist on the gynecological meeting

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3.Female Rectal Exam Chick comes to clinic to check up if she is pregnant or not

4.doc and nurse during fetish gyno exam of a female chick patientGirl Gyno Exam Doctor and a nurse make a nice tandem while gyno examining a girl

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dr tushy review

cervix movies free sites

23 Oct 2008

today Id like you to sur from or 3 gyno sites to find cervix pictures and girls passing through full body exams
breast cervix exam
analcheckup photo
Gyno Exam Fetish girl has suspicion that she is pregnant and comes to clinic

preparing for cervix exam at gyno chair
2. at thes site you may find waterexmas and underwater hardcore fetish (if you surf the main page of the site)
Gyno Sex Teen babe is surprised to get her ass fingered at gyno exam

3. there you will find huge gybo collection of doctor tushy review site
Medical Fetish Site Nurse takes advantage of blonde patient and examines her ass

Big Breasts Gyno Exam

04 Sep 2008

Free site where nurse perform tight teen body exam
the teen has very sexy pussy see for yourself
sexy teen pussy examined
after breast exam boob examined by nurse gyn chick gor her ass injected cute butt injection
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naked ass exam