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22 Mar 2013

The doctor watched the brunette patient as she made herself comfortable on the gyno chair. Anne answered his questions while he filled in the standard form. Then she complained that she hadn’t had orgasm with a man for quite a long time whereas she was able to bring herself off quite efficiently.

the doctor was willing to help with the issue. He offered to fuck her on condition that she told him what he should do and what she feels every now and then. He then stood on his knees and started licking he clit with expert tongue. She was quickly moaning and begging for him to fuck her.

He was eager to oblige. He undressed and thrust his fully hard cock into her wet cunt. After a couple of thrusts she was screaming orgasm.

He fucked her through one more orgasm before coming in her sweet little mouth wide open for his thick cock.

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teen nurse uniform

15 Jan 2013

Cute Czech teen works part time as a nurse at a gyno clinic. She is a student and is going to be a gyn-ob. She needs practice that’s why she took this job. At least that’s what she tells her parents and friends. http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/001.jpg

The true reason is Pavlina’s kink for uniforms and medical fetish. She can’t but get wet when the doctor inserts a speculum into a lubed vagina during a gyno exam. She has to take the sexual strain off and she masturbates during the break to do so. She gets on the chair and spreads her long legs.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/006.jpg

When her fingers are just not enough she uses the speculum that had been inserted in patient’s pussy which makes it even more of a turn on.


vaginal enema gyno exam

04 Jan 2013

The doctor considered the filled out form while the tall brunette was undressing. Then she stood full nude facing him and he instructed her to sit on the couch.


He checked her pupils for signs of any hidden deceases


he then put her in doggy style position and inspected her vagina


after speculum examination he made a decision she needed a vaginal enema and agreed to help her with the first one.


goth girl in nurse uniform masturbation videos

15 Dec 2012

Goth nurse Adriana was alone in the office and had a plan to have fun. She unbuttoned her medical gown and took off her panties, got on the chair and took the biggest black dildo to fuck herself.

exposed nurse masturbation videos

19 Nov 2012

Ever wondered what the nurses do when the door is locked? Here is the answer – they have fun. So many kinky objects are all around the room – this nurse couldn’t resist fucking herself with a speculum.

She also exposed her pink pussy while in doggy position

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gyno exam orgasm

13 Oct 2012

Bridgit is glad to see a male doctor in the office. She doesn’t feel at ease when a woman stares at her vagina.

she is especially pleased when the doctor fingers her wet pussy. Then he decides that her asshole needs to be shaved so he gets a razor and shaves all her hair
finally comes the speculum exam time and she can’t hold an orgasm while the doctor inserts the speculum deep into her pussy

bbw gyno exam

12 Sep 2012

Beth is a little bit overweight but still hot as hell – she’s got perfect curvy body with big boobies and huge round buttocks. Watch her explain her problems to the skinny nurse

the nurse put on her gloves and got straight to vagina examination

medical fetish orgasm story

14 Aug 2011

busty girl orgasm

“Now, I believe I was to the point of explaining your breast exam. We’ll do several manual exams, extended nipple exploration and I’ll want you on your hands and knees with your breasts dangling so that I can enjoy the full weight of them in my hands at some point.” “Doctor, are you going to use the suction cups too?” asked Claire

“Yes, Claire, as you know there are 4 sizes of cups in the kit and I hope that we can work from the smallest to the largest on your nipples so that they’re very swollen and sensitive. I’ll be putting them on, tugging and twisting them and taking them off to measure the nipple change throughout the exam.”

Claire loved having her nipples suctioned and pumped. It made them very sensitive and even the slightest touch stimulated her pussy.

“After that I’ll examine your stomach and the top of your mound briefly, and continue to touch each part of you all the way to the bottom of your feet. During this time, your legs will be closed and I won’t be touching your pussy or your bottom, but I may ask you to think about it.”

“Next, we’ll double check that you’ve not missed any stray hairs anywhere on your pussy, inside or outside the lips, and the crease of your bottom. If there are stray hairs I’ll simply shave you until you’re completely bare in all areas.

“The next phase will be the lubrication phase. I’ll have you spread your legs wide like they are right now, and we’ll talk about things that please you sexually. I’ll hold your lips wide apart with my fingers and visually inspect you without touching any of the more sensitive areas or penetrating either of your holes. As the conversation progresses, I’ll need you to masturbate while I watch. When I can see the clear fluid begin to leak from your pussy, I’ll slide one finger inside and you’ll continue to masturbate for me. I may make pictures during this process also. Each time you cum, I’ll add one finger in your pussy. When you’d have 3 orgasms, I’ll use the lubricant you’ve produced to ease my first finger into your bottom and we’ll continue with you playing with your pussy and gently massaging your clit while I watch until I have at least 3 fingers in your pussy and 2 in your bottom. How does that sound?”

Claire knew her pussy was tight and that 2 fingers in her bottom would fill full. She could also feel herself beginning to get wet so she knew what honest answer she must give the doctor.

Gyno lesbian nurse speculum play

29 Jul 2011

lewd lesbiansAfter gloving and lubing the speculum she inserted it in her pussy, stretching it wider than one could imagine. I was watching on as she picked up a long silver tube a half inch in diameter and lubed it up.

Standing back watching him and the nurse work on Melana again was causing me to get hard for the second time. As she lay there helpless and wide open the Dr. inserted the tool in her and started to put it up her tiny little pee hole.

Melana screamed in agonizing pain as the Dr. tried to insert this large tool into a hole the size of a garden pea.

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speculum cumshot story

08 May 2011

“Hey, what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a speculum,” Angelina replied. “I got it at the clinic. They showed me how to use it and everything, and – hey, I can see your imagination working! What are you cooking up?”

“Let’s use that when we ‘play’ tonight!”

“Tonight, hell. Let’s do it now,” Angelina retorted. “I’ll wash the speculum and you get the lubricant.”

I felt my heartbeat increase as I fetched the lubricant for this new adventure. She thoroughly cleaned the instrument and came into the bedroom where I was waiting. “I want you to get me wet and creamy before we use this,” she stated.

A while later, after some massaging, kissing and caressing, her breathing quickened, and I knew that she was ready for whatever I dreamed up. I slowly undressed her, and slipped her panties off. She was very creamy and I quickly shed my clothes and gave her sweet pussy some long, passionate kisses while she moaned and squirmed.

I generously smeared lubricant on the clear plastic speculum and asked Angelina to insert it. She spread her legs wide and gently inserted the speculum in her creamy vagina. Then she slowly adjusted it as I gazed in wonder at the scene before me. Her pussy was spread wide open. I put one finger in the opening and felt the fleshy interior of her vagina close to the opening. I asked her if she could spread it open any further. She said she needed some time to get adjusted to the feel of it before she could do that. After a few more minutes of foreplay she reached down and spread the speculum so that it opened her up even more.

“I want to come inside you, baby doll,” I whispered, “while you have the speculum in you.”

“Be careful baby,” Angelina answered with wide eyed excitement.

I put a generous supply of lubricant on my throbbing erection and positioned myself to enter her. It was a strange sensation as I carefully and slowly worked my cock in through the partly plastic, partly fleshy, tunnel of sexuality. All the way in, I probed Angelina with very short strokes.

“Oh! that feels so good!” Angelina exclaimed as she shuddered. That was all it took and I spurted uncontrollably into her open vagina.

“Angelina, that was absolutely delicious!” I told her after we had been in each others’ arms a while.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she dreamily acknowledged. “You are soooooo naughty! We’ve got to do that again.”

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gyno exam fetish

06 Nov 2008

todays 2 free gyn fetish sites feel free to peek inside:
Gyno Fetish story pic1
gyno clinic young women at gyno chairTushy Gyno Fetish A long haired redhead teen comes for her first gyno exam

go to a woman gynecologist, of course. I just changed insurance plans at work, though, and even though she had come recommended to me, I had never met her. The nurse called my name and I went back to the office.
Dr Tushy Gyno Fetish Free Gallery
Doc Tushy Gyno Fetish Free Gallery 2
She weighed me and took my blood pressure and then left a paper cover for my breasts and a paper blanket for over my abdomen. She told me to get undressed and put them on, then wait for the doctor on the table.

nurse during pelvic exams opens vagina of the female patient

regular ass chekup and anal thermometerGyno Fetish Porn

Gyno Fetish Porn Free Gallery
Gyno Fetish Porn Free Gallery 2
 A beautiful babe goes through medical exam at tushy gyno clinic

As I lay there, the tears were about to come. It was so humiliating and so upsetting for me. I had never felt more naked as I did there, trying to keep the paper jacket over my breasts. I just sat up, waiting for her knock at the door. Then it came.

She walked in to the examining room and introduced herself, Dr. Keely Staves. She could tell I was upset, but told me not to worry, that she would be very careful with me and she would always let me know what she was doing. She was really pretty, wearing her lab coat and with her chestnut brown hair tucked up in to a French twist. Her breasts were pushing at the front of the labcoat. I love big breasts, probably because mine are relatively small. But hers were marvelously round and full and I could see the outline of the nipple against the white fabric.

“Alright, Ginny, I want you to lay back. I’m going to examine your breasts.” I was panting and extremely nervous, but I lay back trying to keep the jacket covering me. My eyes were squenched tight as she put her hands on my chest and carefully spread apart the front of the jacket. I felt her cool hand press firmly on the outer edges of my breast.

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15 Sep 2008

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