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doctor hardcore video

11 Mar 2015

I am introducing my new obsession – Doctor’s adventures – the first ever site to feature Brazzers models in hardcore medical fetish action. A must have for all the dirty surfers like me

brunette gyno speculum exam

26 Jan 2015


Carman least expected to meet this perverted old doctor as she was entering the gyno clinic for her annual. She didn’t find it enjoyable that the doc helped her off with her bra and panties and overall feeling of his fingers touching her body was unpleasant. Still she obeyed his orders and let him inspect her pink with his huge gyno speculum.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/carmen_vagina_doctor/gal1/004.jpg


redhead wife exam

29 Nov 2014

Gorgeous redhead Angela brought her husband along for the gyno exam. The bearded doctor was quite willing to show this young hunk some tricks to make his wife cum stronger than ever. And of course the lucky guy gets to see hairy pussy speculum insertion closeup.

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russian brunette full nude medical exam

29 Sep 2014

This video set is a special treat for those into bizarre gyno examinations. Watch a Russian doctor examining the nasty brunette and taking pictures of her nude body.




tushy school

22 Aug 2014

Mature nurse is teaching a group of girls how to take it up the ass. She offered all her medical experience to make them love anal. They have all the stuff at their disposal – even a strap-on dildo






redhead medical fetish

25 May 2014


Sweet shy redhead told the doctor she was nervous because this was her first visit to a male gyn. Dr Robert promised he would be tender and nice.


cavity search by female police officer

20 May 2014

Danika knew she was fucked when she got arrested during drugd bust in Ukraine. She was clean but for some weed but the officer was determined to check her cavities and that meant vaginal and rectal cavity search.



inked blonde medical kink photos

06 May 2014


This is Mandy who came into the doctor’s office the other day telling her she suspected she had tripper. the doctor was willing to help and to listen so the blonde was soon full nude under the medical gown.


And then the doctor casually checked her pink while talking to her about the hairdresser she once knew.



redhead medical fetish

18 Feb 2014

Candy was up for her annual physical and she was willing to cooperate in every sense. She enjoyed posing in front of a camera with her booty exposed

brunette medical exam

18 Nov 2013

It’s about time you thought about your medical exam – that’s what Amy’s boyfriend told her. She was eager to oblige given she hadn’t seen gyn in more than a year. She was surprised and pleased to see a young male doctor. As he told her to undress she was taking her clothes faster than you could say “Damn that’s one nice ass”.


nurse shaving

23 Oct 2013

When HeadNurse pulled up Karen’s gown, she exposed the hairiest red cunt and ass that any of them had ever seen. (Karen was a short slightly pudgy redhead) HeadNurse examined her a bit and then announced to the class that she would do the shaving to demonstrate how to shave such a hairy bush and how to shave a girl’s ass. Joann said Karen looked a bit terrified but did not protest.


HeadNurse got out a pair of electric clippers (no one else had had so much pubic hair to require clippers) and proceeded to clip Karen’s bush. Then HeadNurse washed and lathered Karen’s stubble before removing it with the razor.


my wifes medical exam

29 Sep 2013

I was able to see right into the examining room. There was Dianne sitting on the exam table, with him sitting on one of those short rolling stools in front of her.

He was telling her that the nurse normally took blood pressure, height and weight, but since she was ill, Dianne could drop in after her final interview and have it done then.


He had a clipboard with a long form on it and he began asking questions from the form. It was all the standard medical history stuff, and each time she answered he’d write something and then ask her the next question. It took quite a while for him to get through the whole form.


mature nurse gyno videos

28 Sep 2013

With a very firm manner and determined look, the sympathetic nurse sat down on the narrow bed and dipped the thermometer into the jar. The nurse rubbed her bottom in a circular fashion and said, “Try to relax. See how smoothly it goes in when you do.  You like having me hold you like this dont you?  I put my hand over the tip so it wont slip out.”

strip search at the airport

26 Sep 2013

“Finally, I am going to give you an enema.  If you have hidden any substance, it will be discharged within 5 minutes; if you’re clean, you’ll simply discharge clear liquid.  Please bend over.” 

Beth stepped away from the commode, turned around, and the agent held her arm as she bent over with her buttocks facing Dr. Jenkins.  He approached Beth and I saw that he was holding a Fleet enema.  He took one hand and spread Beth’s  buttocks; with the other hand he inserted the tip into Beth’s rectum …and, once inserted began to squeeze out the liquid.  Beth gasped as her rectum was again violated

vagina exam

13 Sep 2013


The doctor squeezed a dollop of K-Y jelly onto two fingers and started probing her genitals for what seemed like eons. She began to perspire, her eyes fixed on the ceiling tiles, her nipples beginning to stir with a mind of their own under the thin coton gown. She looked down at last, wondering if she’ll ever finish, and realized with a start that the pretty nurse is fondling the doctor’s crotch through her trousers!

pelvic exam

30 Aug 2013

It seemed like a long time before the doctor first touched her, and she wondered what she was doing down there. Two fingers pulled apart her lower vaginal lips,


then immediately another finger pushed into vaginal hole. It was warm and slightly greased up with jelly, but it still hurt her going in. She sunk his digit all the way into her, then twisted it around. And as before, she felt the tip moving deep inside her.


While the jelly seemed to catch on fire, heating up her vaginal wall. Sandra jumped unexpectedly when the palm of her hand mistakenly brushed up against her sensitive clitoris. She had let go of her outer lips and was resting her hand over the mound of her pussy.


She rested her palm over her crotch, her palm pressing into her clitoris, making her squirm. She was in no mood to feel sexual, but her vagina had a mind of its own. She knew her vagina was getting wet, though was sure she wouldn’t be able to tell with the lubricate she used.

mature woman full medical exam

13 Aug 2013

Livie is 46 and she’s been to so many gyno exams in her life and seen so many doctors. This old pervert doesn’t confuse her in the least. Even the fact that he asked her to strip full nude before even checking her vitals and doesn’t offer her a medical gown.




brunette breast exam

29 Jun 2013

Cute brunette exposed her nice small titties while waiting for the gyn nurse. The nurse asked her to lay on her back and then put on her gloves and applied some lube. She gently fingered her vagina and took pap smear.

blonde physical exam

23 Jun 2013

As soon as blonde Caren entered the room she was asked to put on a medical gown – you know the one with bare back. The brunette doctor checked her weight, her vitals (blood pressure, heart rate etc.) She examined each of her nicely shaped tits.


Pelvic exam followed. The doctor spread her labia and visually examined her vagina, then inserted gyno speculum and used a cotton bud to take pap smear. Then the patient was put in doggy style position and the nurse fingered her arsehole before inserting rectal thermometer.

tan lines gyno exam

08 Jun 2013

Slim teen blonde just came from a vacation in the Carribean. She has the most gorgeous tan lines and a nice shaved pussy.


The nurse instructed her to undress and went through the complete routine of a gyno exam.

shaved pussy gyno exam videos

30 May 2013

Downloadable videos of a cute blonde with a perfectly round ass and nice tits who undressed at the gyn office and then was thoroughly examined by the experienced nurse.

Here are some bonus pictures

Czech gyno clinic

29 May 2013

The old pervert of a doctor was excited to see slender brunette in red stockings.


He watched her intently as she undressed and lied down on the couch. He proceeded with the routine of the medical exam.

full HD gyno exam video

czech mature gyno exam

25 May 2013

The blonde Czech MILF casually takes off her clothes in front of an old male doctor. He explained the routine of the complete physical to her but looks like she already knows all the bits and pieces of medical exam. She has seen so many doctors though her life. But this one will prove to be different from anything she had experienced before.


czech gyno exam video

blonde enjoying the gyno exam

17 May 2013

Check out the way this sexy blond arches her body. She obviously enjoyed the attention the doctor was paying to her boobs and nice round butt.

The doctor obliged and made the blond enjoy every moment of the vaginal exam. She was very gentle when inserting the speculum deep inside her pussy.

beautiful blonde teen gaping vagina

29 Apr 2013

Blonde Tanya skipped her annual physical out of terror. She always felt uneasy and embarrassed at the doctors, especially when the doctors looked up her vagina. But when she came to the clinic for the latest appointment she was scared like hell to see that the doctor was male. She quickly left making some awkward excuse about needing to visit her aunt in the hospital.
Yet she was determined to check her vagina and she decided to do it by herself.
She slipped off her panties and made herself comfortable on a chair and fingered her pussy the way doctors always did and then she spread it wide facing the camera to see the recording later for any flaws in her pink.

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