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19 Sep 2012

Detta has just finished her nurse training and finally got her first job as a nurse. She is still not very confident when it comes to telling ladies to undress and lay on their stomachs. But she is so sweet and gentle that her first patient feels no embarrassment about laying nude in front of her

ebony gyno exam videos

09 Jul 2012

black gyno exam
Black chick shares her problems with the nurse and then undresses for the vaginal exam
black boob exam
Gyno speculum insertion
gyno speculum
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Ebony Gyno Exam

27 Jun 2009

Tempting Ebony Medical Sex

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Ebony nurse enjoys her work as she can lick patients asses
Beautiful female showing her pretty nipples

Another chick with her nasty tricks.

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Ebony gyn doctor

14 Jun 2009

A Thing for Female Doctors

The following isn’t the most exciting, but it is completely true.

I have always had a thing for female doctors, maybe stemming from my college girlfriend who got accepted to medical school and became a doctor.

I am 41-years-old, hadn’t seen a doctor in a decade, and decided it was time to see one for a physical. I suspected I had prostate problems. The thought of that exam by another male made me uncomfortable, but by a female seemed a mixture of embarrassment and eroticism. I looked up local family practice doctors on the Internet, and found a female who was nearby. I knew nothing about her other than she was around thirty, which was fine with me. When I phoned for the appointment I was nervous. The receptionist made a point of telling me twice that the doctor was female. I tried to sound nonchalant.



I made the appointment for three days later.

My heart raced for three days at the thought of being examined by a woman. When I been to the doctor other times I was always told to strip down to my underwear and wait for the doctor, and only dropped my shorts when the time came. I assumed this would be the same. I debated about boxers or briefs, and chose to go buy a new pair of white cotton boxers.

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27 Aug 2008

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