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redhead fucks her doctor

09 Feb 2016

Redhead Alyssa had to see a doctor because she ceased feeling anything during sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. The doctor had to check her private parts. Investigation went a bit too far and in ten minuted Alyssa found herself sucking onto that impressive cock of her doctor’s. See more at Doctor’s adventures

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Nude nurses in stockings

28 Jan 2016

These cuties have donned sexy uniforms to make you hard in seconds. Tons of video content and nice hi-rez photos.

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blonde nurse hardcore

02 Apr 2015

Steve’s girlfriend is at the hospital and while he is waiting for her to come to her senses he gets some hot action with a hot blonde nurse.

doctor clinic hardcore

18 Mar 2015

Our good doctor is very lucky today as a sexy intern walked into his room already unbuttoning her uniform. Watch him banging that round ass right on his desk

doctor hardcore video

11 Mar 2015

I am introducing my new obsession – Doctor’s adventures – the first ever site to feature Brazzers models in hardcore medical fetish action. A must have for all the dirty surfers like me

hardcore gyno fetish

24 May 2014

Sammie gave the doctor a hard-on as soon as she entered the room with her hips swaying and her boobs barely covered. She stripped out of her clothes slowly as the pro she was and the doctor knew he would bang that. So he did.

doctor seduced by his patient

20 Aug 2013

Busty brunette is up for her regular physical. She was pleasantly surprised to see a young handsome man who introduced himself as doctor McGee.


She couldn’t contain herself when the hunk of a man started feeling her breasts and extended a hand to the bulge in his pants.


He was soon in her mouth and then on top of her right on the gyno examination chair. Who wouldn’t?


medical fetish hardcore

24 Jul 2013

The busty brunette required treatment as she declared upon entering the doctor’s office.

The young male doctor asked what kind of treatment she supposed was needed and the answer was hardcore. He checked her vitals and examined her breasts and then the action unfolded.

She caressed his chest then got lower right where his zipper was. She sucked his cock and his balls and then rimmed his ass hole.

slim teen medical exam videos

27 May 2013

The experienced nurse takes care of the teen’s medical checkup. She asks her questions about her sex life while the girl undresses.

When the teen is laid on her back with her long legs wide apart the nurse inspects her cunt with her fingers.

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male gyno doctor exam videos

21 May 2013

The old doctor liked Sandra’s perfect body. The girl was slim but had all the curves in all the right places and enough fat to look sexy and nice round boobies.

The doctor spread her legs and examined her vagina with his fingers first and then inserted big metal specula and used them to spread the pussy wide enough.

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redhead nurse masturbation

12 May 2013

Meet Samantha. Isn’t this redhead nurse just gorgeous. She unzips her medical uniform and her heavy tits all but spill from the opening. She took off her panties and posed for the camera with her pussy lips spread wide.

Watch her use medical tools to get herself off.
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nurse masturbation videos

06 May 2013

Amanda is feeling very sexy today wearing her new white stockings.

She couldn’t wait for the lunch break to strip her panties and unzip her gown. She settles on the gyno chair and spreads her legs.

She slowly fingers her pussy feeling it gradually become wetter, tugs on her pussy lips.

When she feels her fingers are not enough she takes specula and slowly fucks herself with it.

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medical fetish hardcore videos

22 Mar 2013

The doctor watched the brunette patient as she made herself comfortable on the gyno chair. Anne answered his questions while he filled in the standard form. Then she complained that she hadn’t had orgasm with a man for quite a long time whereas she was able to bring herself off quite efficiently.

the doctor was willing to help with the issue. He offered to fuck her on condition that she told him what he should do and what she feels every now and then. He then stood on his knees and started licking he clit with expert tongue. She was quickly moaning and begging for him to fuck her.

He was eager to oblige. He undressed and thrust his fully hard cock into her wet cunt. After a couple of thrusts she was screaming orgasm.

He fucked her through one more orgasm before coming in her sweet little mouth wide open for his thick cock.

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nurse uniform masturbation

03 Mar 2013

Paris had been dreaming of getting a job as a nurse but the life turned out she was not inclined to medicine. She has graduated university and is a lawyer now. But her childish kinks won’t easily let go. That is why from time to time she pays her gyno nurse to leave her for an hour alone in the exam room. She puts on nurse uniform and gets comfy on the examination chair.

She uses a pink vibrator first sucking on it to lube it and then slides it inside her vagina.

She feels that a vibrator is not enough to get her off the edge so she goes for something more perverted and inserts gyno specula into her tight pussy.
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asian vaginal exam

16 Feb 2013

The cute petite asian is up for her annual gyno examination. She undressed as she was told.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/142p/contents/bimages/3.jpg

The nurse checked her weight and conveyed flexibility checks.

After the breast exam the nurse told the asian to lie down and put her legs in the stirrups for the speculum examination.

Another examination

Cute redhead gyno exam

01 Feb 2013

Helga had just moved in town and this was her visit to the gyno clinic for her annual gyno exam. She was so excited to meet her new male gyn. She eagerly took off her clothes and spread her legs for her pelvic exam


kinky medical exam

26 Jan 2013

Slavic girl Pavlina was freaking embarrassed to see a male doctor when she walked into the examination room. The old doctor pulled on her hair making her open her mouth and pulling her head back to examine her throat.

During the vaginal exam he inserted a lubed speculum inside her shaved pussy and used a flashlight to see the insides.

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teen nurse uniform

15 Jan 2013

Cute Czech teen works part time as a nurse at a gyno clinic. She is a student and is going to be a gyn-ob. She needs practice that’s why she took this job. At least that’s what she tells her parents and friends. http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/001.jpg

The true reason is Pavlina’s kink for uniforms and medical fetish. She can’t but get wet when the doctor inserts a speculum into a lubed vagina during a gyno exam. She has to take the sexual strain off and she masturbates during the break to do so. She gets on the chair and spreads her long legs.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/006.jpg

When her fingers are just not enough she uses the speculum that had been inserted in patient’s pussy which makes it even more of a turn on.


cheerleader gyno exam videos

09 Jan 2013

College student Jessica is enrolled in the cheerleading team. The girls have to pass medical checkups annually. So she signed up for a medical exam  and came on time of the appointment. After the young blonde nurse filled in the questionnare, Jessica undressed and let the nurse feel about her body and touch her round butt.

goth girl in nurse uniform masturbation videos

15 Dec 2012

Goth nurse Adriana was alone in the office and had a plan to have fun. She unbuttoned her medical gown and took off her panties, got on the chair and took the biggest black dildo to fuck herself.

tattooed ass gyno exam

10 Dec 2012

The special treat for nurse Anna was this long legged cutie wearing high heels


As she examined her saggy tits they chatted playfully


After that Anna got to finger her nice shaved pussy


male doctor boob exam

28 Nov 2012


Doctor Jacobs got the hottest patient in months. Busty blonde Sylvia is here for a complete medical exam.


The doctor checked her weight and then asked her to bend down for the flexibility check. He takes advantage of her position to check out her shaved asshole.


He listened to her breath and heart rate.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/95y/bimages/17.jpg

and then comes the time for a boob exam which the doctor enjoys the most


exposed nurse masturbation videos

19 Nov 2012

Ever wondered what the nurses do when the door is locked? Here is the answer – they have fun. So many kinky objects are all around the room – this nurse couldn’t resist fucking herself with a speculum.

She also exposed her pink pussy while in doggy position

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naked medical flexibility check

05 Nov 2012

The blond girl is tricked by the employer into a medical examination. She arrives at the clinic for the appointment and is embarrassed to hear she has to strip off all her clothes beforehand. Then the doctor asks her to do some exercises to see if she is fit enough.

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natural tits gyno exam videos

30 Oct 2012

Kira is a tall blonde with big natural boobs. She came for an appointment with gyn but to her astonishment her usual female doctor was out on vacation so she had to get nude in front of an old male doctor

gyno exam

He checked her weight and did all the routine as usual. Then examined her ass first – doggy style – he said this pose gave the best perspective and was more comfortable for anal exam.

He finished with vagina exam. He lubed a metal speculum and inserted it into her cunt then stretched it to the most

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