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kinky slavic doctor

06 Jul 2015

This kinky old pervert knows his job well. He is expert in making these legs open wide and the vaginas get wet.

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brunette gyno speculum exam

26 Jan 2015


Carman least expected to meet this perverted old doctor as she was entering the gyno clinic for her annual. She didn’t find it enjoyable that the doc helped her off with her bra and panties and overall feeling of his fingers touching her body was unpleasant. Still she obeyed his orders and let him inspect her pink with his huge gyno speculum.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/carmen_vagina_doctor/gal1/004.jpg


cervix closeup photos

09 Oct 2014


The old doctor welcomed Sandra in his room. He asked her about her sexual life and her problems. Then Sandra had to undress. She did so quickly. He examined her nice firm body and then went down on her. He also inserted a gyno speculum into her tight hole and rotated it to get the best view.




a beautiful blonde gyno examination

01 Oct 2014

This beauty came for a regular medical checkup. Little did she know that the perverted doctor had a camera installed in his examination room. Have some stills of the full nude gyno exam .





street walker strip searched

21 Sep 2014

Sultry prostitute got arrested on the corner of the street where she was hooking up a client. The police officer was hard on her and stripped her clothes off and searched her cavities for illegal substancies.

flat chested blonde gyno exam

20 Mar 2014

The gorgeous tall Swede Anna was up for the annual complete physical and gyno examination. She undressed exposing her small tits and then sat comfortably on the gyno chair

self exam vagina closeups

22 Aug 2013

Blonde Venus hates going to the doctors. So she had long ago learned to examine herself with the help of a mirror and a metal gyno speculum. She sets on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart and then inspects her pussy with her fingers.


http://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/12.jpgThen she inserts a metal speculum and checks the insideshttp://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/14.jpg

gaping vagina videos

03 Jun 2013

I was having a chat with a hot girl last night via webcam. When it came to my occupation I told her I am gyn/ob. She immediately decided to talk about her pussy itch. So I talked this naughty brunette into showing me her pussy. The perks of being a doctor. She stripped naked and exposed her pussy right in front of the webcam following my instructions. I did my first long-distance gyno exam and recorded it. check it out.

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cervix closeup video

02 Apr 2013

Exclusive club gyno clinic presents a very special set of videos.They feature a Czech teen getting examined by an old male doctor. He gets her on her elbows and knees first to thoroughly check her arsehole with his fat fingers.

He attached a pump to her pussy and pumped it until it was all bright pink and swollen.

Time for the specula insertion. The doc didn’t care to lube it for his patient was already wet enough. He pushed the specula wide enough to get full view of her cervix.

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czech gyno clinic patient

23 Feb 2013

Beautiful tall Celena checked in for her annual gyno exam. The old pervy doctor invited her to his office and asked to undress. As she took off her blouse and skirt the red stockings are  revealed much to the doc’s satisfaction


He inspected her small breasts and perky nipples and then told her to lie down on the couch for vaginal exam. He put on his gloves and started fingering her wet hole with tenderness and expertise.

Finally he went to pick up a gyno speculum. After lubing it thoroughly he inserted it into her vagina and spread it wide until her round pink cervix was in full view.

granny kinky exam videos

12 Jan 2013

The kinky doctor has a thing for old ladies. He was impressed by this plump brunette granny the moment she walked in and blurted that she hadn’t had an orgasm in about a year. The doctor was all so ready to help.

exposed nurse masturbation videos

19 Nov 2012

Ever wondered what the nurses do when the door is locked? Here is the answer – they have fun. So many kinky objects are all around the room – this nurse couldn’t resist fucking herself with a speculum.

She also exposed her pink pussy while in doggy position

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natural tits gyno exam videos

30 Oct 2012

Kira is a tall blonde with big natural boobs. She came for an appointment with gyn but to her astonishment her usual female doctor was out on vacation so she had to get nude in front of an old male doctor

gyno exam

He checked her weight and did all the routine as usual. Then examined her ass first – doggy style – he said this pose gave the best perspective and was more comfortable for anal exam.

He finished with vagina exam. He lubed a metal speculum and inserted it into her cunt then stretched it to the most

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exclusive cervix closeups

20 Aug 2011
doctor greets his patient

Dr Jones gently touched Silvia’s vulva, parted the hair and examined the outside lips. He ran his fingers along the lips, first the left side, then the right. Then he opened her inner lips, and examined the outside of her vagina and then up to her clitoris, which was just visible beneath it’s hood. Silvia was very sensitive, and felt every movement of his fingers. She couldn’t help being a little sticky down below, and Dr Jones wiped some of her female juices away with a small tissue. He noticed that her opening was small.

Then he took a small speculum and inserted it carefully. He had decided against any lubricant jelly, as she obviously was slippery enough. He gently stretched her tight opening and put two fingers just inside, and inserted the device between them, twisting it into position. After examining her using a torch, and taking a swab,

Dr Jones removed the speculum. He told Susan that he would now feel inside her, and again put two fingers in her newly-stretched vagina and pressed up as he felt the outside of her abdomen. He co

uldn’t help but notice her nipples, which now were hard and erect. Silvia truly was a lovely-looking girl.

Then, to Silvia’s shock, he inserted a finger into her rectum at the same time as his other fingers were in her vagina, pressing between the two. Silvia felt stretched and prodded beyond anything she had imagined.

exclusive club gyno exams

fatty gyno orgasm video

08 Aug 2011

She reached down and spread her cheeks wide apart.  I placed the tip of the instrument against her asshole, and with the sufficient lubrication that I had applied, it slid inside.  I pulled the plunger out and looked  inside of her asshole. chubby gyno Then I stuck my index finger inside the dilator, beyond its depth, to manipulate her asshole.  I looked up at her pussy and she was very wet.  I
removed the dilator and again inserted my middle finger into her asshole while sliding my index finger into her pussy.  I resumed rubbing her clit and finger fucking her.  “Rub your tits”, I said.  She immediately began to rub her tits and stroke her belly.  Her hips were gyrating on the table, she was pushing down against the stirrups, and I could feel her muscles contracting on my fingers in her pussy and asshole.  She was cumming big time!  This continued for what seemed like and eternity, and then her whole body went limp.  I removed my fingers from her pussy and asshole and she lay on the table, her legs still in the stirrups, her hands at her side.  “You are quite a hot little thing aren’t you?”, I questioned.  No response.  Her face was flushed, she was
perspiring, her breathing was intense.

I looked at her lying on the table after her orgasm, and then my eye caught something above the examining table – a thermometer standing upright in its case.  Maybe I should take her temperature just to see what it is…

As I was reaching for the thermometer, her eyes opened and saw what I was doing.  Before I knew what was happening, she had removed her legs from the   stirrups and turned over on her stomach.  “This is the position the doctor uses”, she said.  What a nice ass she had.  I looked at the thermometer and noticed that it had a stubby bulb; a rectal thermometer.

gyno rectal examination

22 Jun 2011

My hubby returned a while later looked much more relieved and relaxed than he had all night. He honestly admitted that despite the discomfort he had experienced, the enemas had produced the best dump he had taken in a few weeks. The doc had him get back on the exam table and once more proceeded to place his feet in the stirrups. He explained to hubby that the rectal exam should be very easy for my hubby to get through. Doc took out the smaller anal speculum, lubed it up and slipped up his rump. I saw hubby’s dick start to grow hard again. He let out a moan as doc opened the speculum and hubby’s ass stretched wide. I couldn’t tell if it was a hurt kind of moan or a moan of pleasure. Doc then slipped a gloved finger up hubby’s wide open ass and proceeded to twist and turn his finger. Another finger entered and my hubby’s half erect cock turned into a full pulsating boner. The doc added a third finger and hubby let out another moan. This one, I could tell was pleasure. The doc explained that he was doing the prostrate exam. I decided that this was the time to ask a question I had been dying to find out. When I had slipped a finger in my hubby’s ass as I sucked him off, I wondered where the prostrate actually was. I had read that men
have great orgasms when stimulated this way. The doc handed me a glove and told me to jump on in. There was no better time to find the mystery I had been hunting for. Hubby was after all opened wide and I would find it much easier.
I slipped a K-Y’d finger in hubby’s now loose butt hole. He moaned and bucked his pelvis up to greet my hand. The doc patiently directed me in the direction of the gland by actually taking my hand in his and moving it. After a few tries my hubby gave a a very loud moan. gyno exam pic
It was pure pleasure in his voice this time. I couldn’t help but grab onto his rod with my other hand and lower my mouth to his cock. Doc stepped back and let me do my thing. He made on request that I not let hubby cum in my mouth. Instead this is when he would obtain the specimen he needed. I lapped at hubby’s beautiful tool and pushed it down my throat. Then simultaneously I bobbed on his cock with my mouth as I fingered his prostrate gently. Hubby’s moans and cries of love filled the room. The doc grabbed the specimen cup and stood close by me, waiting for the blissful moment. I suddenly
pulled my fingers out of hubby’s ass and  then stuck in two, then three. gyno tushy His dick thrust frantically in and out of my mouth. Then I applied direct pressure right on hubby’s newly found button and pressed firmly. He gasped and I felt his cock quiver. Jerking my head back with fingers still in his ass I turned to the doc and grabbed the specimen jar. Hubby’s dick glistened with pre-cum. I gave his gland a few more thrusts with my fingers and placed the cup and the end of his cock. Large spurts of hot creamy colored semen shot out of it’s head and into the cup . As I milked the last drop from the head of hubby’s cock , he gave one last shudder and closed his eyes. He told me what he had felt was beyond description and that he actually saw stars. The doc asked me how I was feeling and I admitted I couldn’t stand the ache in my pussy anymore. I needed some relief.

speculum cumshot story

08 May 2011

“Hey, what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a speculum,” Angelina replied. “I got it at the clinic. They showed me how to use it and everything, and – hey, I can see your imagination working! What are you cooking up?”

“Let’s use that when we ‘play’ tonight!”

“Tonight, hell. Let’s do it now,” Angelina retorted. “I’ll wash the speculum and you get the lubricant.”

I felt my heartbeat increase as I fetched the lubricant for this new adventure. She thoroughly cleaned the instrument and came into the bedroom where I was waiting. “I want you to get me wet and creamy before we use this,” she stated.

A while later, after some massaging, kissing and caressing, her breathing quickened, and I knew that she was ready for whatever I dreamed up. I slowly undressed her, and slipped her panties off. She was very creamy and I quickly shed my clothes and gave her sweet pussy some long, passionate kisses while she moaned and squirmed.

I generously smeared lubricant on the clear plastic speculum and asked Angelina to insert it. She spread her legs wide and gently inserted the speculum in her creamy vagina. Then she slowly adjusted it as I gazed in wonder at the scene before me. Her pussy was spread wide open. I put one finger in the opening and felt the fleshy interior of her vagina close to the opening. I asked her if she could spread it open any further. She said she needed some time to get adjusted to the feel of it before she could do that. After a few more minutes of foreplay she reached down and spread the speculum so that it opened her up even more.

“I want to come inside you, baby doll,” I whispered, “while you have the speculum in you.”

“Be careful baby,” Angelina answered with wide eyed excitement.

I put a generous supply of lubricant on my throbbing erection and positioned myself to enter her. It was a strange sensation as I carefully and slowly worked my cock in through the partly plastic, partly fleshy, tunnel of sexuality. All the way in, I probed Angelina with very short strokes.

“Oh! that feels so good!” Angelina exclaimed as she shuddered. That was all it took and I spurted uncontrollably into her open vagina.

“Angelina, that was absolutely delicious!” I told her after we had been in each others’ arms a while.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she dreamily acknowledged. “You are soooooo naughty! We’ve got to do that again.”

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Exposed nurse

07 May 2011

Look what a hottie we have for today. Junior nurse Kristie is so turned by the exams she assisted that at the end of the working day she just can’t hold her arousal and locks the door to masturbate on the gyno chair fantasizing ’bout the hot doctor.

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nude pussy palpation and speculum exam

29 Apr 2011

Sarah is a strip dancer and is very proud of her popularity with the club frequenters. She often doesn’t mind going closer with them and has dates at least three times a week. She loves champagne and that’s why often the dates end up in motels. Sarah is health conscious that’s why she frequents the local gyno clinic for monthly checkup.

She got to know doctor James very well and enjoys the way he conducts the exam. He carefully palpates her abdomen and her breasts

Then he puts on the gloves and inserts two fingers into her shaved pussy and thoroughly fingers her vagina and cervix.

And in the end he lubricates her insides and inserts a gyno speculum  and inspects the color of her vagina

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3 dr tushy gyno movies

19 Feb 2011

Look out for amateru hotties get full body examinations in these 3 hq videos (the movies are reduced quality samples HD videos are inside)

this set features fresh chick get her accurate vagina checked and pap smear taken as well as checked her cervix after that the young nurse is inserted a anal thermometer to make sure and double check her ovulation

medical exams at they best, not just basic tits and pussy exams but we have these girls put down flat on their stomach to get a deep anal fingering (finger anal massage) followed by a rectal thermometer (just to make sure she is fine after that) that she gets shoved into her tight pink asshole nice and we has some hot

enema movies too there at doctor tushy

yours, gyno doctor

old pussy inspected

29 Nov 2010

My name is Dr. Joseph Scott. I have an MD in Proctology. If you know
what that means, I am an Ass doctor.

The only glamorous part of my job is that I have an office in Beverly
Hills and have been consultant to the rich and famous for several years

Today is just another ordinary day. The usual appointments with people
with a pain in the ass, being a pain in the ass for me. It was ordinary
till the phone rang. My receptionist Kelly came to me to tell me that it
was Julia Ryan on the phone.

Julia had been my patient a few years ago and was now a successful
Hollywood movie star. I had not seen her in two years and now it was a
pleasure to hear her voice.

Hello Scott, she said, in a breathy tone. Her natural voice had gone
changed practicing a lusty and breathless tone for those sex scenes she
always played in the movies.

It is so nice to hear from you Julia after such a long time. Is
something the matter ?

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Speculum closeup

28 Oct 2010

I remember being an eighteen year old freshman at college and having to
go to the infirmary beacause of stomach cramping. The visiting doctor
that evening was older, about 50 or so and had me go into the examining
room and undress while he was still in the small windowless room with
me. speculum_closeup_moviesHe didn’t offer me a robe, but had me lie on my stomach on the
examination table with a pillow under my hips, my legs spread and
slightly on my knees. He spoke very low and gently as he explained that
the dining hall food here at the school had been stopping up in several
students colons that week and I wasn’t the first to suffer from this
cramping. He put on latex gloves and began to massage my rectum. I felt
some warm lube being rubbed into the area and it felt so good. He asked
if I was uncomfortable and I replied no, I was fine. He told me to
relax, because I would feel some pressure for a few minutes as he
examined me. I felt him slide his finger in and out of my rectum and it
started to feel really good. I could feel him slide another finger into
me and I was starting to get pretty wet and turned on. I wanted to moan,
but I stayed quiet.closeup-pussy-003.jpg He was talking to me the entire time about me
relaxing my muscles and letting his fingers examine the inside of my
rectum to discover any blockage. I felt a third finger slide in and I
let out an involuntary moan. He asked if he had hurt me and I said, no,
not at all. “It was all very relaxing, please continue…”
Exclisive club gyno exams

This went on for a few more minutes and he was thoroughly examining the
inside of my rectum and rubbing all around it and it felt really
incredible. Then he gently pulled out his fingers, and said that I had a
definite blockage in my colon and he would next be giving me a nice warm
relaxing enema to break it up. I had no idea what he was talking about,
but he went on to explain that he would be placing a tub up my rectum
and slowly filling my colon with a warm solution of water and a slight
sedative to help me to relax. exclusive clubAfter the colon had been filled with this
solution, he would plug my colon and I would hold the solution for about
twenty minutes and then he would help clean me out. I said that if he
thought it would help me, that I trusted him completely. He walked out
of the room and said he would return shortly. He helped me to lie down
across the examining table on my back and relax before he left to
prepare the enema.Doctor inspects pussy with a speculum and gives a cunnilingus to his patient

About ten minutes later, he returned and remarked that there were no
other patients there that night and the nurse on duty was buried in a
book at the other end of the building, so he was free to stay here with
me and answer any questions I might have in regards to the procedure. He
was carrying what looked like two rubber hot water bottles, which he
proceeded to hook onto a tall stand that would normally hold an I.V.
bag. He then attached the tubes that extended from each bottle into a
larger tube with a small nozzle at the end. This he covered in lube. He
helped me to lie down, still naked, on my back and scooted my ass to the
end of the table. He then had me bend my legs and place my ankles on
each side of my ass cheeks, thus spreading wide my ass and pussy. He
told me that if the water filling up my colon became uncomfortable, I
might want to put some weight on my heels and relieve the pressure until
the water passed further into my colon. He told me that I might become
slightly woozy as there was a slight sedative in the solution, but that
I should just relax. I smiled and said, of course.

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ebony pelvic exam videos

24 Jul 2010

ebony gyno exam story with some dr tushy videous

My dad took me to my appointment.  The nurse gave me some forms to fill out.
I filled out my medical history form, it ask me a lot of questions.Then we where directed to an examination room.  I was told to get undressed and put on a gown.  I quickly removed my cloths.  I which I had a bra to cover my breast. My chocolate boobs where a lot more than nipples anyway.  I put on the gown and tried to cover up as much as possible.

The doctor came in and read my medical history and checked the medical release form.  He told me to get up on the examination table.  I was very nervous this was the first time I had been to a gynecologist office, my dad being there only made it worst.

I am going to give you a pelvic examine and check to see if you carry a baby in your vomb said the doctor.  I will have lay you down to examination table said the doctor.

He ordered me to lay on to the table and put my black feet in the stirrups.

Then he removed my gown and picked up a big strap and put it across my waist.  The doctor moved the big stirrups around until they had my knees up high and my feet at about the height of my butt.  The doctor then strapped me to the stirrups in two places.  Next he started to fasten my hands when I told him to leave them alone.  The doctor told me we could do it the easy way or his way.  I yanked my hands away from him.  That was a mistake.

The doctor reached up and garbed my nipple and squeezed it so hard, I screamed.  He then let go and garbed my hand and said next time it would be worst if I did not cooperate.  I let him fasten my hands to the table.  How many times have you had sex said the doctor.  I told him only one time.  He asks me if I had ever had anal intercourse.  I told him no and that I had not ever heard of that.

He went over to a cabinet and picked up a dish and put it by my pussy and told me to pee in it.

I told him I was not peeing in front of him and I did not have to go anyway.  The doctor set down the dish and went back to the cabinet.  He brought back a stainless steal tube on the end of a huge syringe.  He told my father it was a catheter sized for large adults about .2 inches in diameter.  He then started to insert it into my urethra.  I started to scream it hurt too much.  The doctor told me I should have peed for him.  He just kept pushing until it was in to my bladder.  Then he pulled back on the syringe handle and filled up the syringe and removed the catheter.  It hurt worst coming out, I was in tears at this point.  I ask my father let me go.  He told me to thank the doctor for taking care of me and to start acting right or it would only get much worse.  My dad told me I would have to stay until the examination was completed.

The Doctor used the urine sample for a pregnancy test.  While the test was going on the doctor came back and started to examine me.

The doctor started to examine my pussy lips next, they both just stood between my legs looking into my pussy.  The doctor measured my pussy lips before and while he stretched them terribly.  The doctor asks my dad for the binders on the tray.  He took one and put it on my thigh and told my dad to do the same.  Next he attached my pussy lips to the binders with a clap and an elastic strap.  It hurt a lot having my pussy lips stretched out so far.  The doctor said that keeps the labia minor out of the way and helps keep her mind busy for the next step.

He then started to examine my clitoris, He rubbed it very hard.  I was starting to get excited. It never took much to get me excited.  The doctor told my dad I had a very sensitive clitoris and it should be very easy for me to have orgasms.  The doctor then started looking at my vagina.  She has no remnants of a hymen.  I can’t tell how long ago or how often she has had sex he said to my dad.  The doctor picked up a long clear plastic probe and inserted it into my vagina until it touched the cervix itself.  She has a 5 inch long vagina that is normal.  The doctor removed the tool and inserted two fingers into my vagina and told my dad she is very wet and very tight.  The guy who fucked her must have had a pencil dick he said.  I wanted to crawl away…

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Blonde pussy closeup videos

21 Jul 2010

ExclusiveClub.com is a huge website featuring real gyno exam eposides where young innocent girls are checked by a bizarre gyno doctor who runs his gyno practice without a license. Watch him sticking his naughty fingers in girlies pussy, see him using his favorite gyno tools. Sign up for ExclusiveClub.com and get access to over 50.000 supersized pics and hours of fullscreen HD movies!


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Nurse uniform

20 Jul 2010

Medical fetishism? you’re doing it right!

They do what they are told “now pull down your panties and lay on your stomach” they get real good exam, their breasts, their vaginas and their tight asses,  the doctor knows what hes doing so they ask no questions when he decides to check their temperature by sticking a thermometer in their tight virgin assholes. This site also offers explicit enema movies.