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redhead wife exam

29 Nov 2014

Gorgeous redhead Angela brought her husband along for the gyno exam. The bearded doctor was quite willing to show this young hunk some tricks to make his wife cum stronger than ever. And of course the lucky guy gets to see hairy pussy speculum insertion closeup.

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cervix closeup photos

09 Oct 2014


The old doctor welcomed Sandra in his room. He asked her about her sexual life and her problems. Then Sandra had to undress. She did so quickly. He examined her nice firm body and then went down on her. He also inserted a gyno speculum into her tight hole and rotated it to get the best view.




fat teen gyno exam

01 Jun 2014


Blonde nurse is a tight uniform checks the plump brunette’s vitals and then inspects her tight pink slit

cavity search fetish

15 May 2014

Sammie got herself into big trouble hanging about the wrong guys. She was taken to the police station during the police raid. Stern police officer takes no notice of her pleading sries and protests and threats to sue all of them bastards. She is doing her job and doing it well. She thoroughly examined any and all cavities of this little whore’s body starting with her swearing mouth and then getting down to her vagina and anus.

inked blonde medical kink photos

06 May 2014


This is Mandy who came into the doctor’s office the other day telling her she suspected she had tripper. the doctor was willing to help and to listen so the blonde was soon full nude under the medical gown.


And then the doctor casually checked her pink while talking to her about the hairdresser she once knew.



Doctor tushy models

10 Apr 2014

I can’t keep it inside. The girls of doctor tushy are amasing. Just look at those cuties getting their boobs examined, experiencing anal exams and rectal thermometer insertions, pap smears and gyno speculum exams.

tiny tits exam

02 Apr 2014

Flat-chested teen was one of the patients of the tushy gyno clinic. The mature nurse asked her to take all her clothes off while she filled out the form. Then she checked the small boobs and wrote down the vitals. The teen blonde was requested to pull her thighs wide apart and the nurse started pelvic exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/138y/contents/bimages/3.jpg

blonde patient in black stockings

19 Feb 2014

Anita is one hot cutie. She is definitely going to give you a hard on when you see the video of her slowly taking off her panties and getting onto the gyno chair

blonde girl from Sweden

08 Feb 2014

I love Swedish girls. The long hair and small perky tits of this cutie are a really good start to  the new day at the clinic



vagina exam closeup

27 Sep 2013

He smiled at me (like doctors always do) and sat down, casually looking through my records and then said, “Okay, let’s get this over with as fast as we can because I know you want out of here.” And I smiled in agreement whole heartedly and then smiled a bit more at his smile that was genuine, seeing that he did understand how women felt about exams.


gyno speculum insertion

25 Sep 2013

The doctor reached for the speculum and started slowly inserting it. It slid in very easily. After shining his little flashlight up there, he declared, “I’ve never seen this in person. Your vagina is inflated and your cervix is  dipping. One would guess you are very close to having a climax.”


Cherisse rousing herself, responded  “I am. All you need to do is touch my clitoris and I believe I will.”
Withdrawing the speculum and without saying a word, Charles gently and gingerly touched the quite protruding bud. Sure enough, Cherisse’s body shivered, first gently, then more convulsively. Charles kept stroking her clit and Cherisse’s convulsions got more and more vehement.

self exam vagina closeups

22 Aug 2013

Blonde Venus hates going to the doctors. So she had long ago learned to examine herself with the help of a mirror and a metal gyno speculum. She sets on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart and then inspects her pussy with her fingers.


http://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/12.jpgThen she inserts a metal speculum and checks the insideshttp://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/14.jpg

pap smear closeup

22 Jul 2013

This good looking teenage blonde is about to become a cheerleader of their college’s basketball team/ All she needs is a medical checkup. But little did she expect gyno specula inserted into her shaved vagina. She was squirming and moaning as the doctor inserted the tool and all but shrieked when the doctor used a cotton bud to get pap smear.

tattooed gyno exam

18 Jul 2013

Check out that gorgeous booty. That’s some nice piece of ass. Watch this tatted girl’s pussy and ass examined at gyno exams HD videos



beautiful blonde teen gaping vagina

29 Apr 2013

Blonde Tanya skipped her annual physical out of terror. She always felt uneasy and embarrassed at the doctors, especially when the doctors looked up her vagina. But when she came to the clinic for the latest appointment she was scared like hell to see that the doctor was male. She quickly left making some awkward excuse about needing to visit her aunt in the hospital.
Yet she was determined to check her vagina and she decided to do it by herself.
She slipped off her panties and made herself comfortable on a chair and fingered her pussy the way doctors always did and then she spread it wide facing the camera to see the recording later for any flaws in her pink.

pussy gaping videos

czech gyno clinic patient

23 Feb 2013

Beautiful tall Celena checked in for her annual gyno exam. The old pervy doctor invited her to his office and asked to undress. As she took off her blouse and skirt the red stockings are  revealed much to the doc’s satisfaction


He inspected her small breasts and perky nipples and then told her to lie down on the couch for vaginal exam. He put on his gloves and started fingering her wet hole with tenderness and expertise.

Finally he went to pick up a gyno speculum. After lubing it thoroughly he inserted it into her vagina and spread it wide until her round pink cervix was in full view.

Mature visit her gyn

21 Feb 2013

speculm in the old Pussy of chech senior lady Anezhka

Press the old meat to see  closeup her and other old ladies body naked
Full physical exam videos included!

Cute redhead gyno exam

01 Feb 2013

Helga had just moved in town and this was her visit to the gyno clinic for her annual gyno exam. She was so excited to meet her new male gyn. She eagerly took off her clothes and spread her legs for her pelvic exam


group gyno exam

24 Jun 2011

Who could ever suspect Natalie would get into such an embarrassing situation. She needed to undergo her regular physical because she needed medical exam list for her new job and she was not gonna miss such an opportunity. She was given three days to come with the medical. Unfortunately, the clinic was full. Seemed like all the girls in town needed their physical today. Natalie was not going to give up her intentions.


But boy was she surprised and embarrassed when she saw two more nude chicks on entering the examination room. What a confusing experience! All three of them went thru weight check, breast examination and almost simultaneous gyno speculum examination.

pussy exam

Exposed nurse

07 May 2011

Look what a hottie we have for today. Junior nurse Kristie is so turned by the exams she assisted that at the end of the working day she just can’t hold her arousal and locks the door to masturbate on the gyno chair fantasizing ’bout the hot doctor.

see full video in HD at Exposed nurses

old pussy inspected

29 Nov 2010

My name is Dr. Joseph Scott. I have an MD in Proctology. If you know
what that means, I am an Ass doctor.

The only glamorous part of my job is that I have an office in Beverly
Hills and have been consultant to the rich and famous for several years

Today is just another ordinary day. The usual appointments with people
with a pain in the ass, being a pain in the ass for me. It was ordinary
till the phone rang. My receptionist Kelly came to me to tell me that it
was Julia Ryan on the phone.

Julia had been my patient a few years ago and was now a successful
Hollywood movie star. I had not seen her in two years and now it was a
pleasure to hear her voice.

Hello Scott, she said, in a breathy tone. Her natural voice had gone
changed practicing a lusty and breathless tone for those sex scenes she
always played in the movies.

It is so nice to hear from you Julia after such a long time. Is
something the matter ?

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New doctor story

10 Oct 2010

blonde_gyno_xxxRumors were flying all over town. The latest talk over coffee was the
new Doctor in town. He was supposed to be very good looking and a
specialist, but no body knew what he specialized in. Mary, being the
inquisitive one, couldn’t t stand it any long so she made an appointment
to go see him and find out for herself, just what kind of a doctor he
was. He only had office hours on Friday and Saturday and his
appointments were for late in the evening. Mary made an appointment for
Saturday at 9:30pm. She arrived to find his office was in a very nice
home and following the directions he given her on the phone, she came in
and went to the top of the stairs and knocked on the door.
When he opened the door and invited her in, Mary thought she would
dissolve right there on the spot. He was gorgeous, tall, dark and
dressed in khaki slacks and a plaid shirt. blonde_gyno_exam_23.jpgNot at all what you would
expect a doctor to look like a and had a voice that could melt butter.
He told Mary he was happy to see her and that they would being her
examination immediately. While she removed all her clothes, he would get
things ready for her exam. On the chair was one of those half gowns that
you put on with the opening in the front and a drape sheet. So far Mary
didn’t t see anything unusual Soon he called to her to come out when she
was ready, and lie down on the bed. He gazed at her and assured her that
there would be no pain everything was going to be all right.

He began by opening one side of her gown and telling her he was going to
do a breast exam. blonde_gyno_exam_24.jpgSlowly and methodically he explored every inch of her
breast gently massaging her sensitive skin, and when he began to roll
her nipple back and forth, between his fingers, she thought she would
die. He gently laid the gown flap over that one and uncovered her other
breast. He reassured her that she was doing fine. That incredible voice
….Such ecstasy she had never known before. At that point things began
to change and she understood the difference between his exams and a
regular doctors exam.

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Special gyno exam

08 Jul 2010


True gyno exam story illustrated with SPECIAL EXAMINATION pictures

college girl pantiesThe doctor made no move to cover Linda’s breasts at this point, she just began to move her hands lower to press her abdomen, pushing the panties lower as needed, until the top of Linda’s light brown pubic hair came into view. “I guess these need to come off now, Linda,” Dr. Francis requested, as the nurse moved into pull the panties over Linda’s hips and pull them off entirely. Linda lay there, her neatly trimmed pubic mound exposed, her legs still primly pressed together, now totally nude on the table.

“Can you move down to the end of the table, please?” the nurse asked as she extended the stirrups for this part of the exam. Now Linda’s heart was really going, as she slid into place and the nurse guided her feet into the holders. Dr. Francis was pulling on a pair of thin rubber gloves and turned around to see Linda’s exposed genital area, the brown hair sparse enough to offer an excellent view of everything. pussy exploredDr. Francis remembered when women never even looked at their genitals, let alone groomed them as many young ladies did these days. She much preferred the modern custom, she thought, as she contemplated Linda’s youthful region, and offered a commentary to her patient.

“Good color,” she offered before she had even touched Linda. But then she did touch her, the gloved fingers moving over her genital area, examining her labia, thermometer in her asspushing back the clitoral hood, holding the smaller lips apart to locate her urethra. Linda could feel Dr. Francis’ fingers working over her, gentle but with a purpose. The doctor slowly slipped a finger into her vaginal entrance. “Clench down, Linda, please,” she requested, and Linda tightened up around Dr. Francis’ finger. “Now release…and again.” Linda complied. The finger came out. “You’re a little dry. I’m going to use lubricant and my fingers before we do the speculum. It will feel better that way.”

doctor examines pussyAfter a few seconds, Linda felt the doctor’s finger re-enter her, easier this time, and examine the entrance on all sides, then go in deeper, to relax Linda and prepare her vagina to accept the speculum. Dr. Francis could feel the vaginal moisture begin to flow. She preferred this method for her patients; it was easier on the women, and established a trust that made the exams go much quicker and less traumatically.

cervix fucking comics

09 Feb 2010

Fuck her cervix
this time I will post a comics with weird fetish about girls fucked in their cervix
fuck cervix anatomy picture
Jeff was behind Chris now, fucking her hard, making her tits bounce
while Jill still sucked her. I returned to getting Jill off, but Pete’s
cock was so big that every time he pushed into me I felt like I was
coming all over again. I had slipped two more fingers in Jill’s freshly
stretched hole and was finger- fucking her and watching her hips rock in
time with my hand. We were all moans and heaving breathing in the room,
fucking and sucking each other. Chris had a very dirty vocabulary and
now she was using it. “Fuck my cunt stud!” She yelled to Jeff. “Cum
in me. Let Jill suck your hot cum outta my cunt!” I found myself
rocking my hips back against Pete, who was trying not to hurt me, and
each time I rocked, he bottomed out, making me groan with the pain and
pleasure of it. “Fuck her little ass you big stud!” Chris moaned to
Pete. “Fill her with your big cock!” I was so hot and excited by her
that I raised up and kissed her, shoving MY tongue down HER throat as
far as I could. Chris sucked my tongue like it was a cock and my hips
started to rock and push back against Pete’s huge prick again. I
couldn’t help myself and started talking like Chris. “RAM YOUR COCK IN
ME. FUCK ME HARD YOU BIG STUD!” I yelled and then I felt Pete ram it
home, forcing me to lay down, my face against Jill’s sopping pussy. He
plunged into me fast and hard. His cock felt like it was pushing my
cervix up against my lungs. And I was having one orgasm after another!!
Jill cried out into Chris’s muff, and her hips rose up and down hard.

comics about a guy who deflorated a girl into cervix

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offer or at special examinations

yours, dr. gyno

Gyno Clinic Picture gallery

20 Nov 2009

Tight Doctor Gyno Clinic
A doctor explains gallery 7 movies gallery A doctor explains to his assistant how to examine vagina, ass and breasts This site is absolutelly the best and worth your visit Enjoy sexy hot sluts in action!
Those pictures are exclusev, you wont find em anywhere else! gyno exam gallery 7