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blonde nurse masterbating in gyno clinic

27 Feb 2015

The hot blonde with stunning body took off her panties and climbed the gyno chair for some hot dildo fuck. Watch her fuck herself with a black dildo and a pink vibrator in the downloadable videos below or follow the link to access the full HD videos of nude nurses.

big tits exam video

19 Jul 2014

Brunette with huge naturals full nude and laid out on the gyno chair. The blonde foxy nurse knows how to deal with it.

lesbian gyno videos

21 May 2014

Jessica was excited as she saw a beautiful brunette nurse entering the examination room.

The nurse casually told her to undress but the blonde patient saw that look in the brunette’s eyes and instantly knew the exam would be fun. Though she didn’t expect some ass rimming she got

sexy medical uniform videos

08 May 2014

A nurse in a tight fitting uniform that barely covers her nice round butt is examining a beautiful blonde with a topknot. The shaved vagina of the patient gets wet as the nurse’s fingers slide in.

skinny redhead pap smear

05 May 2014

This redhead with big tits and slim frame is a very good patient. She spreads her legs right when the nurse is about to ask her to, she parts her pussy lips with her fingers when the nurse is taking pap smear.

black girl gyno videos

03 Mar 2014

Lupita is a beautiful black girl. The nurse was stunned by the smoothness of her dark skin and the curves of her very slim body. Watch her spread her long legs for a medical exam

teen brunette gyno exam

14 Dec 2013

Teen hottie showed up at the gyno clinic for her annual gyno examination. She had to go thru all the routine procedures before the doctor shoved a finger up her ass

chubby teen medical examination videos

13 Oct 2013

The very understanding gyno nurse instructed the shy teen to take off her clothes and change into medical gawn.

She thoroughly examined her nice fat titties and made sure they were healthy and there was no cancer.

The most fun part of it all – the pelvis examination with some gloved fingering and applying some lube for gyno specula to slide easily inside

pelvic exam video

05 Oct 2013

Nancy got out a rubber glove and some K.Y. Jelly.  Then she came over to Rachel who stood up and leaned over the table, never stopping her chatter.  Nancy took Rachel’s hands and fastened them together with a  velcro restraint behind her back!  Then she started putting K.Y.  Jelly on Rachel’s behind.

blonde examined by the nurse

23 Sep 2013

Beth poised speculum at the entrance to Barbara’s vagina, and slowly began working it into his wife. He could swear Barbara’s hips pushed forward to accept this thing into her, not once but several times. Once the speculum was in place and Beth began spreading Barbara’s vagina open, John bent forward to look.

Noticing his interest, Beth took a flashlight off the table and directed the light directly  into Barbara. John looked in amazement but was soon pushed aside by Lynn, who wanted to get a good look herself. He let her take his spot and stepped back to the wall next to Cheryl.

asian doctor speculum exam videos

18 Sep 2013

The female doctor quickly slipped on a pair of latex exam gloves and I could  both see and feel as she placed her fingers on the lips of my  vulva and spread them apart.

I had never looked at myself like this and was surprised by the  moist pinkness of my inner lips, as she spread them wide exposing  my vaginal orifice. Her finger pushed upwards and my clitoris slipped from under its hiding place as her fingers continued to open and massage me as she examined every fold of my vulva.
She took her fingers from my vulva and I could see him picking up a tube of lubricant from the table that was beside her, I know she was getting ready to examine me internally.

big silicone tits exam

06 Jul 2013

Here you go – downloadable video previews of Doctor Tushy

The gorgeous brunette has most stunning tits. When she slips her top off the nurse turns to tell her the routine of the exam and goes numb for a long moment. She is almost awed when she gets to touch those melons as part of medical exam. the breast exam took longer than expected. Finally the nurse got down to gyno exam and pelvic checkup.

shaved vagina gyno videos

15 Jun 2013

The doctor explained the busty brunette the routine of the gyno examination he was going to follow. He asked her to lie on her back and put her legs in the stirrups. He then proceeded with the pelvic examination after which the girl is placed on her stomach and the anal exam follows. The videos are downloadable

nurse anal exam videos

09 Jun 2013

Download the following free preview videos from Doctor Tushy.

This shot features brunette cutie with small firm tits. She gets breast exam from the petite blonde nurse wearing medical uniform. Then she is laid on her stomach and the nurse puts on her gloves and spreads the girl’s ass cheeks. The nurse lubed her finger and slowly inserted it into the tight arsehole. Watch her probe inside.

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Videos provided by Doctor Tushy.

tatted teen gyno videos

22 May 2013

Teen cutie and a wannabe cheerleader showed up at the clinic in time for her medical checkup that she needed for the admission to the team.

She eagerly answered the nurse’s questions and stripped naked revealing the tat on her lower back.

We will skip all the routine of the physical such as heart rate check and weight check as being too tedious and head straight to pelvic exam. So here she was spread on the chair and the nurse leaned in closer to her pussy and inserted clear specula inside her slit. Then she spread it and took pap smear and examined the insides.

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male gyno doctor exam videos

21 May 2013

The old doctor liked Sandra’s perfect body. The girl was slim but had all the curves in all the right places and enough fat to look sexy and nice round boobies.

The doctor spread her legs and examined her vagina with his fingers first and then inserted big metal specula and used them to spread the pussy wide enough.

exclusive club gyno videos

mature woman vagina exam video

11 Apr 2013

Senior woman Vera leads active sexual life. With her long blonde hair, slim legs and nice firm tits she has no problems finding young lovers. Nevertheless she gets bored of her new acquisitions pretty soon. Her last lover was twenty years her junior and she cheated on him with a man even younger.

Given all of the above she frequents the gyno clinic for pelvic exams. The doctor knows her well as well as the fact that he is not her piece of cake for his age – he is only two years her junior. Still they are on very friendly terms and chat thru the gyno exam

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physical exam embarrassment

05 Apr 2013

I had to lie on the examination table. The doctor lifted a new instrument from his cabinet, prepared it, and washed his hands. I feared something bad. And immediately I was asked to bend my legs and to open my thighs as wide as possible.

I refused to do this next thing, until I finally heard his fatherly encouragement that I did not need to be shy or self-conscious before my doctor. He shoved a pillow underneath my bottom, adjusted a lamp, and bent between my spread legs. Now he took an instrument, the likes of which I have never seen before or since. At first glance it looked a bit like a shears. I could not see everything because I was lying rather helplessly on my back. This instrument was in any case used to spread my large vagina lips (labia major) and to hold them open. I noticed that it had an adjustable stop ring with which to regulate the spread. The doctor fixed it in a position and contemplated my genital region. He plied various rods and sticks, which felt ice cold and made various notes. Finally he removed the terrible instrument, but pulled my vagina lips apart from each other only with his fingers. He also felt my smaller vagina lips (labia minora) and pulled them out to their limits.

That really hurt! I dared not to breathe! I thought only a little movement and he would rip me “down there.” The doctor, however, seemed unimpressed; he took some sort of a circular compass measurement and set his measurements down. It seemed to take an eternity. At last he began to do the same to my clitoris. He uncovered a sizable portion of my glans and measured this with some sort of a stencil.

Finally I was permitted to get dressed again. He thanked me very much for my assistance.

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Exclusive club

cervix closeup video

02 Apr 2013

Exclusive club gyno clinic presents a very special set of videos.They feature a Czech teen getting examined by an old male doctor. He gets her on her elbows and knees first to thoroughly check her arsehole with his fat fingers.

He attached a pump to her pussy and pumped it until it was all bright pink and swollen.

Time for the specula insertion. The doc didn’t care to lube it for his patient was already wet enough. He pushed the specula wide enough to get full view of her cervix.

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skinny mature vagina exam videos

05 Mar 2013

Sandra is 48 years old but she has the body of a teen. Slim legs and small boobs.

Even her pussy looks like a cunt of a teenage babe. The doctor stretches it with gyno specula and doesn’;t hesitate to mention that her pussy is very young and tight.

In the end of the exam the doctor checks her sensitivity using a big size vibrator, which he inserts into her cunt and sets to full speed

gaping pussy self exam

28 Feb 2013

Slender mature business woman is too busy to visit her gyn doctor often so she has to perform self exams from time to time. She sets a camera in front of her couch and fingers her cunt in front of it. then she will check the hd video for any flaws in her pink.

She seems to obviously enjoy her fingers probing her insides.

She stretches her vagina so that it is gaping in front of her camera. That video comes out the hottest.
gaping pussy videos

gyno exam harrassment videos

24 Feb 2013

The kinky old doc cannot resist the temptation to touch his teenage patient in all the wrong places. He slides his fingers along her lower back as if to check her spine.

She is not very pleased with his ministrations until he gets down to vagina exam and she cannot hold her loud moans as he inserts his experienced fingers in her pussy and twists and turns them inside.

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granny gyno exam video

09 Feb 2013

55 year old Brigita is the new patient at the Czech gyno clinic. Check out the videos of her taking off her clothes and getting her breasts checked by the kinky doctor.

The doctor gets between her legs to examine her old pussy

kinky medical exam

26 Jan 2013

Slavic girl Pavlina was freaking embarrassed to see a male doctor when she walked into the examination room. The old doctor pulled on her hair making her open her mouth and pulling her head back to examine her throat.

During the vaginal exam he inserted a lubed speculum inside her shaved pussy and used a flashlight to see the insides.

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speculum insertion videos

24 Jan 2013

The nurse carried out the exam as usual. After the breasts checkup she listened to the patient’s lungs and then made her lie down and spread her long legs.

She produced a speculum from one of the drawers of the medical cabinet and lubed it thoroughly. Then she proceeded to spread the patient’s labia and slowly inserted the plastic device inside her vagina. When the speculum was in place she spread it wide and fixed it that way. She took pap smear and visually examined the insides.