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physical exam at tushy clinic

19 Nov 2013

The blonde nurse was all but stunned by the cheerful and gorgeous woman who turned up the other day. She could only stare as the patient undressed andsat on the gyno chair. She followed the routine by checking her vitals, breast exam, vaginal exam and anal exam.



brunette medical exam

18 Nov 2013

It’s about time you thought about your medical exam – that’s what Amy’s boyfriend told her. She was eager to oblige given she hadn’t seen gyn in more than a year. She was surprised and pleased to see a young male doctor. As he told her to undress she was taking her clothes faster than you could say “Damn that’s one nice ass”.


blonde teen ass

06 Nov 2013

The new patient of Tushy gyno clinic appeared to have the most gorgeous arse you’ve seen in months


Her pale behind looks even better when looking out of a medical gown as the nurse checks her weight


I wouldn’t resist the temptation either 😉


Bonus boob exam picture. They are nice too


hairy pussy gyno exam

01 Nov 2013

She tensed and jumped when he touched the soft curls of her sparse pubic hair.  He gently parted it with his thumbs and separated her outer cuntal lips and felt for the inner labia.  His finger explored downward for the  vaginal opening.  When he found the tiny pink mouth it was throbbing gently.  He pressed the moist fleshy lips open and she jumped and tensed her body even more.