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nurse shaving

23 Oct 2013

When HeadNurse pulled up Karen’s gown, she exposed the hairiest red cunt and ass that any of them had ever seen. (Karen was a short slightly pudgy redhead) HeadNurse examined her a bit and then announced to the class that she would do the shaving to demonstrate how to shave such a hairy bush and how to shave a girl’s ass. Joann said Karen looked a bit terrified but did not protest.


HeadNurse got out a pair of electric clippers (no one else had had so much pubic hair to require clippers) and proceeded to clip Karen’s bush. Then HeadNurse washed and lathered Karen’s stubble before removing it with the razor.


rectal thermometer insertion

22 Oct 2013

She had me roll on my side. She pulled at my top asscheek and slipped a greased thermometer into my  asshole. I wiggled a bit as she slipped it in. I asked her if she had ever had her cunt shaved. She laughed and told me that back in nursing school, they all received a shaving from other nurses as part of their training and they got a chance to shave others (girls and guys). Joann asked me when did I get my pussy shaved.

big round ass at medical exam

16 Oct 2013

Busty brunette showed up at the reception right in time for her appointment. The nurse led her to the examination room where she was told to undress and put on a medical gown.


the nurse asked her a few questions and told her to sit on the couch for the breast exam which was promptly followed by pelvic exam and anal exam

chubby teen medical examination videos

13 Oct 2013

The very understanding gyno nurse instructed the shy teen to take off her clothes and change into medical gawn.

She thoroughly examined her nice fat titties and made sure they were healthy and there was no cancer.

The most fun part of it all – the pelvis examination with some gloved fingering and applying some lube for gyno specula to slide easily inside

blonde nurse complete physical

11 Oct 2013

“Well… I was supposed to be here by 6 PM, but my boss kept me on this project that I was ordered to get  done tonight… So I called the hospital and they said it was O.K., but to come right over when I was finished, as long as I could get here before midnight. The admitting nurse explained that I had to come here for a  pre-admittance physical?”


“Yes. That’s correct. You’ll need a comprehensive physical exam Judy,” I said as I again looked at her papers  while seated at my desk.



gyno patient

06 Oct 2013

I didn’t think you had grown women panicking like that in a doctor’s office but I was new to this end of the  business.”Please!  No!” she said.  She sounded like she was pleading.


She didn’t get up to leave the office or anything–she just sat there.”Come on–you can do it,” Nancy said, taking one of her arms and trying to pull her to standing.”It won’t take long,” added Susanne, pulling on her other arm.



pelvic exam video

05 Oct 2013

Nancy got out a rubber glove and some K.Y. Jelly.  Then she came over to Rachel who stood up and leaned over the table, never stopping her chatter.  Nancy took Rachel’s hands and fastened them together with a  velcro restraint behind her back!  Then she started putting K.Y.  Jelly on Rachel’s behind.