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pelvic exam

30 Aug 2013

It seemed like a long time before the doctor first touched her, and she wondered what she was doing down there. Two fingers pulled apart her lower vaginal lips,


then immediately another finger pushed into vaginal hole. It was warm and slightly greased up with jelly, but it still hurt her going in. She sunk his digit all the way into her, then twisted it around. And as before, she felt the tip moving deep inside her.


While the jelly seemed to catch on fire, heating up her vaginal wall. Sandra jumped unexpectedly when the palm of her hand mistakenly brushed up against her sensitive clitoris. She had let go of her outer lips and was resting her hand over the mound of her pussy.


She rested her palm over her crotch, her palm pressing into her clitoris, making her squirm. She was in no mood to feel sexual, but her vagina had a mind of its own. She knew her vagina was getting wet, though was sure she wouldn’t be able to tell with the lubricate she used.

pap smear video

26 Aug 2013

The doctor snapped on some rubber exam gloves and began what surely must be the most envious job in the world: examining the pussy of a 18-year-old.  He gently parted her outer lips and started a very thorough study of her outer and inner lips.  He then said something about a pap smear and took a speculum from a drawer at the foot of the exam table.  He held it in one hand for a minute, I guess to warm it, and then took the other and spread her pussy open.  He brought the tip of it to her vaginal entrance and as soon as it touched her, her hips rose slightly from the table.  He slowly eased it in sideways, sliding the whole thing into her vagina.  He then turned the handle down and opened it up.  Her formerly tight little pussy was now stretched into this wide oval.  He took a small flashlight and peered up into her, studying the inside of her vagina.  He then took this cotton swab and stuck it up her. 

He rubbed it around for a minute and then pulled it out and rubbed then end in a small glass dish.  He closed the speculum and pulled it out, but her pussy stayed slightly open.  He then took two fingers and stuck them up into her, while feeling her abdomen with the other hand.

self exam vagina closeups

22 Aug 2013

Blonde Venus hates going to the doctors. So she had long ago learned to examine herself with the help of a mirror and a metal gyno speculum. She sets on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart and then inspects her pussy with her fingers.


http://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/12.jpgThen she inserts a metal speculum and checks the insideshttp://www.trypussy.com/galleries/pics-venus-20121113060952/14.jpg

doctor seduced by his patient

20 Aug 2013

Busty brunette is up for her regular physical. She was pleasantly surprised to see a young handsome man who introduced himself as doctor McGee.


She couldn’t contain herself when the hunk of a man started feeling her breasts and extended a hand to the bulge in his pants.


He was soon in her mouth and then on top of her right on the gyno examination chair. Who wouldn’t?


mature woman full medical exam

13 Aug 2013

Livie is 46 and she’s been to so many gyno exams in her life and seen so many doctors. This old pervert doesn’t confuse her in the least. Even the fact that he asked her to strip full nude before even checking her vitals and doesn’t offer her a medical gown.




breast exam

10 Aug 2013

I took off my bra and she had me stand right in the center of the room. Then she had me put my hands on top of my head and she stood right in front of me, face to face.  I was immediately aware of her perfume.


She looked down at my breasts, took one in her hand and felt around it with her fingers.  This was making me much more self-conscious than usual–maybe it was how close she was, or that I was standing like that, or her incredible beauty, or her perfume. Then she gave the other breast the same examination.  Then she put

one hand under each breast and sort of hefted them a little as if feeling their weight.  I started getting really self-conscious.  After a minute or so, she allowed them to sit in their natural position again and started softly rubbing them starting from underneath and going up to my nipples.

gyno speculum orgasm

03 Aug 2013

She reached for the speculum and started slowly inserting it. It slid in very easily. After shining a little flashlight up there, she declared, “I’ve never seen this in person. Your vagina is inflated and your cervix is dipping. One would guess you are very close to having a climax.” Withdrawing the speculum and without saying a word, the doctor gently and gingerly touched the quite protruding bud. Sure enough, patient’s body shivered, first gently, then more convulsively. The girl was moaning, almost yelping now, and her body
was arching up and down on the table.

male doctor erotic fingering

01 Aug 2013

He cups my left breast, lifting it as if testing its weight, but still moving his thumb gently across the nipple.  He does the same with the right one.  I must just be imagining that this examination is different, but it feels different to me and it excites me.  I close my eyes, feeling the blush rising up my chest to my face.  I know what comes next and I’m glad he’ll be wearing a glove so that he won’t be able to feel that he really needs no additional lubrication to finish.  I’ve generated enough natural lubricant to oil a whole houseful of door hinges. He closes the front of the gown.  “Okay, lay back and slide down.”

Still with my eyes closed, I do as he says.  He places my feet in the stirrups and moves my legs apart.  He does the PAP smear quickly, then puts the glove on his right hand and puts a little lubricant on it.  He mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like “I probably won’t need that,” and slides his fingers into my cunt.  His left hand braces low on my belly as he feels around, then he pauses.  I open my eyes.     He is standing there with his eyes closed, almost in a trance, his fingers still inside me.  He moves his thumb like he did on my breast, only this time it’s my clit he’s stroking.  He’s breathing as hard as I am.  That’s it.  I knew something was different.