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medical fetish hardcore

24 Jul 2013

The busty brunette required treatment as she declared upon entering the doctor’s office.

The young male doctor asked what kind of treatment she supposed was needed and the answer was hardcore. He checked her vitals and examined her breasts and then the action unfolded.

She caressed his chest then got lower right where his zipper was. She sucked his cock and his balls and then rimmed his ass hole.

pap smear closeup

22 Jul 2013

This good looking teenage blonde is about to become a cheerleader of their college’s basketball team/ All she needs is a medical checkup. But little did she expect gyno specula inserted into her shaved vagina. She was squirming and moaning as the doctor inserted the tool and all but shrieked when the doctor used a cotton bud to get pap smear.

teen pelvic exam videos

20 Jul 2013

Sammy got her full ride to college in Orlando. All she has left to do before moving to campus is a medical checkup. She shows up at the hospital and the mature doctor helps her though the medical exam.

The hardest part is as always the gyno exam. But she managed to relax as the gyno speculum slid slowly into her pussy.

tattooed gyno exam

18 Jul 2013

Check out that gorgeous booty. That’s some nice piece of ass. Watch this tatted girl’s pussy and ass examined at gyno exams HD videos



big tits medical exam video

16 Jul 2013

Jessica has one nice pair of boobs. They are round and big and heavy and she also has pierced nipples. The male doctor was obviously pleased at the sight of those melons.

Apparently he didn’t mind fingering her asshole during anal exam. The nurse handled him a bottle of lube and the fun started.
NB: images above are linked to downloadable gyno exam videos from gyno clinic

male doctor gyno exam

13 Jul 2013


Impressive picture gallery from Doctor tushy. In this set a male doctor examined sexy inked blonde.

He followed the regular routine of the gyno examination starting with checking the blonde’s vitals and spine check. Then he asked her to lay down and spread her legs and it was time for the vaginal exam and then some anal exam doggy style.

rectal thermometer videos

12 Jul 2013

The patient was a very good looking and elegant woman. The doctor asked her about her problem and the answer was that she and her husband had been trying to have a child for a while but she still cannot get pregnant. The doctor explained that the best time to get pregnant is when the rectal temperature is highest. And she offered to measure it right now just to show the woman how it works. She asked her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. She slowly inserted the rectal thermometer up that tight asshole.

two nurses gyno videos

11 Jul 2013

Sandra turned up for gyno exam wearing a provocative top. She was hoping to see a male doctor. But the male doctor was on sick leave so she was greeted by two nurses – one mature and more experienced and the other cute and young and cheerful. They filled in the check list, then examined her boobs and checked her vitals. Then they lay her down for a gyno examination. The younger nurse watched as the older collegue fingered that shaved pussy.

black gyno exam

10 Jul 2013

more pictures of the ebony hottie I’ve posted several posts ago. http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/106d/bimages/11.jpg

Lets just appreciate those gorgeous boobies and a nice round booty as the nurse measures her weight.


See her nice black shaved pussy spread with the specula


big silicone tits exam

06 Jul 2013

Here you go – downloadable video previews of Doctor Tushy

The gorgeous brunette has most stunning tits. When she slips her top off the nurse turns to tell her the routine of the exam and goes numb for a long moment. She is almost awed when she gets to touch those melons as part of medical exam. the breast exam took longer than expected. Finally the nurse got down to gyno exam and pelvic checkup.