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30 May 2013

Downloadable videos of a cute blonde with a perfectly round ass and nice tits who undressed at the gyn office and then was thoroughly examined by the experienced nurse.

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Czech gyno clinic

29 May 2013

The old pervert of a doctor was excited to see slender brunette in red stockings.


He watched her intently as she undressed and lied down on the couch. He proceeded with the routine of the medical exam.

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27 May 2013

The experienced nurse takes care of the teen’s medical checkup. She asks her questions about her sex life while the girl undresses.

When the teen is laid on her back with her long legs wide apart the nurse inspects her cunt with her fingers.

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25 May 2013

The blonde Czech MILF casually takes off her clothes in front of an old male doctor. He explained the routine of the complete physical to her but looks like she already knows all the bits and pieces of medical exam. She has seen so many doctors though her life. But this one will prove to be different from anything she had experienced before.


czech gyno exam video

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22 May 2013

Teen cutie and a wannabe cheerleader showed up at the clinic in time for her medical checkup that she needed for the admission to the team.

She eagerly answered the nurse’s questions and stripped naked revealing the tat on her lower back.

We will skip all the routine of the physical such as heart rate check and weight check as being too tedious and head straight to pelvic exam. So here she was spread on the chair and the nurse leaned in closer to her pussy and inserted clear specula inside her slit. Then she spread it and took pap smear and examined the insides.

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21 May 2013

The old doctor liked Sandra’s perfect body. The girl was slim but had all the curves in all the right places and enough fat to look sexy and nice round boobies.

The doctor spread her legs and examined her vagina with his fingers first and then inserted big metal specula and used them to spread the pussy wide enough.

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17 May 2013

Check out the way this sexy blond arches her body. She obviously enjoyed the attention the doctor was paying to her boobs and nice round butt.

The doctor obliged and made the blond enjoy every moment of the vaginal exam. She was very gentle when inserting the speculum deep inside her pussy.

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12 May 2013

Meet Samantha. Isn’t this redhead nurse just gorgeous. She unzips her medical uniform and her heavy tits all but spill from the opening. She took off her panties and posed for the camera with her pussy lips spread wide.

Watch her use medical tools to get herself off.
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10 May 2013

The young nurse at the gyno clinic Jillian chose was quite impressed by the huge breasts her patient revealed as she undressed.

The nurse kept touching them while she proceeded with the medical exam. When the girl finally lay on her back and spread her legs she was already wet enough the nurse needed no lube for her gloved finger to slide in easily.

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06 May 2013

Amanda is feeling very sexy today wearing her new white stockings.

She couldn’t wait for the lunch break to strip her panties and unzip her gown. She settles on the gyno chair and spreads her legs.

She slowly fingers her pussy feeling it gradually become wetter, tugs on her pussy lips.

When she feels her fingers are not enough she takes specula and slowly fucks herself with it.

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03 May 2013

Sexy teen shook hands with her new gyn. She answered the questions for the form and then was told to undress.

She quickly took off her clothes and settled on the chair watching the doctor warily as she produced huge speculum from the top drawer of her table.

The doctor inserted specula and spread it gently. She took pap smear before examining the insides visually.

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