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05 Apr 2013

I had to lie on the examination table. The doctor lifted a new instrument from his cabinet, prepared it, and washed his hands. I feared something bad. And immediately I was asked to bend my legs and to open my thighs as wide as possible.

I refused to do this next thing, until I finally heard his fatherly encouragement that I did not need to be shy or self-conscious before my doctor. He shoved a pillow underneath my bottom, adjusted a lamp, and bent between my spread legs. Now he took an instrument, the likes of which I have never seen before or since. At first glance it looked a bit like a shears. I could not see everything because I was lying rather helplessly on my back. This instrument was in any case used to spread my large vagina lips (labia major) and to hold them open. I noticed that it had an adjustable stop ring with which to regulate the spread. The doctor fixed it in a position and contemplated my genital region. He plied various rods and sticks, which felt ice cold and made various notes. Finally he removed the terrible instrument, but pulled my vagina lips apart from each other only with his fingers. He also felt my smaller vagina lips (labia minora) and pulled them out to their limits.

That really hurt! I dared not to breathe! I thought only a little movement and he would rip me “down there.” The doctor, however, seemed unimpressed; he took some sort of a circular compass measurement and set his measurements down. It seemed to take an eternity. At last he began to do the same to my clitoris. He uncovered a sizable portion of my glans and measured this with some sort of a stencil.

Finally I was permitted to get dressed again. He thanked me very much for my assistance.

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