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asian medical exam videos

29 Mar 2013

Jasmin moved to a new city. She worked as a strip dancer previously so she is up to get the same job in a nice club. The staff manager is ready to hire her but his main requirement is her going through a medical exam. Jasmin explains to the nurse that she needs a full physical.

The nurse examines Jasmin’s nice tits and carefully squeezes nipples after feeling them all over.

Then Jasmin was told to lie on her front and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. The nurse produced the lube from her drawer and inserted a gloved finger into the tight asshole. Asian patient squirmed uncomfortably but then relaxed as the nurse petted her lower back.

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medical fetish hardcore videos

22 Mar 2013

The doctor watched the brunette patient as she made herself comfortable on the gyno chair. Anne answered his questions while he filled in the standard form. Then she complained that she hadn’t had orgasm with a man for quite a long time whereas she was able to bring herself off quite efficiently.

the doctor was willing to help with the issue. He offered to fuck her on condition that she told him what he should do and what she feels every now and then. He then stood on his knees and started licking he clit with expert tongue. She was quickly moaning and begging for him to fuck her.

He was eager to oblige. He undressed and thrust his fully hard cock into her wet cunt. After a couple of thrusts she was screaming orgasm.

He fucked her through one more orgasm before coming in her sweet little mouth wide open for his thick cock.

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anal medical exam videos

21 Mar 2013

Cute teen blonde with very long hair is willing to try anal sex with her boyfriend. But she is not sure of where to start and if it is safe for her. So she signed up for a medical checkup and talked to the doctor about her plans.

The doctor said that all will be fine if she is careful and first stretches herself well with her fingers and she even showed her how to do it. She got her lying on her stomach and inserted fingers one by one into her tight virgin asshole. In the end she checked her rectal temperature.

hd gyno exam videos

female doctor videos

20 Mar 2013

Sexy female doctor puts on her gloves for a pelvic exam and she sure will check her patient’s shaved pussy deep and fine.

She applies some lube on her fingers and inserts them inside her patient so she squirms and keens quietly. The doctor feels the insides of the vagina and palpates the abdomen of the girl.

After she is satisfied she asks the girl to lay on her stomach and continues with anal exam. She inserts a carefully lubed finger into the tight pink asshole and then checks rectal temperature.

redhead anal exam videos

19 Mar 2013

cute teen redhead Sally walked into the clinic feeling utterly embarrassed. She just had her first anal sex a day before and has been feeling discomfort in her arse. It itched slightly and she is uncomfortable sitting.

She explained her problem to the doctor blushing slightly. The doctor was understanding and said there was nothing to be confused about. She offered a full medical exam.

Sally undressed and after the standard procedures of a physical she finally was lying on her stomach and the doctor inserted a probing finger up her pink asshole.

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saggy silicone boobs exam

06 Mar 2013

Maria had her implants done several years ago. Since then she had lost and gained weight and again lost weight. Her silicone boobs got a little saggy as a result of these weight fluctuations. She talks to the doctor about her tits.


The doctor conducts full physical exam and attends to her tits as well. She carefully checks for any displacements but there are none and her tits are fine. The doctor then moves on to the pelvic exam and takes a pap smear as she spreads that shaved pussy with specula.

doctor tushy hd videos

skinny mature vagina exam videos

05 Mar 2013

Sandra is 48 years old but she has the body of a teen. Slim legs and small boobs.

Even her pussy looks like a cunt of a teenage babe. The doctor stretches it with gyno specula and doesn’;t hesitate to mention that her pussy is very young and tight.

In the end of the exam the doctor checks her sensitivity using a big size vibrator, which he inserts into her cunt and sets to full speed

big tits exam videos

04 Mar 2013

The reason Synthia paid a visit to gyno clinic was that she felt a slight tightening in her right boob. Her melons are quite huge to say the least.They are big and round and heavy with big pink nipples. The blonde doctor cannot help but feel a bit jealous for her own are the perky B-size with small hard nipples and she can only dream of having something as impressive. She carefully examined those tits and found nothing fortunately for Synthia.

After the breast exam the doctor offered a full physical including weight check and flexibility test.

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nurse uniform masturbation

03 Mar 2013

Paris had been dreaming of getting a job as a nurse but the life turned out she was not inclined to medicine. She has graduated university and is a lawyer now. But her childish kinks won’t easily let go. That is why from time to time she pays her gyno nurse to leave her for an hour alone in the exam room. She puts on nurse uniform and gets comfy on the examination chair.

She uses a pink vibrator first sucking on it to lube it and then slides it inside her vagina.

She feels that a vibrator is not enough to get her off the edge so she goes for something more perverted and inserts gyno specula into her tight pussy.
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fat granny gyno videos

02 Mar 2013

The doctor is pleased to see Martha again. She has been his patient for the recent years. He likes her for her cheerful disposition and immense boobs. As she undresses he takes his time to appreciate her big body.

The vagina exam goes on as usual starting with some fingering to get her prepared for the specula.

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virgin asshole exam

01 Mar 2013

Alexis is 21. She just graduated from college and found a job. One of the requirements is a full physical exam for the job insurance. So she signed up for the examination at the gyno clinichttp://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/5.jpg

The nurse starts with the breast exam to check for any signs of problems.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/10.jpg

then Alexis is told to lie on her back and spread her legs as wide as she can. The nurse takes out the specula and checks her pussy after which sho goes straight for anal exam.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/143z/contents/bimages/13.jpg