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gaping pussy self exam

28 Feb 2013

Slender mature business woman is too busy to visit her gyn doctor often so she has to perform self exams from time to time. She sets a camera in front of her couch and fingers her cunt in front of it. then she will check the hd video for any flaws in her pink.

She seems to obviously enjoy her fingers probing her insides.

She stretches her vagina so that it is gaping in front of her camera. That video comes out the hottest.
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busty mature exam videos

25 Feb 2013
Jessica did not expect to be treated like a royalty as her doctor and her nurse do. They are in awe because of her perfect shapes.
As she undresses and reveals her big heavy tits with nipple piercing the doctor swallows hard against his instantly dry throat.

She is told to put on a medical gown and prepare for the examination.

Both the doctor and the nurse enjoy the view of her boobs and take their time examining them, pressing and squeezing slightly.

Jessica is then told to lay on her front and as the gown falls apart beautiful round buttocks are revealed. The doctor puts on his gloves and pushes one finger up her virgin asshole.

gyno exam harrassment videos

24 Feb 2013

The kinky old doc cannot resist the temptation to touch his teenage patient in all the wrong places. He slides his fingers along her lower back as if to check her spine.

She is not very pleased with his ministrations until he gets down to vagina exam and she cannot hold her loud moans as he inserts his experienced fingers in her pussy and twists and turns them inside.

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czech gyno clinic patient

23 Feb 2013

Beautiful tall Celena checked in for her annual gyno exam. The old pervy doctor invited her to his office and asked to undress. As she took off her blouse and skirt the red stockings areĀ  revealed much to the doc’s satisfaction


He inspected her small breasts and perky nipples and then told her to lie down on the couch for vaginal exam. He put on his gloves and started fingering her wet hole with tenderness and expertise.

Finally he went to pick up a gyno speculum. After lubing it thoroughly he inserted it into her vagina and spread it wide until her round pink cervix was in full view.

Mature visit her gyn

21 Feb 2013

speculm in the old Pussy of chech senior lady Anezhka

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Full physical exam videos included!

asian vaginal exam

16 Feb 2013

The cute petite asian is up for her annual gyno examination. She undressed as she was told.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/142p/contents/bimages/3.jpg

The nurse checked her weight and conveyed flexibility checks.

After the breast exam the nurse told the asian to lie down and put her legs in the stirrups for the speculum examination.

Another examination

granny gyno exam video

09 Feb 2013

55 year old Brigita is the new patient at the Czech gyno clinic. Check out the videos of her taking off her clothes and getting her breasts checked by the kinky doctor.

The doctor gets between her legs to examine her old pussy

small tits exam

08 Feb 2013

Nurse Johnson is a very experienced professional. As she conducts the medical exam all her movements are measured and confident. She asked her teen patient to raise her hand and thoroughly inspected her small boob.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/144x/contents/bimages/12.jpg

She used a special device to check her ears one after another.


She seated herself on a stool between the girl’s legs and carefully fingered her shaved vagina.


She applied some lube on her gloved finger and told the teen it was time for anal exam


inked blonde gyno videos

03 Feb 2013

As the blond patient undressed and bend down for the flexibility check the nurse couldn’t take her eyes off her tattooed back.

Then the blonde lied down on the couch exposing a butterfly tattoo between her finely shaped silicone tits. The nurse sat comfortably between her wide spread legs and fingered her pussy before taking pap smear.

Cute redhead gyno exam

01 Feb 2013

Helga had just moved in town and this was her visit to the gyno clinic for her annual gyno exam. She was so excited to meet her new male gyn. She eagerly took off her clothes and spread her legs for her pelvic exam