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my 1st gyno exam movie

31 Jan 2013

Hi! My name is Trisha I’m a black sister.When it come to gyno exam you may always count on me. I am brave girl. And I surely want to show you mt physical exam.

They said “very thoughtful examination of patients’ vulva”

While I call this black niggard pussy, 1st come 1st show.

I Don’t want you actually to see this

Dr Tushy Gyno examination

29 Jan 2013

Sorry for not being posted with a lot of  thumb this time, but we have movies!

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Sexy brunette gets her annual rectal exam
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kinky medical exam

26 Jan 2013

Slavic girl Pavlina was freaking embarrassed to see a male doctor when she walked into the examination room. The old doctor pulled on her hair making her open her mouth and pulling her head back to examine her throat.

During the vaginal exam he inserted a lubed speculum inside her shaved pussy and used a flashlight to see the insides.

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speculum insertion videos

24 Jan 2013

The nurse carried out the exam as usual. After the breasts checkup she listened to the patient’s lungs and then made her lie down and spread her long legs.

She produced a speculum from one of the drawers of the medical cabinet and lubed it thoroughly. Then she proceeded to spread the patient’s labia and slowly inserted the plastic device inside her vagina. When the speculum was in place she spread it wide and fixed it that way. She took pap smear and visually examined the insides.

brunette gyno speculum exam

23 Jan 2013

Sun tanned Kim just returned from vacation in Jamaica where she had a lot of fun sexing huge black guys. She was sort of insecure about her intimate health and signed up for a visit to a gyno clinic. Her throat was carefully examined first of all because some of the infections can be planted during unprotected blowjobs.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/151u/bimages/11.jpg

then she lay down and the doctor inserted a speculum inside her vagina.


After all it was time for anal exam and the doctor inserted gloved and lubed finger into her tight hole


anal exam videos

22 Jan 2013

Doctor Tushy delivers yet another gorgeous ass in their medical exam studio. This blond has some remarkable round butt. watch her take off her panties in closeup and then see the nurse insert two fingers into her tight butthole.

lesbian gyno exam threesome

20 Jan 2013

Jessie’s exam was very special – a trainee nurse was present. The more experienced nurse led thru the examination.

When it came to boob exam the young nurse unbuttoned her uniform and showed her big tits letting the older nurse compare the small tits of the patient and her bigger boobies.


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Bend over for Breast exam!

19 Jan 2013

Today I convince a white chick to pass over breast examination.

Its for the begining

bend over baby, Id like to watch more!

This white chick ha pretty round tits with decent nipples.
Well I ma not sure she like it but you could see  yourself

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teen nurse uniform

15 Jan 2013

Cute Czech teen works part time as a nurse at a gyno clinic. She is a student and is going to be a gyn-ob. She needs practice that’s why she took this job. At least that’s what she tells her parents and friends. http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/001.jpg

The true reason is Pavlina’s kink for uniforms and medical fetish. She can’t but get wet when the doctor inserts a speculum into a lubed vagina during a gyno exam. She has to take the sexual strain off and she masturbates during the break to do so. She gets on the chair and spreads her long legs.http://www.newexclusiveclub.com/fhg/pavlina_nasty_nurse/gal1/006.jpg

When her fingers are just not enough she uses the speculum that had been inserted in patient’s pussy which makes it even more of a turn on.


shaved pussy gyno exam

14 Jan 2013

Dark blond teen was in for her employment physical exam. The nurse obviously enjoyed watching the babe stripping off her clothes and putting on an examination gown which barely covered her long legs and round ass.

Watch the pelvic examination of this blond’s clean shaved pussy

and to top it all here goes a video preview of the anal exam

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granny kinky exam videos

12 Jan 2013

The kinky doctor has a thing for old ladies. He was impressed by this plump brunette granny the moment she walked in and blurted that she hadn’t had an orgasm in about a year. The doctor was all so ready to help.

cheerleader gyno exam videos

09 Jan 2013

College student Jessica is enrolled in the cheerleading team. The girls have to pass medical checkups annually. So she signed up for a medical exam  and came on time of the appointment. After the young blonde nurse filled in the questionnare, Jessica undressed and let the nurse feel about her body and touch her round butt.

vaginal enema gyno exam

04 Jan 2013

The doctor considered the filled out form while the tall brunette was undressing. Then she stood full nude facing him and he instructed her to sit on the couch.


He checked her pupils for signs of any hidden deceases


he then put her in doggy style position and inspected her vagina


after speculum examination he made a decision she needed a vaginal enema and agreed to help her with the first one.