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30 Oct 2012

Kira is a tall blonde with big natural boobs. She came for an appointment with gyn but to her astonishment her usual female doctor was out on vacation so she had to get nude in front of an old male doctor

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He checked her weight and did all the routine as usual. Then examined her ass first – doggy style – he said this pose gave the best perspective and was more comfortable for anal exam.

He finished with vagina exam. He lubed a metal speculum and inserted it into her cunt then stretched it to the most

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21 Oct 2012

I paid the nurse at my hospital to pose nude for me. She is short of money so she said yes. Here I came with my camera. She dressed for the occasion – nude stockings and white lace panties.


She took her clothes off and lay down  in front of me and started to masturbate and finger her pink vagina


I even managed to make some closeup photos


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19 Oct 2012

The kinky old doctor asked his patient to spread her pussy lips to give him better view

He suggested that she used a huge vibrator to make her vagina muscles relax before the gyno speculum insertion

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16 Oct 2012

the teen girl is humiliated while going through the medical examination military style

She is told to bend over completely naked, then get doggy style on the couch and her pussy is examined

after that a rectal thermometer is inserted up her asshole as she whines

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13 Oct 2012

Bridgit is glad to see a male doctor in the office. She doesn’t feel at ease when a woman stares at her vagina.

she is especially pleased when the doctor fingers her wet pussy. Then he decides that her asshole needs to be shaved so he gets a razor and shaves all her hair
finally comes the speculum exam time and she can’t hold an orgasm while the doctor inserts the speculum deep into her pussy

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11 Oct 2012

Anna had her implants done two years ago and has been visiting doctor every two months to check if they’re fine. She strips off her top and exposes the huge round boobies


The doctor examined her breasts and then it is time to check her back, for the added weight causes some pain in the end of the day. Anna takes off her panties


and then bends down


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01 Oct 2012

Pretty teenage girl didn’t know what to expect at her first full nude medical exam.

She felt uncomfortable being dressed only in the gown that left her butts fully open

The nurse gave her a complete vaginal exam, briefly asking her some questions about her sexual life

and got down to rectal exam, fingered her tight pink asshole and inserter the thermometer. After all she gave her a shot in the ass – vitamins, she explained