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panties gyno fetish

28 Sep 2012

Veronika is an underwear maniac. She buys new panties almost every other day – which is quite handy, cause she often looses them in clubs or restaurants, or cheap motels. Here she comes to the medical exam wearing her pink panties with white hearts print

tattooed babe gyno exam

25 Sep 2012

Today my friend who knows about my fetish for medical sex, sent me some gyno exam pictures. They feature quite a regular gyno exam but the chick is a treasure – hot blonde with long sleek mane and tattoos


I have a kink for tattoos on girls and this one on her back is gorgeous. to to mention her buttocks that have tightened expecting anal exam


black nurse gyno videos

19 Sep 2012

Detta has just finished her nurse training and finally got her first job as a nurse. She is still not very confident when it comes to telling ladies to undress and lay on their stomachs. But she is so sweet and gentle that her first patient feels no embarrassment about laying nude in front of her

teen medical exam

17 Sep 2012

Cute teen Madison needs a medical checkup before she is admitted in college. She has been devoting all her time to studying to get to college so she never had time for boys and she is still a virgin. When the busty redhead nurse hears that she almost chuckles but she was able to fake a cough because she didn’t want to confuse Madison, who is already embarrassed like fuck.


cheerleader medical videos

15 Sep 2012

Janet is a cheerleader of the college basketball team. They had a match today and Janet and other cheerleaders had a hell of a time dancing and jumping. Their team won but Janet ended up with sprained ankle. One of the players gave her a ride to hospital.

Janet was totally impressed by the sexy blonde nurse with her huge boobies showing in her tight uniform. The nurse checked her ankle and gave her a needle to relieve the pain.

bbw gyno exam

12 Sep 2012

Beth is a little bit overweight but still hot as hell – she’s got perfect curvy body with big boobies and huge round buttocks. Watch her explain her problems to the skinny nurse

the nurse put on her gloves and got straight to vagina examination

deep anal exam

10 Sep 2012

Cylvia has been feeling pain up her rectum recently after she let her boyfriend have anal sex with her. She signed up forĀ  the exam and explained her problem to the nurse

blonde anal exam

the nurse started with a regular exam, checked her throat

throat medical exam

then Cylvia is told to lay down and expose her anus. The nurse lubed her gloved finger and got to her
anal exam

The nurse fingered her asshole to make the sphincter relax and Cylvia immediately felt better

anal fingering

nurse amber

07 Sep 2012

Nurse Amber is the oldest of the nurses who work at the tushy gyno clinic. For years she has been examining pussies and rectum of the tushy patients, be it slutty busty matures or innocent virgins with tiny boobs and tight pink vaginas.Check out some of her latest patients.

medical fetish

redhead nurse gyno videos

04 Sep 2012

A playful nurse does her job with pleasure. As she undresses her petite teen patient she explains the routine of the gyno exam. After some breast examination she gets to her favorite part – the rectal exam.

She lubes her finger and checks the teen’s asshole then inserts a rectal thermometer and waits for it to measure the temperature in the girl’s rectum.

come see the rest of this gyno video