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gyno speculum insertion videos

26 May 2012

today we have a cute teen to undress. she takes off her clothes and stands on the scales

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then it’s time for pelvic exam and speculum insertion

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24 May 2012

Doctor Phan is Vietnamese who lives in the US. She has a respectable job as a gyno doctor. She is a professional and thoroughly fulfills the routine.
First, fill in the form

then goes weight check with the bareass patient

then boob exam – feeling the patient’s breasts for infiltrations

and finally rectal exam. First she lubes her gloved finger and inserts it into the patient’s asshole. She fingers it. Then Dr Phan takes out her rectal thermometer, lubes the tip of it and gently inserts it for a couple of minutes to check the temperature

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22 May 2012

That kind of gyno exams are wildly popular at this site

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19 May 2012

teen with a nice tight ass comes to the clinic and the nurse follows the full routine of the physical exam including weight check, breast exam and rectal temperature

the nurse thoroughly lubed the thermometer before inserting it into that pink asshole

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07 May 2012

Cute ebony Jessie signed up for a physical exam which she needed for her college assignment. The nurse first interviewed her, asking her the questions like if she has regular sexual life (who would doubt this – check her gorgeous body!). She checks her pulse then and listens to her lungs

The nurse check her throat

Then comes the bare ass weight check

the nurse pays attention to the ebony teen’s perky small titties

and to top it all the nurse lubes a gyno speculum while Jessie makes herself comfortable on the gyno chair and then inserts it in her pink vagina